Top 25 Affiliate Marketing Tips: My Best Secrets

Today, I’d like to share my top 25 affiliate marketing tips of all time. I’ve been doing affiliate marketing successfully for about 10-years now.

It has been a road filled with many ups and downs. I’ve done a few things right, and many things wrong. I learned lots of valuable lessons along the way that I want to share with you today.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is when you promote someone else’s product or service, in exchange for a commission. You sign up for the affiliate program, get your own custom URL and promote it. When people click on your link and make a purchase, the affiliate company handles the sale, shipping, and customer service and then pays you a commission.

Many companies offer an affiliate program because it is a win-win for them. They only pay their affiliates when the affiliates generate a sale. That’s much better than paid advertising, where you don’t know how your marketing efforts will pan out.

On the flip side of the coin, being an affiliate is also a great deal because you don’t have to come up with your own product to sell. You don’t have to ship anything. You don’t have to collect payments or handle refunds. You don’t have to deal with customer service. You just focus on promoting your affiliate link. 

Top 25 Affiliate Marketing Tips

If you want to make money with affiliate marketing, this post is for YOU. Listed below are my top 25 affiliate marketing tips to help you get started right, so you can start earning commissions right out the gate.

# 1: Pick the Right Niche

My first affiliate marketing tip is to pick the right niche. Yes, you can make money in any niche. However, what you really want is a niche with a “starving audience.” You want a niche that has money to spend and is willing to spend it.

affilioramaHere are a few popular niches you might want to focus on:

  1. SEO
  2. Website Design
  3. Make Money Online
  4. Network Marketing
  5. Work from Home
  6. Blogging
  7. CBD
  8. FOREX
  9. Gold & Silver
  10. Day Trading
  11. Weight Loss
  12. Health & Nutrition
  13. Cryptocurrency

What’s great about these niches is that you have plenty of good affiliate programs to choose from. Plus, you have a large audience of people to sell these products to.

# 2: Pick the Right Affiliate Program

Not all affiliate programs are created equal. I don’t think so. Here is what you want to look for in an affiliate program:

best affiliate marketing tipsThe Product or Service: Is the product or service you are promoting a REAL value. Does it do what is says it is going to do? Is it good quality and priced competitively? Do people actually want to buy it?

Sales Page: Is the sales page compelling? After you read the sales copy or watch the sales presentation video, do you feel compelled to purchase the item?

Residual Commissions: Are the commissions one time commissions or do you get paid an ongoing commission? I personally like ongoing commissions, where you can make one sale, but continue to get paid month-after-month for it.

Large Commissions: I’m a big fan of promoting affiliate programs where you can earn at least $50 to $5,000 per sale. On the other hand, I do not like affiliate programs where you make $1 or $10 per sale. It takes the same amount of time and work to sell a $10 product as it does a $1,000 product.

Customer Service. Is the affiliate company’s customer service department up to par? Do they answer questions and respond to emails promptly?

Tools: What type of affiliate tools are provided to the affiliates? Are there banner ads, text ads, solo ads, PPC examples and more? A good affiliate program has all of these things in place.

Cookies: No, I’m not talking about a chocolate chip cookies! Instead, I’m talking about tracking cookies. Is your traffic cookied for a period of time, in case your visitor returns to the website and makes a purchase in the future? Most good affiliate programs have a 30 to 90-day cookie tracking feature.

Payout: How often does the affiliate program pay their affiliates? Is it monthly, weekly or daily? Do they have a small payment threshold before they release your money, or some crazy requirement?

These are the basic things to look for in an affiliate program. Out of all my affiliate marketing tips, this is one of the most important to remember. Do your due diligence before choosing an affiliate program to promote.

# 3: Know Your Audience

You need to know as much as you can about your audience. What are their challenges and problems they are looking to solve? What types of products or services are they currently purchasing?

This is where market research comes in. You must know your audience. Conduct some keyword research. Conduct some surveys with people in your niche. Ask people in your niche what types of things interest them. This is valuable information you can leverage.

# 4: Develop Your Marketing Plan

You need a written business plan and marketing plan for your new affiliate marketing business.This can be a simple one page document. It should outline your goals, strategy, target market, marketing budget, and daily action plan. Remember that failing to plan is planning to fail.

Take an hour or two and do a brain dump and write these things down. It will help give you purpose and direction, and keep you on track. The last thing you want to do is wing it.

# 5: Be Ethical

If you’re creating content to promote your affiliate products, be sure to disclose that you are an affiliate, and state that you do make money on some of the products you recommend.

This might result in a few lost sales, but most people will appreciate your honesty. Plus, the FTC requires you to do so.

Also, don’t write negative reviews or scam reviews about your competitors, in order to promote your own affiliate programs. That’s just bad business.

# 6: Educate Your Audience

Another thing you want to do is focus on educating your audience. Create content, or use ads, that are designed to teach people about what you are offering them.

Educate them about the product or service and focus on the benefits. Explain how the product or service can help them solve their specific problems.Talk about what’s in it for them.

# 7: Focus on 1-2 Affiliate Programs

While the idea of multiple streams of income sounds very sexy at first, it is much smarter to focus your efforts on promoting just 1-2 affiliate programs in the beginning.

Focus is key. If you spread yourself too thin, and try to promote too many different affiliate programs at once, you won’t get anywhere near the results that you could.

# 8: Track Your Key Metrics

My next affiliate marketing tip is to track your key metrics. Use tracking software to track your clicks, leads, conversions, etc. Track each traffic source you are using so you know which ones are working and which ones aren’t. If you track it, you can improve it! If you don’t track it, you are playing a guessing game.

# 9: Be Patient

Success isn’t going to happen overnight, and it will take longer than you think for your affiliate partnerships to turn truly profitable.

But don’t give up. If you’re doing things right, you’ll start to see results in due time. Plus, you’ve got to give yourself a fair chance to succeed.

# 10: Invest in Affiliate Marketing Courses

Courses on affiliate marketing are your friend. Find the BEST course you can on affiliate marketing, buy it, study it, and implement what they teach.

copy and pasteYes, there is some free information you can find online and on YouTube, but if you purchase a course, you will VALUE the information because you invested money on it. Plus, most courses have step-by-step instructions in them.

Just use ONE course as your blueprint. Don’t make the mistake of giving yourself information overload or spending lots of money buying a bunch of different affiliate marketing courses.

# 11: Work Smart & Outsource

One of the best affiliate marketing tips I can share with you is to outsource. Make a list of all the tasks you must do on a regular basis to grow your affiliate marketing business and outsource whatever you can.

You might want to hire other people for things like content development, editing, graphic design, copy writing and more. This will free up your time to focus on income producing activities.

Whatever you do, don’t be a one trick pony and try to do everything by yourself.

