Top 10 Alternatives to Blogging: Ways to Make Money Writing

Today, I want to share my top 10 alternatives to blogging. These are simple ways to make money writing without having your own blog.

I’ve been blogging for about 9-years now. While it’s been a great experience for me overall, I’m not sure if I would do it again. To be quite frank with you, I have a love-hate relationship with blogging. It is very demanding and time-consuming.

alternatives to bloggingI love that I can express myself and be in complete control of what I write and when and where it gets published, but sometimes I feel like a hamster on the hamster wheel, always working on my next piece of content.

Plus, blogging is a lot more than just writing god content. When you have your own blog you have writing, editing, SEO, updating your blog, responding to customers and inquiries, sending out emails, marketing and so much more. You might be the CEO, but you’re also the editor, H.R. director, marketing director and Chief Bottle Washer.

At times, you just want to write, because that’s what you love to do the most. However, just “writing” new content is not enough to convert your blog into a profitable online business. That’s why you might want to explore your other options.

10 Alternatives to Blogging

For the purpose of this post, I’m going to assume that you are considering blogging, and want to make money writing, but you want to know what options you have available. Here are 10 options I would consider.

# 1 Write & Publish Books

Instead of creating a blog with several thousand articles, why not write and publish 50-100 short books? It would take the same amount of time.

You could publish your books on Kindle, Amazon KDP, or even self-publish. As the books start to sell, you can create a mini-series. Rather than post 5 long blog posts per week, you could write one book a week (or one a month), spend the next week editing it, and publish it the following week.

By doing so, you don’t have to worry about people stealing your content (this happens to bloggers all the time), trying to get Google to like your website, or worry about who will click on your ads or buy one of the affiliate products you promote. You just focus on what you love to do: writing!

# 2 Work as a Freelance Writer

Rather than spending thousands of hours writing articles and trying to create a successful blog of your own, you could simply be a freelance writer for hire. Good freelance writers are in HIGH demand. You could post your services on websites such as Fiverr or Upwork. You could also reach out to successful bloggers.

You could set up a simple website that showcases your writing to let people know you are for hire. I don’t know how much money freelance writers make, but I do know that I pay my writers anywhere from $20 to $50 per article depending on the word count and quality. If you can write 3-5 articles per day, you could make a comfortable living as a freelance writer.

# 3 Write for a Magazine or Trade Journal

Believe it or not, magazines are still quite popular, even in the digital age. Depending on your niche, or what you enjoy writing about, you could have several options to choose from. I suggest you subscribe to several magazines that interest you, read their articles and decide if the publication might be a good fit for you to work with.

You could offer to submit an article or two for free to showcase your talents. From there, you could build strategic relationships with the editors and potentially get hired as an employee or freelance writer.

# 4 Start a Newsletter Business

Newsletters are a secret and fun business that can be very profitable. In most industries, there are newsletters you can purchase a yearly subscription to. By doing so, you either get an email newsletter every so often or a mailed newsletter.

By publishing your own newsletter, you can write about whatever interests you, sell advertising, and have something you can be proud of you. Build up your newsletter business big enough and you could even sell it one day for a nice profit.

# 5 Online Forums

make money writingAnother alternative to blogging is online forums. You could create your own online forum around any topic that interests you and you could run the day-to-day operations. You could create posts, reply to posts and so much more. You could sell advertising or memberships. You could promote affiliate products and create multiple streams of income.

You could also be a “moderator” for hire and work for someone else who owns their own online forum. You could run the “day to day” operations for them, keeping the forum updated, moderated, and operating smoothly. This is a great way to make money writing.

# 6 Podcasting

While this option might not appeal to everyone, having your own podcast can be very lucrative. A podcast is simply an online radio show. You could write up your scripts for the show and then do a daily or weekly podcast around whatever topic interests you the most. You could sell advertising, have “sponsors” and monetize it any way you’d like. I’ve created about 800 podcasts myself (on iTunes) and I really enjoy it.

# 7 Video

Let’s face it, YouTube is here to stay. People are captivated by videos. I understand many writers are introverted and might be camera shy, but this could be a very lucrative option for the right person. You could create funny videos, do reviews, have rants, make educational videos or whatever else appeals to you.

You would “write” the script or outline for the video and then give your presentation. To monetize your videos, you could use Google Adsense or promote affiliate products.

# 8 Online Courses

This is one of my favorite alternatives to blogging. It’s a great way to make money writing. You could make online courses and publish them on Udemy. You could charge $20 to $300 per course, depending on your niche. People could go through your course and learn about the specific subject. The best thing about online courses is that they will create you passive income. Create the course one time and keep getting paid for it.