# 12: Pick One Advertising Platform

There are many advertising platforms you could leverage, such as video marketing, solo ads, pay per click, etc. Ideally, you want to pick ONE advertising platform at first, and focus on that your first six to 12 months until you truly master it.

Once you’ve mastered one source of traffic, by all means diversify.

# 13: Cloak Your Affiliate Links

Make sure you cloak your affiliate links. Lots of people online will click on your affiliate link, realize it is an affiliate link, and then remove your affiliate code so you don’t earn a commission.

I’m not sure why people do this, but it happens all the time. Be sure to cloak your affiliate links so this doesn’t happen to you.

# 14: Get to Know the Affiliate Managers

Whichever affiliate programs you decide to promote, get in touch with the affiliate managers. Get to know them by name. They are a wealth of information who can help you grow and scale your affiliate marketing business.

They might have some tips to share with you, offer you additional marketing resources, or even give you a better commission rate if you can prove to them that you are good at promoting their products.

# 15: Learn Pay-per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-Click advertising is where it is at, in my opinion. All top affiliate marketers I know use PPC advertising. Whether it PPC advertising on Bing, Google, Facebook or somewhere else does not matter.

Leveraging PPC allows you to SCALE your business quickly. Plus, it’s good for testing out different campaigns, to see what produces the best result.

# 16: Master Paid Advertising

You cannot scale free. Remember that.

Out of all my affiliate marketing tips, please remember this one. If you just focus on your own efforts of creating content and doing free things, you really limit yourself. No matter how good you are at creating videos, you can only create so many videos per day.

With paid advertising, you are in control. You have leverage. Once you find what works well, you can scale your efforts and work smart, without taking too much time in the process.

By all means, you can also use free strategies, but make paid advertising part of your overall marketing plan.

# 17: Have a Daily To-Do List

Every day, you should have a detailed “to-do” list outlining everything you need to do to move your business forward that day. Make sure you focus on the income producing activities and stay organized. The last thing you want to do is sit down at your computer without a game-plan for the day.

# 18: Don’t Rely on a Single Traffic Source

Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. If you’re relying on a single traffic source for your affiliate program, you’re running a big risk.

What happens if your traffic source goes under? What is your advertising account gets shut down? Diversify your traffic sources for sustainable results.

# 19: Attend Affiliate Marketing Events

There are plenty of affiliate marketing conferences and seminars you can attend. I would suggest you attend at least two to three each year. You’ll learn new skills, get new ideas, and meet some great people in the process. Even if you get just one good idea from each event, it will more than pay for itself.

# 20: Know Your PRODUCT Inside & Out

I highly suggest you buy the product or service you are thinking about promoting. Why? So you can learn everything you can about it. This gives you an inside edge as an affiliate marketer. Plus, you’ll know if the product or service does what it says it will do.

# 21: Build a Strong Reputation in Your Niche

grow your listYour reputation is everything. Ideally, you want to be known as the “go-to” person in your niche. Affiliate marketing is actually a pretty small world. Affiliates get to know each other.

Always do the right thing, never burn a bridge and treat everyone with respect. Remember, everything you do on the internet is there FOREVER.

Maintain a high level of integrity and never do anything shady just to make a quick buck!

# 22: Build Your Mastermind Team

Napoleon Hill taught me about the importance of the mastermind group. This is when two or more people get together to share ideas about a specific topic.

Surround yourself with 2-5 other successful affiliate marketers and share ideas with each other. Talk about what is working and what isn’t working. Get answers to your questions, provide encouragement, and build friendships.

Try to meet once a month via face-to-face. If that is not possible, get on a webinar or conference call for an hour and mastermind with each other. You will learn so many great ideas doing this.

# 23: Build Your Email List

Whatever you do, build your email list from day one. Instead of sending people directly to your affiliate offers, send them to a capture page first, so you can collect their name and email and then redirect them to your affiliate offer.

As you build your email list, you can communicate frequently with your list and build up the like, know and trust factor. Plus, you can send these people back to your affiliate offers in the days to come, which will result in even more sales.

Furthermore, you can promote different affiliate offers to your email list whenever you want to. Having your own email list is like having your own ATM machine.

# 24: Make a Minimum One Year Commitment

Rome was not built in a day. You will not be an affiliate marketing success story in a month or two. Good things take time. Be sure to make a minimum one or two year commitment to your business, so you can build up your specialized knowledge and master your craft.

If you’re just going to dabble with it, and test the waters, do yourself a favor and don’t even get started with affiliate marketing.

# 25: Dominate ONE Social Media Platform

how to make money with affiliate marketingAnother one of my affiliate marketing tips is to leverage social media. Create social media accounts that are specific for your niche. For example, if your niche is weight loss, you could create a Facebook group for weight loss, a weight loss YouTube channel, etc.

You want to keep your audiences separate, especially if you focus on different niches.

Also, I think you should focus on dominating one social media platform.  There is not enough time in the day to truly master all of the different social media platforms. Focusing on one is the way to go.

If you are set on leveraging several different social media platforms to sell your affiliate products, I would use a program such as Hoot Suite to manage all of your social media accounts in one place.

Still, I’d rather be the king of one social media platform than the master of none!


In review, these are my top 25 affiliate marketing tips of all time. None of these affiliate marketing tips are secrets. Instead, they are just common sense strategies to make more money with affiliate marketing.

What are your thoughts? What are your best affiliate marketing tips? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you. To your success!

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128 thoughts on “Top 25 Affiliate Marketing Tips: My Best Secrets

  1. You have some very useful marketing tips in this article. Finding the right niche is important because if you don’t like what you are selling or writing content for you will have a much harder time making it online. If you like your niche you probably know your audience very well which will help in the long run especially with social media marketing which is very important these days.

    • Find a niche you are truly passionate about, and as long as the niche is big enough, you can make a great living. That niche could be sewing, investing, dogs or just about anything. Thanks for the comment. 


  2. This is an incredibly comprehensive list of “tips”. I think you are being modest saying they are common sense. Being new to affiliate marketing, I’ve heard so many different thing my head spins sometimes! 

    I really like how you say give yourself time to succeed. Before I saw that in black and white, I had never really thought about how maybe some “failures” could have been successful if only I hadn’t given up. 

    Thank you for putting this together, and sharing what I think are words of wisdom.

    • Hi Kelly. With affiliate marketing, or anything else in life, you must fail your way to success. Most successful affiliate marketers experienced several years of temporary failure before they had their big breakthrough. Sticking with it is at least half the battle. Most people give up and quit at the first sign of defeat. 

  3. I’ve never done pay per click, and I’m not exactly sure how that works, but I’m very interested and will have to look into it. I ordered your social media marketing book. I do market online, but I really don’t know what I’m doing so I figured for a mere $8 and a money back guarantee why not. I hope I get something out of it. Anyway, thanks for the info.

    • Awesome, Babs. I saw the order go through. Thanks for your business and thanks for the comment. 


  4. Thanks for these great tips. I am also a part-time affiliate marketer and it’s always useful to keep learning and picking up new ideas from others in the same boat.

    My favorites here (which I must implement this year) are:

    1. Cloak your affiliate links – I have done this at times and not at other times, so must really get these in order.

    2. Still trying to perfect the daily to-do list, but often I have too much in my to-do list, so must learn to delegate properly.

    3. Probably the most important one – build your list. This is something I do in the background, but don’t focus very much on contacting subscribers too often.  I need to hone in on this one.

    • Yes, Michel, that one tip alone can have a huge impact on your affiliate marketing success. Building your list and staying in touch with them on a regular basis is paramount to your success in making money online. 

  5. I’m pretty much brand new to affiliate marketing, I’ve barely gotten started and am mostly reading everything I can find on the topic right now.  I noticed most of the niches you choose are ones that strike me as having a lot of competition.

    Would you recommend getting started in this space and learning the ropes as you go, or choosing some random small niche like dog water fountains where the competition isn’t so high? Obviously earning are going to be limited, but won’t it be easier to get your articles to the front of Google that way?

    • Nothing wrong with a small niche, if it is big enough to generate the sales you need. The niches I listed are very competitive, but they are also very big, with lots of people who are willing to spend money. There is no right or wrong answer. Being a big fish in a small pond is the way to go IF the pond is big enough to give you the lifestyle you want. Just my two cents. 

  6. This is some rock solid tips if I ever saw them! I would say knowing your audience and choosing the right affiliate program is some of the important ones on this list. If you have a random audience, they’re not going to buy your offer, then again, if you have a great audience but bad offer, they also won’t buy from you. These 2 go hand in hand and that’s why I always make sure these are both correct before starting ANY of my online businesses! Thanks a lot for the info.

    • Glad I could help, Brandon. One of my mentors, Dan Kennedy, taught me the importance of matching up your market, media and message. In other words, you want to have the right message, in the right media, for the right market. If you can do that, you will make money. If not, your affiliate marketing efforts will be a waste of time. Thanks for stopping by my blog. 

  7. Awesome value post!

    Really pleased to read the top 25 affiliate marketing tips from your 10-years experience in the business!

    I’ve only been doing this a couple of years, but I definitely agree with every single one of them, and it is great to see them all laid out in the one article.

    A couple that really stands out to me is #5 Be ethical… This industry gets a bad rap sometimes from a few bad eggs, but if you are ethical in everything that you do and give honest opinions and offer real value, then you are going to do well!

    And #23 Building an email list from the start… this is something that I don’t think enough people focus on, but is critical to your long-term success!

    These are just a couple that stands out to me but they are all great tips!

    Thanks again 🙂


    • Thanks, John. I’m glad you liked my affiliate marketing tips. I’m glad you get the importance of being ethical and building your list. You can’t go wrong doing either of those two things. 


  8. Charles,

    Thank you for the great affiliate marketing tips. There are a few here that as an internet marketer I can use myself and plan to put them into good use starting today. I do have a quick question why focus on only one Social Media platform instead of multiple ones? With all the extra places out there now that you can use to promote to them all like in your example there are more companies that can do the scheduled posting for you.  Although I do my own and at this time working on two platforms the time involved is not too bad approximately 15 minutes to 30 minutes daily for three websites.

    Thanks and really enjoyed your article,


    • Susan,

      If you can effectively manage two social media platforms per day in just 15 to 30 minutes that’s great. The question is, how good are you at those platforms? How big is your audience? How much revenue is each one generating? 

      Most people just make a few posts on a social media site and think they are doing great. It really comes down to engagement and effectiveness. It comes down to building an audience that knows, likes and trusts you. That takes a ton of hard work, time and focus. Just my two cents. Thanks for commenting on my affiliate marketing tips. 


  9. In this economy no means of success can be taken for granted and this article has just given me so much useful and helpful information that I can use towards my affiliate marketing business. I learned about Pay Per Click advertising. I’m definitely going to give it a try. 

    I really enjoyed your affiliate marketing tips, Chuck!

    • Sujandar,

      I’m glad you enjoyed my affiliate marketing tips. PPC is a great way to get more traffic to your website and grow your affiliate marketing business. Thanks for the comment and thanks for visiting my blog. 


  10. Wow, what a great and detailed list of affiliate marketing tips.  There are several on here that I will start using today.  I like the idea of having a daily “to do” list.  I get started with my day and just kind of work on something, sometimes getting sidetracked to start on another aspect.  The list would be great…get that stuff done first and then get distracted 🙂

    • Staying focused and on point is one of my best affiliate marketing tips. So many people get distracted so easily. They can spend a few hours online and not get anything done. 

  11. What an incredible list.  I really dont think a marketer can get enough advice or tips.  Its just how they manage their time to make use of all these tips.

    One of my biggest break through is actually using Social Media.  I have one very big group with thousands of members.  I really do suggest picking a niche you are going to love.  Even if at first you are not sure how you are going to monetize it.  That will come in time.

    It really will be heart breaking if you put a bunch of time into a niche you dont like because you will end up shelving it.

    This was one of the most informative lists I have read in a long time.  Thank you for taking the time to provide such great tips.


    • Hi Dale. I’m glad you enjoyed my top affiliate marketing tips. Having a niche you like certainly helps, but only if it makes sense financially. To me, the purpose of building a website or any business is to make MONEY. Therefore, you need to pick a business, niche that can generate enough income to do that. 

      Also, even if you pick a niche you don’t love, you can hire others to write for you and still build an authority website. Many top bloggers and website owners don’t do ANY writing themselves. They outsource everything. Food for thought. 


  12. Great information you have here. People are interested in making money online these days and it is very important for them to know which way they can use to get money without being scammed.

    I’ve actually tried some tips among those ones you have recommended and I will try the ones to succeed in my business.

    Thank you for sharing such valuable information.

    • Thanks for comment Julienne.

      People are quick to call things scams when they fail it. There are literally hundreds of legit ways to make money online, but the problem is most people have false expectations and are not willing to put in the work or develop the skills. All businesses take time, money and hard work to get off the ground. Affiliate marketing is a great business model, but only for the right person who will pay their dues and put in the work. I hope my affiliate marketing tips helped you out. 


  13. Thank you for this very comprehensive list. I find it very useful. However, I have some questions that I wish you would elaborate further.

    1) Pick the right niche.Since I will be writing and promoting the niche subject should I choose a subject with which I am very familiar? How do I became an authority otherwise? 

    2) Develop a written marketing plan.I agree that this is very important.Can you recommend a source where I can learn how to prepare this plan? 