# 9 Seminars or Workshops

If you love writing, you could host your own seminars or workshops. You could charge a few hundred dollars per person, have 50 to 100 people attend your event and have one big payday each month, or every few months. Of course, you’d have to fill the seats. That would take some time and money, but if you can build up a good reputation and really over deliver, the word of mouth advertising will take over and help you fill seats at future events.

# 10 Coach or Consultant

Another great alternative to blogging (for writers) is to become a coach or consultant. If you are a skilled writer, you could have businesses or people hire you as a coach or consultant to help them solve a problem or teach them a new skill. Some people might say this is similar to being a freelancer, but I think it’s a little bit different. You could charge an hourly fee or by the project fee.

Final Thoughts

In summary, these are 10 alternatives to blogging. These are simple ways to make money writing, without needing your own blog. If you’re thinking about starting a blog of your own, put some serious thought into it. If nothing else, compare it with a few other alternatives, just to give you some perspective.

What are your thoughts? What do you suggest? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think are the best alternatives to blogging. I look forward to hearing from you.

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53 thoughts on “Top 10 Alternatives to Blogging: Ways to Make Money Writing

  1. Great post sir! I can testify to the first 2… As I have over 50 books published and they do sell fairly well. I have them in paperback as well as on Kindle. I would also suggest making your book audible. I have one in ACX now and plan on doing more. This just makes your books available to people who cannot see well, and is another source of income.

    As a full time freelance writer, I highly recommend Writers Work as not only a place to bid on jobs, it also has tools to help you. I wrote a review of it here:

    Hope that helps!

  2. Thanks for sharing these alternatives to blogging. I’ve been brainstorming different things I could do, rather than creating a large blog. It just seems like a lot of work in the early stages, without making much financial return. I think the ideas of video marketing would be a much better fit for me. 

    • Abdul,

      Yes, video marketing is definitely a great way to make money online, and it’s a great alternative to blogging. It’s still a lot of hard work though. You might have to publish several hundred videos before you can expect much to happen. If you’re willing to do that, I know you can be successful. Rome wasn’t built in a day. No matter what business model you choose, you’re going to have to go through a learning curve and pay your dues. 


  3. Even though blogging is one of the successful online businesses, it has become more common and it is really hard to earn any revenue with it now. It is nice learn about some alternatives to blogging. This article had some wonderful alternatives. Out of them I actually like podcasting the most. Even though it is a bit of work I think can succeed with podcasting.

    • Sujandar,

      Yes, blogging is very competitive. Podcasting has less competition, but it still requires a TON of hard work, and it will still probably take several years to build up any kind of audience and income. Why not do both?


  4. Blogging sounds like a ton of hard work. So do these alternatives to blogging. I guess you just need to pick one thing and stick with it. I think I’ll go with blogging because I love to write and I want to build an online platform where I can promote many different affiliate products. 

    • You are spot on. Any new business requires a ton of hard work and a big learning curve. None of these alternatives to blogging are fast or easy money. Fast and easy money does not exist, even though many people are chasing it. 

  5. The idea of setting up an online forum is new to me. I always wondered how the founder of a forum makes money. Now after reading your post I finally understand. 

    If I have the resources, that would probably be something I would love to try out. But I guess there is no pre-made web template for forum? Do I have to hire a web developer for that?

    • If you want to create your own line forum, you can purchase a pre-made design. There are several companies that sell online forum software. Or, you could have a designer set up everything for you. Either option would work. Thanks for visiting my blog today.


  6. I have been looking for information about other ways to make money online instead of blogging! You have some great suggestions here and some of them I didn’t think of. I’m interested in producing an online course, not sure what subject yet. Do you know if there is a fee to post your course to Udemy? Thanks for the information. I’m going to try some of these suggestions this year.

    • I’m glad I could help You Cory. I’m not an expert with Udemy, but I do believe they charge a small fee for each course you sell. If you visit their website, you will find the details. Thanks for the comment. 


    • While I have not set up a course yet through Udemy, from my understanding, they only take a commission off each sign up for your course. So if you don’t sell, they don’t win either. I believe they will promote your course to help both of you too. So it can be a win-win.

      • That sounds right to me, Greg.

  7. Nicely written post. I like how you explained the alternatives to blogging in a simple and concise way. I am a blogger as well so I found this post very helpful. If I were to dive into any of these it would most likely be YouTube. 