    3) How do I incorporate the capture page? My affiliates just give me a link to a text in my post? 

    Thank you again for this very useful list.

    • You can pick a niche you are familiar with or are passionate about, assuming it is a big enough niche to monetize properly.

      When it comes to a business plan, if you check my website an search for Internet Marketing Business Plan, I have my actual business plan on it. 

      You can use one of several different services for a capture page, which you integrate with your auto-responder so you can start to build your list. 

      Thanks for visiting my post with my best affiliate marketing tips. I hope these answers were what you were looking for. 

  14. These all good tips to follow and some good links to check out as well. 

    Affiliate Marketing is a very diverse form of marketing and as you have pointed out. It can consume one person’s time and efforts. Outsourcing is something one can do especially after you start to get some results and need to branch out in other areas, while at the same time keeping your progress moving in the right direction.

    • Hey Paul, 

      Without a doubt the biggest mistake I see newbies make is not outsourcing and not investing in their business. Could you imagine a restaurant owner trying to run a restaurant without any help, or trying to run it if they weren’t willing to buy inventory? I hope you get my point. Affiliate marketing, building websites, making money online is a BUSINESS. People must treat it accordingly if they want to succeed. Thanks for reading my post with my best affiliate marketing tips. 


  15. Hi. I read through your top 25 affiliate marketing tips, and I really enjoyed the information. I agree with your advice given in these tips. Although you can make money from any niche, some niches are much better than others. 

    While there are some niches that are ‘high end’ niches that require the same amount of work, but have much more potential. Being new to affiliate marketing, a person might not know how to pick the right niche to focus on. However, as time progresses, they can learn.

    Thanks for your helpful affiliate marketing tips.

    Dorcas W.

    • Thanks for the comment, Dorcas. It’s all about learning. Just get started, get a little bit better every day and never stop. When I first got started, I had no idea what I was doing. I just made a lot of mistakes and learnt as I went. I only wish I would have found Wealthy Affiliate much sooner. It would have shortened my learning curve significantly. 


  16. Hi Chuck – these are smart tips! Not all are common sense, though. I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for a little while and have been doing it all myself so #11 on Outsourcing struck a chord. However, most of my posts are 2.5k+ words long and from the research I’ve done, it would cost a fortune to get high quality articles of that length written. Have you any suggestions in that department?

    I haven’t done any advertising but I can see the sense in using it to scale. Between #15  PPC and #16 Paid Ads, which would you recommend starting with? I’m currently doing SEO for organic traffic but Do Not want to rely on Google more than I have to! 🙂

    I also don’t have a list. Mainly because I don’t have a ‘bribe’ to entice people. As I understand it, this should be something I’ve created myself, is that right? Can you recommend any good resources for getting started in building a list?

    Much appreciate your tips, hope you don’t mind my questions. Thank you,Ian

    • Great questions. My responses are below.

      I hire people on Fiverr to create a 2,000 word article for me for $15. From there I go through it and edit it and put my own twist to it. I figure this saves me a few hours of time, so it’s worth the $15. I also have good paid writers, but they typically charge $50 for a 2,000 word article. Once your websites are generating a good income, its’ definitely worth hiring good writers. 

      Remember, just writing articles is not what will build your website or make you affiliate income. You should spend even more time promoting your website than you do writing content for it. 

      I like Bing PPC ads as a low cost advertising approach. I normally pay 3 to 8 cents per click, so it’s worth it. I go for the long-tail keywords that aren’t overly competitive and I focus on clicks from the USA and Canada exclusively. 

      Not having an email list is a HUGE mistake. You can create a video, a boot camp, an email series, a PDF or just about anything to get subscribers. You can even use a PLR article so you don’t have to create it yourself. 

      Thanks for responding to my post about affiliate marketing tips. I wish you huge success. 


  17. Hey there! You have written a very helpful and great article! Thank you for these useful affiliate marketing tips. I guess selecting the right niche should be the main focus at first for everyone who starts. Do you know any affiliates for smartphone or headphones or cases/covers? I have been looking but haven’t been able to find a good one yet.

    • I would start with Amazon. They have all types of smart phones, cases and accessories. I think that would be a very good niche to focus on. Plus, you could be an affiliate with different cell phone services, like AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, etc. 

  18. This article is similar to some I came across while surfing the net for the best affiliate marketing tips. It did help me a great deal, as I was able to provide myself a good niche, develop a good marketing plan, and it also helped me not to rely on one traffic source. Thanks for this great article. 

    • Glad you liked my article, Seun. If you found the right niche, have a good marketing plan, and have multiple traffic sources, you have definitely positioned yourself for success with affiliate marketing. Keep up the great work. Thanks for visiting my blog today.


  19. I must say that this article is very helpful to me, and I must read it again as I really did not know all of these things about affiliate marketing. I never cloak my affiliate links as I heard that it is prohibited? Based on your experience, how long should it take to start seeing some decent results?

    • You should definitely cloak your links. You probably won’t see much for affiliate sales until you have at least 500 to 1,000 visitors per day. It will vary slightly by niche though. Stick with it. It took me a year or two to start making affiliate sales, but once it gets going it’s hard to stop. 


  20. WOW…very good tips.  I had no clue about visitors clicking on your affiliate link and removing your code. That is just awful. I didn’t know that many people even knew about that. Glad I read this article. And I sure hope that hasn’t happened to you.

    Who says you can’t learn new information on subjects you’ve been taught?  =)


    • Yes, many people who are familiar with online marketing remove the affiliate code before they make a purchase. I really don’t know why people do that, since they are paying the same price for the item. All I can say is that it has happened to me, and at some point, it will more than likely happen to you. 


  21. Hi. Thanks for the affiliate marketing tips. I really appreciate it. I just started affiliate marketing 4-6 months ago, and I’ve started learning more and more in the past 3-months.

    I will definitely take note of your tips, especially those about mastering one advertising platform before going to the other. PPC seems like the way to go. I have to look into it more. Can’t thank you enough man!

    • Isaac,

      I’m glad you liked my affiliate marketing tips. There are plenty of great courses and video tutorials about PPC advertising. I suggest you buy the best course you can afford and follow the advice in it. I know Wealthy Affiliate has some great training on Bing PPC. That would be a great place to start. Here’s to your success. 


  22. Choosing the right affiliate marketing niche can be confusing for a newbie because of the so many options available to choose from. There is a lot to learn about affiliate marketing and I’m just getting started. The tips listed above would serve as a guide and a pointer to the most important aspect to concentrate on for a successful affiliate marketing business.Thanks.

    • I’m glad my affiliate marketing tips helped you out. Here’s to your success with affiliate marketing. 

  23. I like the way you made so much sense in every one of your tips! It was like a breath of fresh air and motivation to knuckle down and focus on the things that are important and to prioritize what will bring me success.

    One point in particular that caught my attention was the one where you recommend attending Affiliate Marketing Seminars and Events. I think this is a great idea and I’d like to try and do that in my neck of the woods.

    Do you have any suggestions of where these might be held?Looking forward to your soonest reply.


    • Edu,

      Just go on to Google and search for “Affiliate Marketing Seminars” or “Affiliate Marketing Seminars”. You will get a detailed list of different events going on in the USA and in the rest of the world. I hope that helps. 


  24. Wow, this was NOT  just some list of affiliate marketing tips that was just thrown together. It is so comprehensive that I will be bookmarking the page so that I come back and refer to it a couple more times. I have been learning about affiliate marketing for over a year now.   

    Yet, your tip about finding something to promote that will earn you $50 to $5,000 per sale is probably the best tip of advise that I have ever received. Not that I am complaining about the little $5 commissions I have earned. I was thrilled to earn them because they allowed me to realize that you can make money in affiliate marketing.   

    Yet, I kind of like the nicer things in life and $5 at a time isn’t going to allow me to support my lifestyle. Little $5 sales will not allow me to support myself, my family and the charitable activities that I like to engage in. $5,000 commission on the other hand will. Are you willing to recommend any of these high commission niches are?   

    After all, you comment about them requiring the same amount of work seems very valid. I tell people the same thing about horses. A low priced horse with no breeding eats and costs just as much to train as an athletic horse that has a chance to be competitive.    

    • Hey Sondra. What I would do is do a Google search for “big ticket affiliate marketing programs in the weight loss niche.” Just replace the words weight loss with whatever your niche is. I know you can find some. There are several big ticket affiliate programs in every niche. Everyone should have at least one high paying affiliate program. Making just 1-2 sales per month with these programs can create a full-time income. Thanks for stopping by my blog today.


  25. This article of yours was quite instructive about affiliate marketing. You explain in a detailed way the tips people should follow when building an affiliate marketing empire. Since I am learning affiliate marketing myself, I might as well use your tips. I agree with all of them and it made sense. Anyway, keep on dropping that good content.

    • Glad you liked my post, Jean. With some work and study, you too can master affiliate marketing. it won’t happen overnight, but it is possible. Thanks for visiting my blog. 


  26. Thank you for sharing these great tips on how to be a better affiliate marketer. These are some really helpful tips.

    I have been working on some of these tips, especially on number 10 (investing in courses) and learning solo ads. Hopefully, one day I can get better and learn as much I can. With this information you have helped me a lot.

    Where can I learn solo ads?

    • To learn solo ads, I would simply head on over to YouTube. There are hundreds of great videos on the subject. I wish you all the best with your business. 

  27. I totally agree with you on the using just one course as the blueprint. 

    When I first started, I tried to get free information from everywhere. It didn’t turn up well. I felt like being led to many different directions at the same time and hence I couldn’t move forward, because I didn’t know which way to go!

    And thanks for the tips about cloaking affiliate links. I didn’t cloak mine because I thought it is only for aesthetic purposes. Now I know I really should do it!

    • Yes, following one course of action until successful is the best way to go. Avoid information overload at all costs. And definitely cloak your links. 

  28. Affiliate marketing can be used as great source of income if used well. Your blog is providing us with more  information on how we can make affiliate marketing work for us. I have been doing affiliate marketing for quite some time and it’s the best decision I ever made, so let us follow all of these great tips and it will work out well.

    • Thanks for the comments, Charles. Wishing you huge success with affiliate marketing. 

  29. Wow! You have a lot of tips about affiliate marketing. There are a lot of niches to choose from, you just have to the one that is right for you and add value to your content. Nowadays, people are very skeptical and I don’t blame people. Moreover, there are a lot of scams so you have to be prudent. 

    Thanks for sharing your tips on affiliate marketing, I’ll have to use your tips.

    • Glad I could be of help, Shea. Yes, there are lots of scams, but there are also lots of legitimate things as well. It’s good to keep an open mind.


  30. Hi and thanks for this great list. There’s one thing and the other I have to look into a lot better. I never made a business plan because I don’t want to spend more money than the fees for the platforms I need.

    I’m in the MML niche but so far I don’t know any product I can recommend that is more than $50.00 a month. Do you know a good quality product for $1000 up in that niche that I could try to sell?

    • Thanks for the comment. I don’t know what the MML niche is myself, so I can’t make any suggestions.

      On a different note, you definitely want to make a business plan for your website. You wil be glad that you did. 


  31. Thank you so much for your affiliate marketing tips.

    They really are invaluable to anyone who is serious about their online business, and everyone can learn something here.

    I notice that you do not talk about SEO at all – do you not think that that is a valid way to get traffic, or do you think that it is essential to use a paid traffic source?

    I do agree that everyone needs to get some kind of training order to really know what they are doing and give themselves a better chance of success. I would endorse your  No #1 Affiliate Marketing Business, and would recommend that to everyone.

    Very many thanks for a really helpful post.

    Chrissie 🙂

    • Glad I could be of help. At some point, I’ll have to update my list of affiliate marketing tips and eventually include SEO. I’m sure there are some other tips I left off as well. Thanks for the comment.


  32. I find these affiliate marketing tips not only practical but helpful, thank you for posting. 

    I have two websites on different niches which are both over a year old; I built them 2 months apart. While I’m quite happy with the way things are turning out for one of them, I can’t say the same for the second one. I guess that’s because I am not spending as much time on it as the first one. So I’m considering dropping it so I can just focus on one site.

    But you mentioned sticking to it for 1-2 years, what advise can you give me taking into consideration what I just said? Or is there something else I can do that does not include giving up one of my websites?

    • Having focus on one website is key. But don’t just throw in the towel on your other website. If anything, sell it, get some money for it and take the money to reinvest in your other website. I hope that helps. 


  33. Some very excellent affiliate marketing tips, Chuck! I’m guilty of trying to wing it for the first couple of months, but creating a business and marketing plan so I have direction and am not waffling around is on my to do list for this week. (Thank you new year’s resolutions!)

    I’ll really need to do some research into paid advertising to understand how PPC works before I dip my toe into it. 

    • Thanks for the comment, Fiona. Having a business and marketing plan is very important if you want to succeed. Take a weekend away somewhere quiet, heck, even one day, and draft up a business and marketing plan. It doesn’t have to be perfect. You can continue to refine it and improve it. Consider it a working document that guides your day to day activities in your business. 


  34. Couldn’t agree with you more on the outsourcing part. As my blog gets bigger, I’m having trouble keeping up with the writing and publishing as emails started pouring in and replying comments take so much time. I’m thinking of hiring a writer to help me out with some posts. Is there a more budget-friendly alternative to hiring writers compared to Freelancer?