    It would work really great for my niche. However I am not familiar with how money can be made on YouTube through Google Adsense. Could you please explain how this is done and do you feel it would be more lucrative as supposed to affiliate marketing?.

    • INI,

      When you create YouTube videos, they ask if you want to put AdSense on your videos. It’s pretty simple. I would use the AdSense, plus promote a different affiliate product in each video. There are tutorials on YouTube about how to set up Adsense and how to promote affiliate links in the description of your video. I hope that helps. 


  8. Nice post man, There are many alternatives to blogging and you could combine a few for multiple streams of income 😉 I personally have a blog and have run a podcast for the past for 2-years consistently. If you are creative and have good ideas there has never been an easier time in history to find your passion and profit from it.

    • Great comment, Marvin. I try to turn all of my content into multiple formats, just to leverage myself and get even more online exposure. 

  9. This is a great article and the biggest thing is that all your options really are viable and doable. Unlike many sites that give you different options that really are out of this world. Personally, my choice is blogging but for those who are looking for alternatives to blogging, this is a great article they should be reading.You have done a great job putting together all of this great information.


    • Glad I could help, Dale. I try to keep it real with people. 

  10. I am not very good at typing. I’ve learned that posting videos for me might just be the best option, because I enjoy being in front of a camera, sharing my message. The list you provided of alternatives to blogging gave me a lots of great ideas on how to monetize my ideas. Thanks. 

    • Glad I could be of help, Charles. Lots of people make a great income with YouTube. I believe it is definitely the way of the future, as more people enjoy watching videos than reading content. Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

  11. These are some excellent alternatives to blogging to consider. I’ve been working on my own website content and agree the writing is very time consuming and of course on-going. I can relate to your love-hate comment about the writing/blogging process. To be fair to myself I don’t think I’m ready to test out an alternative quite yet, although I see a few ideas you present in your article as very appealing. Enjoyed this post, keep ’em coming. 

    • Myles,

      Thanks for checking out my article with alternatives to blogging. Yes, creating great content is very time consuming. It’s worth outsourcing as soon as you can, so you can free up your time and focus on the marketing for your website. I waited too long before I started outsourcing. 

      Another tips is to repurpose your content. Turn your blog post into a video, a podcast, a PPT presentation, a PDF and whatever else you can think of. Post those things online and have them all point back to your original article. That is what I suggest. 


  12. Hi again. I just came over from your page with mistakes to avoid when blogging. As you mentioned, blogging is a LOT Of work. Even though I love to write, I found it more difficult to write when I felt like I HAD to write.    

    From your list, I most liked the one about writing for a magazine or a trade journal. One of these days, I dream of having one or more articles published in a big, well known magazine related to my industry. In the meantime, I view my blog as the opportunity to practice writing for my target audience.   

    That being said, as I reflect on your 10 alternatives, I realize that blogging is still my preferred way to make money online. I like working for myself.  

    • Yes, working for yourself is the only way to go, as I see it. Blogging is a lot of work. When it comes to blogging, writing good content is just the starting point. Most bloggers just focus on that and that’s why there business doesn’t grow much. Smart bloggers spend even more time on marketing and promotion than they do on writing content. This gives them added exposure and increased revenues. 

      Your goal of writing for a magazine one day is very noble. Keep writing and keep fine tuning your skills and there is no doubt in my mind you will accomplish it one day. Thanks for the comment.


  13. When it comes to writing and publishing your own books, don’t you still need to create a website and make sure folks can find you in Google? Or is the assumption that if you publish in Amazon, people will find you through Amazon search?

    I’ve got a lot of content that I have written over the years that would make a good book series. However, I think in order for it to be successful you need still need to have some good marketing (either a website with SEO and ranking in Google, or a strong following on social media).

    Anyway, maybe I am missing something…but at least of few of these ideas still require some good marketing to get notice.

    I personally have taken a lot of Udemy classes and have been very happy with the quality (in most cases).  One thing to consider is that they are always offering discounts on the classes.  So while you may be able to list the course from $20-$200, I have seen where most of them always drop the price to < $10.  

    Still, it’s not bad money, especially considering there is a much higher volume at the lower price point. (And people feel like they are getting a real bargain)

    Great post…got my brain thinking about some new avenues for my writing.


    • Thanks for the comment.

      When it comes to writing a book, yes, you still need to do the marketing to get your name out there. However, once you get some reviews on your book, Amazon pretty much takes over the marketing for you. You just have to get the ball rolling. 

      Repurposing your blog articles into a book is just a smart idea. For example, I have over 1,500 pages on my blog. I could probably turn that into 50-100 books if I wanted to. 