    • Hiring writers is pricey, if you want a good writer. But, you can hire a virtual assistant for just a few dollars per hour to reply to your blog comments, respond to emails and do some of the non income producing activities. I hope that helps. 


  35. Hi Chuck, 

    These are good affiliate marketing tips and I want to implement all of them to my affiliate marketing business. 

    I have some questions for you: 

    1. How do you outsource?

    2. How do you hide your affiliate link?

    3. Where can I learn PPC?

    4. How do you build an email list?

    Again, thank you so much for this awesome post. 



    • JG,

      Thanks for the comment. Here are the answers to some of your questions.

      1. When it comes to outsource, I try to outsource ALL of my work: the writing, editing, photos, etc. I use sites like and to find freelancers. It does cost money, but I look at it as an investment in my business. 

      2. You can cloak your affiliate link by using TinyURL. You can also just go to Google and type in affiliate link cloaking software and find something to use. 

      3. The best way to learn Pay per Click advertising is to buy a course on it. There are several on Clickbank that you can order and follow. 

      4. The best way to build an email list is to add a popover and opt-in form to every page of your website. Once you do that, you want to give away a free PDF, boot camp, eBook or something with a high perceived value, so people give you their email. You can use an auto-responder to do this. I use Aweber. 

      I hope that answers all of your questions. 


  36. Dear Chuck,

    Wow! As always, you covered all the details and every single time I read an article of yours I learn so much new stuff!

    How I wish I had found your article sooner when I first started affiliate marketing! I had to go through the old way of trial and error. Being a full-time blogger & affiliate marketer for nearly 2 years, after reading your helpful post, I still find a lot of missing pieces. Thanks a lot for sharing.

    To be honest after reading your post… I changed my perspective on paid traffic or paid advertising, it was an eye-opener for me and moving forward I will try it for sure.

    Much Success!


    • Thanks, Paul. If you’ve been doing affiliate marketing two years full-time, you must be doing something right. Keep up the great work. I’m glad my affiliate marketing tips could help you out. 


  37. You mentioned that picking an affiliate program that provides high value is crucial. What should I do if I pick the wrong affiliate program? Should I worry about it? Also, what if you don’t like the current affiliate program that you are promoting? Are you allowed to change it?

    Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.

    • Jessie,

      Thanks for the comment. It’s your website. You can promote whatever affiliate program you want to. It’s totally up to you. You definitely need to experiment with different affiliate programs until you find the one your audience wants to buy. Assuming you have good traffic to your website, you can experiment with 3-5 programs at a time, until you find one that sells good. That is what I would do. 


  38. Wow! This is the most comprehensive affiliate marketing tips list that I have ever read. I have learned so much and I have bookmarked your page for future reference.  I am particularly sold out to knowing your niche and educating your audience.  I just realized that I have not been addressing my audience in a conversational tone, but have just been talking generally.  I will go back and talk to my audience.  Thank you so much for educative article.

    • I’m glad I could help Rutz. I hope you can learn from my affiliate marketing tips and build a successful online business of your own. 

  39. Thanks for sharing these great affiliate marketing tips that you have gained through practical experience. I think it is better to learn these things from an affiliate veteran like you as opposed to learning them the hard way. It probably would have taken me a long time to figure out that

    I also had no idea of the importance of cloaking your affiliate links. I will also remember to focus on one social media platform.

    Thanks for these great tips!

    • I’m glad you liked my affiliate marketing tips, Renton. I wish you all the best in your journey to success. 

  40. Hey Chuck,

    These tips on Affiliate Marketing are so good.

    I am a newbie to the online world and I have been wanting to learn all about affiliate marketing; however, I didn’t know where to begin or who to go with to learn and reading this article has given me some really good information on what I should do to make it all worth my effort.

    Thanks Chuck. I have bookmarked this site for future posts.

    • Glad you enjoyed my affiliate marketing tips, Vicki. Thanks for stopping by. 

  41. Finally! The connection between paid advertising (#16) and scaling up a busines is made. Scaling up a business is what keeps an affiliate marketing business from becoming an affiliate marketing JOB! A well known, successful marketer ran an ad test using Facebook ads at a rate of over $10,000 a day.  That is why guys like Derek Halpern spend 20% of their time developing content and 80% promoting their content.

    • It’s all about promoting your content. You don’t need a ton of content to make money with affiliate marketing. You just need to spend lots of time and effort promoting your content. Most people just keep creating new pages, without spending any time marketing or promoting those pages. And they wonder why they struggle. 

  42. Thanks for this great piece of information with your top affiliate marketing tips. I must confess that it was really helpful and wonderful because it was filled with information that I never had good grip on before. I’ll make sure to put everything at the tips of my finger and apply it to my online business where necessary. 

    • Salim,

      I’m glad you enjoyed my post with my affiliate marketing tips. Which tip was your favorite and why?


  43. Hi Chuck, this is a great post with some fantastic tips, which will be helpful to many people.

    I do have one opinion about the subject of PPC. I agree that it’s a good way to test a product quickly and I partially agree with it scaling your business. The only issue is that once you stop advertising the traffic is likely to stop as well.

    I would certainly warn against anyone new to the business to be wary of PPC. You really need to have a very targeted audience or you are at risk of losing an awful lot of money, especially if your product isn’t great either. 

    Places like Facebook can drive a lot of traffic, but in my experience that traffic is often just having a look but you’re paying for the clicks. I think there is a lot of learning required by anyone wanting to go with this method.

    I definitely agree that concentrating on one social media platform is the right move. I would always go for Pinterest first off because out of all the platforms this is the only one that’s actually a search engine and people are on there with an intent to purchase – I personally have driven a lot of traffic this way compared to any of the other platforms.

    Wonderful post thank you.

    All the best,


    • Thanks for the comment, Mark. Yes, PPC can be expensive, and yes, it stops when you turn it off, but it’s still very powerful. It’s the fastest way to send traffic to a website and it does work. They will be a learning curve, but if you can do PPC and break even or make even a small profit, it allows you to scale your audience and traffic. That is how I see it anyway. 

      As far as Pinterest goes, I have heard many great things about it, but I do not personally use it myself. I’ll have to try it out. 


  44. Thanks once again for a really well targeted article. You have successfully managed to break a really quite complex issue down into easily manageable chunks. 

    Oh how I wish I had found you before I made my own list of affiliate marketing mistakes. The point that resonates most with me is your paragraph regarding building an email list. I wish now that I had started that on day one.

    • Adrian,

      Thanks for the comment. It’s never too late to start building your email list. 


  45. I really liked this article. These are very detailed tips on how to take my affiliate marketing business to the next level. I didn’t know about users changing the URL to remove the affiliate part of it. I’ll investigate more on this because it is actually the first time I’ve ever heard about cloaking your link.