      Also, you can turn your articles into reports, videos, podcasts, slides, etc. I try to turn every article I write into at least five pieces of content. I then share that content on other online platforms and link them all back to my original article. This helps expand my reach, get more traffic and get more links. 

      It’s something to consider. Thanks for visiting my blog today.


  14. I’ve just started blogging, and agree that it’s not quite as easy as it looks. I really like the idea of creating a course – it’s a matter of finding a niche topic to teach. It seems that most of these things have something in common – being able to create something (whether a book, podcast, video or article) that other people would be interested in. 

    • Creating courses can definitely be good money, IF you have a way to sell them. That’s why building up your audience first, or leveraging someone else’s audience (like UDEMY) is the way to go. 

  15. I’ve been working in the internet marketing industry for 10+ years now. I do get what your saying sometimes it does get very time consuming, but it’s the best job ever. 

      One thing that has helped me is managing my time online. Meaning, I stay on track and don’t get distracted when I am online to work. I shut everything else down and completely focus on doing what I set out to do.

    I would be interested in selling eBooks on Amazon that I write. I haven’t ever really explored it much. But, I have an idea for recipe books for an aromatherapy website I am working on. Could make the price-tag pretty cheap.

    However, I don’t know where I should even get started with that. Can you steer me in the right direction?

    • When it comes to making a cookbook, collect a list of your top 20 posts with recipes and convert it into a book. Organize it the best you can and then hire a freelancer to put their magical touch on it. 

      You can also repurpose your blog content into videos, podcasts and PPT slides. I highly recommend you do that as well. 

  16. You have listed some viable alternatives to blogging that most people can use to make money using their writing skills without the chores that come with operating a blog. As you say, it is a lot of work to successfully keep up with a blog. I know that world, I have been doing it for 4 years now.

    As you say, blogging gives you a lot of latitudes to take your business in any direction you may want to go, but there are imperatives that you still have to follow or you will not get traffic nor be able to monetize the blog. The other options will all work as alternatives.

    What I am doing is mixing it up just a bit. I have been publishing books, creating and selling courses, and even entered the drop shipping world. This all while still maintaining the blog sites (2). The variety has kept me busy, as you might imagine. It has also kept things fresh and I enjoy working on all of them.

    I think the key is to somehow keep the passion going like most people have in the first year. That can be hard to do, and if you really want to mix things up a bit, trying one of these options is a great way to freshen things up for the online marketer. 

    Good post and lots of great ideas for alternatives to blogging, or in my case, additions to blogging! 

    • Good points, Dave. I get bored easily, so I do a combination of blogging, making videos, podcasting, direct mail, selling on Amazon and eBay and much more. This gives me variety and helps keep my brain fresh. Most people are best off focusing on just one thing, but if you have the ability to manage your time wisely, the strategy you and I both use would work great. Just my two cents. 


  17. Excellent post and I totally agree with #8 Online Courses. I’ve found that my career has switched more from being a pro SEO who actually does the on-site work, to more of a coach and people really tend to gravitate toward my coaching and training for websites and traffic and conversions. So this is so true that it really is a nice alternative to blogging for a living.

    • Yes, Marshall. Online courses are a great way to create residual income. They’re also a great alternative to blogging. I’ve created about 40 information products: CDs, eBooks, PDFs, etc. They sell great and provide a steady passive income. 

  18. When I first started blogging, I didn’t enjoy writing all that much. Now, I love it. It’s something that won’t come naturally for most people, but if you make yourself write every single day, you will get better at it and you will grow to like it. Now, I’m ready to branch out and start writing eBooks and information products to sell on my blog. 

    • Thanks for the comment, Erick. You make great points. Just about anyone can make money writing IF they do it every day, focus on getting better every day, and do it day in and day out. Within a few short years, I believe anyone can become a great writer, and then turn that skill into a nice online business, be it blogging or something else. 

  19. Hi Chuck! You have been blogging for almost a decade now, you must be loaded with experience. You are right about blogging being time-consuming and demanding. To succeed in blogging, you have to keep on writing articles, for the ranking to continue.

    I love the number 2 alternative of working as a freelance writer. I have given it some thought before. There are quite platforms online you can leverage. From what I can see, it could be less time consuming and even more profitable than blogging. Just my thoughts. 

    • Yes, Gracen. Blogging is VERY time consuming. It just never ends. I do love it though. I’m trying to outsource more, have more writers and do less. I feel, at times, like I am never done and never will be. 