    After reading your article I’m wondering if I picked the right niche. I am finding it really challenging to get to the right affiliate program. At the moment, I’ve been linking books in Amazon and blogging tools when it fits my content but I haven’t found 2 solid affiliate programs I can concentrate on and focus on them to really get the best advantage of their marketing resources. 

    On the other hand, I only started my online business in December, so it is really new. But I’ll follow your tips on having daily tasks and creating a marketing plan. 

    I never thought of it, but I think it will make me more accountable and it will also let me have clear goals set and written for me to check and monitor my progress.

    How long do you think I should work in a niche to see if it will give me a return on my investment? When do you think I should consider changing niche? I really like my niche, but I’m not sure yet if it will pay off.

    Thanks for such a great article, full of information.

    • I would stick with my niche at least two years and create at least 300 to 500 pages. Every niche has opportunities for affiliate income. You just need to search around. You might even have the opportunity to create some of your own affiliate products to sell. Good luck to you!

  46. I completely agree with your top 25 affiliate marketing tips. However, I want to know what is the best tip that you can offer for pay per click marketing as well as for email marketing? Can you tell me the best platforms to use and any success tips you might suggest?

    • When it comes to PPC advertising, I like Bing? Your other choices are LinkedIn, Facebook and Google. Basically, what you do is set up a capture page and start driving traffic to it. From there, your autoresponder kicks in and starts sending follow up messages to your subscribers. There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube about how to succeed with PPC.

      When it comes to email advertising, you need an autoresponder. I use Aweber. Your key to success is so send frequent, several times per week minimum, emails that deliver a ton of value. Almost ALL of my affiliate sales come from email marketing, even though I have hundreds of YouTube videos and thousands of pages of blog content. 

  47. Thanks for these amazing tips. I really learned a lot from it. 

    The problem I have is choosing a niche. If I chose a particular niche for affiliate marketing, is it possible to change to another niche on the same affiliate site?

    Affiliate marketing can sometimes be tough, especially for newbies, that’s why I appreciate you sharing this information with us. 

    • Choosing a niche is a big step, and an important one. When it comes to changing the niche of your website, I don’t normally recommend it, unless the two niches are very similar. 

  48. This is really lovely and educating to newbie like me. I’m glad you took your time to highlight all of these important affiliate marketing tips. I really find them really useful. After reading this post, I now have clear idea on what to do and the direction I need to take to start making money through affiliate marketing. Thank you. 

    • Glad I could be of help, Kehinde. I wish you HUGE success on your affiliate marketing journey. 

  49. Now, this is a very useful post. For those of us on the early part of our affiliate marketing journey getting tips from others who have been down the road before is invaluable. Learning what went right and the mistakes people have made too. 

    Everything posted seems like sound advice. I would only query the advice to concentrate on one social media platform. I agree one can be over-stretched, but I do think that, for example, Pinterest reaches an audience that Facebook often won’t. Just my two cents worth. 

    • Glad to share these valuable lessons with you. My rationale for focusing on one social media platform is that there are so many choose from and it’s easy to get lost or get information overload trying to work all of them at the same time. If yo used a service like HootSuite, you could leverage several social media sites on complete auto-pilot. Otherwise, I would just focus on one. Personally, I like LinkedIn the best. 

  50. These are some great affiliate marketing tips, Chuck. I really like the idea of building your own email list first and then sending people to your affiliate offers. I never thought of doing that prior to reading this article. I’m going to go and get my own autoresponder and start generating my own leads. Thanks for the wisdom!

    • Glad I could be of help, Louis. 

      Collecting your own leads and building your own email list is paramount to your long-term success. 

      If you’re only hoping to make affiliate sales off your website, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. Almost all of my affiliate sales come through my affiliate marketing campaigns. 

      Thanks for the comment. 


  51. These are awesome affiliate marketing tips, Chuck. I’m a little bit surprised why some people would delete an affiliate code. The cloaking tool is a new thing to me so I will be looking into it going forward. 

    The social media tool I use often is Google plus and since it will be closed down soon, I’ve started using Pinterest and it’s working fine for me at the moment. I haven’t used pay per click advertising before so I think it’s about time I explored other tools. Thanks so much for these tips.

    • Glad I could be of help. I haven’t done much with Pinterest myself, but I do have several friends who get a TON of targeted traffic by sharing images on Pinterest. PPC is definitely something worth exploring. I have had great success with Bing PPC through the past 5-8 years. And yes, it’s good that you are going to take the time to learn more about cloaking your affiliate links. Thanks for the comment. 

  52. These are amazing affiliate marketing tips, Chuck! I can tell you have been doing affiliate marketing for a long time. Most of these things I never even considered. I’m still fairly new to affiliate marketing and my website is only a few months old. I’m going to incorporate some of these things into my own affiliate marketing business, so I can get much better results. Thanks again!

    • Glad I could be of help. Follow the advice in this affiliate marketing tips article and you can’t go wrong. I wish I had known all of these things when I was first getting started. 

  53. Patience is really the major problem why people quit affiliate marketing. People get started and expect to make money right away. That is not how business works. You could go a year or two before you make any money at all. 

    However, your blog is also an asset. As you build up your blog, the value of your blog increases. As your traffic and affiliate income go up, the value goes up even more. 

    Even though you might not be making a ton of money with your blog yet, you are building up an asset you can sell one day for a handsome profit. 

    • You hit the nail on the head. That is the major difference between being an employee and an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs create assets that pay them an ongoing income and employees trade time for money. Most new affiliate marketers still think like an employee. That is why they struggle. Following my affiliate marketing tips is a good starting point. But most people also have to work on their mindset as well. 

  54. Thanks for these great affiliate marketing tips. I will make your site my go to site and refer to it any time I’m kind of stuck. You’re absolutely right about investing in an affiliate marketing training course. I’ve made the mistake of getting 4-5 courses that teach affiliate marketing. That ended up giving me information overload. Now, I am working with one course, and it is much easier for me. 

    • Glad you enjoyed my affiliate marketing tips. Yes, focusing on one training course at a time is the way to go, assuming it is a good course. Lots of people make the mistake of buying 5-10 courses and reading them one time, and then doing nothing. All you need is one good training course and the discipline to do what it teaches. That’s it. 

  55. This is a great article about Affiliate marketing tips. I read your entire article and every tip is important. I learned a lot from your article and lots of things to keep in mind since I have just started affiliate marketing. I am going to bookmark your website because I will read the article again and again for sure. I really like your point about having a Mastermind. That is one of the things I really love about Wealthy Affiliate; you have a HUGE community of people who are willing to help you. 

    • I’m glad you enjoyed my affiliate marketing tips. Yes, having a mastermind helps a lot. When you can get 2-5 people working together all toward a common goal (helping each other) you would be amazed at what you could accomplish, and learn.

  56. The year part is what I think is hardest on everyone. It is hard to stay motivated for some if they don’t see instant results. But, I feel if you think about most people’s current situation is they go to work day in and day out for years, but do they ever get ahead. Certain industries sure, but most others people are just doing the rat race and still never get ahead. So what’s a year compared to the rest of your life. 

    After, that year you will have so much more freedom to do what you really want. So one year is nothing in comparison to the scheme of things. Great article it is very insightful, and motivates me even more.

    • The first year is always the hardest. People need to have patience and realistic expectations. Work hard for a few years and build an asset that can pay you for MANY years to come, with very little ongoing work. 

  57. I read through your whole list. It’s full of a lot of great tips. I personally started affiliate marketing about 6 months ago. I have a couple of websites that are built out pretty well but I have struggled to generate traffic to them and I haven’t made much money. I’m using good, low-competition keywords and all that but the SEO is just not working for me yet. Since I haven’t been making more than a couple bucks here and there yet, what would your advice be in regard to outsourcing? 

    Do you think it’s better to just go by yourself until you start making enough money to cover the costs of hiring people? Or do you think that’s a backward way of thinking and I’m not going to start making money until I invest in some outsourcing? I would really appreciate your advice, thanks!

    • My only regret is not outsourcing sooner. Some people may disagree with me, but I have several people who work for me in other countries whom I pay just $3 to $4 per hour and it frees up a ton of my time to work on the important things: MARKETING MY WEBSITE and building my list! 

      Based off the country they live in, they are very happy with the wages and I am very happy to have my time back. Being a one trick pony is a quick recipe for maxing out or burning out. 

      An entrepreneur would tell you to outsource right away.  A technician or do it yourselfer would want to maintain control and do everything yourself, and not accomplish what they could if they worked smart. 

  58. I’d like to know more about “cloaking” affiliate links. This is the first time I’ve heard of that. I’m surprised that anyone would go through the trouble of removing my affiliate code. Seems kind of mean spirited, doesn’t it? How do you cloak an affiliate link? How much should a beginner affiliate spend on PPC ads? Sorry for all the questions.

    • There are paid and free services that let you cloak your affiliate links. 

      Why would people steal your affiliate commission and change your link? It’s mostly happens when other internet marketers find your link. The average person wouldn’t do it, because they don’t even know what an affiliate link is. 

      When it comes to PPC, I always tell people to start small and test their results. Start with a $20 experiment and evaluate your results. Then do a $30 test and evaluate your results. Keep repeating this over and over and making the necessary tweaks as you go along. 

  59. This is definitely a website that is of interest to most people today. I like your easy-to-read style, with emphasis on key words. I like the larger font, it gives the words more intensity. 

    Your tips, from picking the right niche to engaging social media, are very detailed and ordered. Your advice is so necessary and helpful in creating a successful affiliate marketing website. 

    I think potential customers would be able to find their way handily by following your advice. I am trying to build an affiliate marketing business so I have bookmarked this site and would happily recommend it to anyone who asks for tips on this subject.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed my affiliate marketing tips. I’ve made so many mistakes through the years. These little nuggets of wisdom will be very beneficial if you apply them in your business. 

  60. Thanks for your great tips on affiliate marketing. I am still finding my feet with affiliate marketing and with what works for me. I am not really making much money yet so I don’t really want to start paying for advertising. However, I know that Facebook ads work really well so it’s an ongoing debate.

    I like your tip on only dominating one social media platform, I was always having a hard time managing all of my accounts- now I focus mainly on Instagram which is thankfully doing really well. 

    • Focusing on one social media platform and getting really good at it is the way to go. 

  61. A fantastic write up on what you really need to be successful with an online business.  Really you could apply many of these tips to a variety of internet businesses.  Drop shipping, Shopify, YouTube channel, etc.  You would do well to heed the advice of this list if you were starting any of them. Two of my favorite tips are #9 and #17.

    #9 is to be patient. I don’t think you can overstate this. All the technical tips are great and important but if you don’t have patience you will fail at this business almost all the time. You have to be prepared to work hard for no reward for quite a long time in affiliate marketing.

    The second tip that really resonates with me is #17: have a daily to-do list. The organization is so important especially when you need to keep track of all your content and keywords and everything else. It is doubly important when you are outsourcing a lot of your content creation. A friend of mine ordered up 2 or 3 articles with the same topic and keyword because he wasn’t organized with a daily list of what needs to get done. He learned his lesson.

    I enjoyed your article keep up the good work.


    • Yes, most of these are good business principles, not just for affiliate marketing. In a nutshell: take the long road, keep learning, be real and authentic, do the right thing, provide value, and help others solve their problems. 

  62. Since I found myself kicking around your website today, I decided to read through this post as well. Lots of quality I am seeing throughout, and having looked through your “About Me’ page I can see that we have some commonalities from our past.

    This post was one that really caught my eye, as getting 25 affiliate marketing tips from someone that has had copious experience with the business is someone that can help my own business efforts. These are all quite good, and I found myself checking what I am doing versus what you advise was I went through each.

    Two that gave me some trouble when starting was cloaking of links (I did not and lost some commissions as a result) and the paid advertising angle. Most definitely you can lose a lot of money quickly if you do not understand how to implement paid advertising.

    I agree with you that at the end of the day more than secrets, these are just common-sense tips that any affiliate marketer who wants to succeed will learn, practice, and follow as they go about their business. The secret is that most people will not take the time to put these tips into practice. 

    • Yes, these affiliate marketing tips will work. But just like anything else, it takes patience, hard work and long-term focus. It took me YEARS to learn these lessons, mostly through trial and error. 

  63. Thank you for sharing your top affiliate marketing tips.

    I am brand new to affiliate marketing. It’s a little bit overwhelming, but I am trying to learn the ropes. I can take the lessons you shared here and definitely shorten my learning curve. 

    I like the idea of promoting big ticket affiliate programs and earning large commissions. I just need to pick a niche I want to focus on and then seek out some of these programs. 

    • We all start out not knowing what to do. I do recommend you focus on high end, big ticket affiliate programs, if you want to make money with affiliate marketing. That’s the easiest way to make a big income. 

  64. Thanks for sharing your affiliate marketing tips, Chuck.

    Let me ask you something if you do not mind. What doe a decent writer charge to write niche related topics. I know it will vary, but could you give me some kind of idea to work with here,so I know a round about figure?

    I greatly appreciate it and enjoy reading your content. It just has a natural ease to it.

    Thank You,


    • George,

      I typically pay my writers around $35 to $50 per article, but it’s based off the word count, subject, amount of research, etc. Yes, you can get cheaper writers on, but you do get what you pay for: typically anyway. 


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