  20. Have you tried any of these options? I read your review on Wealthy Affiliate and it seemed like a good deal that I was willing to try. My problem is I really don’t like writing as much as I would need to keep up a blog. I tend to be more outgoing and was intrigued by Videos and On-line courses.

    My main question is: have any of these worked for you?


    • Nate,

      I’ve done VERY well with podcasting and blogging, podcasting being my favorite, because there is less competition. My niche is VERY competitive on YouTube, but not too competitive on podcasting. I have about 800 podcasts on iTunes and about 500 videos on YouTube, in addition to several thousand blog posts, between my two blogs. 

      Thanks for the comment.


  21. Hi Charles,

    These are some great alternatives to blogging.

    Podcasting sounds like a really cool idea. I’m definitely going to check that out. 

    Making videos and publishing them on YouTube also sounds really cool. 

    Writing is fun, but is time consuming and it does get boring. Maybe I should do a mix of these things? What are your thoughts on that, Chuck?


    • Ayodeji,

      What I do is quite simple. I write a blog post. Then I turn it into a PowerPoint slide and uploade it to SlideShare. Then I take the PPT slide and make it a video and post it on YouTube. Next, I take the audio clip out of the video and convert it into a podcast on iTunes.

      By doing this, every piece of content I create becomes FOUR pieces of content. I like the video, podcast and PowerPoint slides back to my original blog post. I’ve done this for about 1,000 articles now, so I have tons of content all over the internet. 

      I believe any blogger could do this. Just my two cents. 


  22. Thank you for sharing your post  “Top 10 Alternatives to Blogging: Ways to Make Money Writing”.

    My goal right now is working on my blog, writing new content and getting ranked high in the search engines. As I start to do that, I may explore some of these other ways to make money writing. 

    I really like the idea of making eBooks. I’d also like to sell inexpensive PDF reports. 

    I enjoyed your article. Thank you. 

    • Enrique,

      Keep working on your blog and make it the best you can. Try to get up to 100-200 pages as quickly as possible and get your pages ranked high. Once you get a steady flow of traffic, you can then focus on additional ways to make money writing. You could convert some of your blog posts into a book or eBook. You could let your visitors know that you are a writer for hire and would write articles for them for a fee. The options are really endless. I’m glad you enjoyed the article. 


  23. Hello again! 

    I read through your alternatives to blogging, and I think that some of your options are really good, like freelance writing for instance: You can make a lot of money by freelance writing; however, I have tried this, and it is difficult to find the right clients or platform to use. If you know of any good sites to use for freelance writing, however, I would be happy to learn more about them.

    All the best,


    • I’ve found all my writers using I experiment and hire several writers until I find someone I am comfortable with and then I hire them weekly. 

  24. Great article. I really enjoy writing. Blogging is a lot of work and it takes so long to rank your content and start making money online. My favorite alternative that you listed is freelance writing. This lets you earn immediate income for your writing. Although you aren’t building up passive income by writing for others, it still pays the bills, which is very important. 

    • Yes, working as a freelancer is a very good alternative to blogging. As long as you can find clients, and you can create good content, you will never run out of work. 

  25. I find this article interesting because I also want to work on doing something other than blogging. I like to write and although I like blogging I wanted to do something else as well. I looked into freelance writing a while ago and I could see myself doing that. I went to guru’s freelance website (google it)  and I found that this website offers a lot of opportunities in many different areas. I also thought about writing a book. I have started writing one many times and either end up losing it (the book I wrote in high school) or not finishing it. I have many partially written books on my laptop and scattered around my house on pieces of paper. I might go back and finish out some of these books after reading your article. Have you ever started writing a book and not finished?

    • I have a few books that are about half done. Those were ones I started years ago, before I had the discipline. Since then I’ve published about 20 books and thousands of articles. The key is to set a timeline, make a plan, get started and stay on course. It’s easier said than done. Most of my books I wrote in less than one week (the first draft anyway) because I made myself sit down and write for several hours each day.

  26. Interesting article. I would imagine that the easy part of a newsletter is writing it. Trying to get enough paid subscribers plus advertising is a whole other story. I could see someone who is already paid as a consultant doing well with that. I’ve always loved the idea of running a seminar or workshop but never followed through with it. Mainly because I’m not sure how to even go about doing that. 

    • Having a newsletter business is very lucrative, IF you can write good content AND you know how to market and advertise and find paid subscribers. The seminar business offers even more potential. You could sell seminar tickets for $297 to $997, or more, for a weekend event. If you can fill the seats, you could make a small fortune in one weekend. No matter what business model you choose, even blogging, you need to learn marketing so you can get your name out there. 

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