Bing PPC Ads Case Study

Today, I want to share my Bing PPC Ads Case Study with you.

I’ve used Bing PPC Ads for many years now. It has never been my PRIMARY marketing strategy. Instead, it was always just one more thing in my marketing arsenal.

Through the years, I have used Bing PPC Ads to promote my blogs, capture pages, affiliate offers and much more. Some campaigns have done very well, and others have been a complete disaster.

bing ppc ads case study

What is Bing PPC Ads & How Does it Work?

Here’s how Bing PPC Ads work. You write a short ad. You then select keywords you want your ad to target. You then select how much you will pay per click. Your bid is competing against other people who are focusing on the same keywords. The person with the highest bid shows up first, the next highest person second, and so forth.

Whenever someone does a search on Yahoo, AOL, Bing, MSN or one of its partner sites, your ad appears. When someone clicks on your ad, you are charged for the click, based upon how much you bid.

Why Should You Use It?

You should use Bing because it is the second most popular search engine, right behind Mother Google. Although Google dominates the search engine world and has the biggest market share, Bing still has a nice piece of the pie, especially when you factor in MSN, AOL, Yahoo and the partner sites.

Bing is also the most affordable PPC platform that I have found. While Google and Facebook have bigger audiences, they are also much more expensive. Plus, both of those platforms are not too fond of the home business industry.

Bing is user friendly, affordable, easy to use, and they have great customer service. You can have an account set up and running in just a few minutes. Plus, they normally have a special where they give you $100 in free advertising after you’ve spent your first $25 (new customers only).

You should also consider Bing PPC Ads because you NEED traffic for your website or affiliate offer. Success online boils down to having targeted traffic see your offer. PPC Ads are some of the most targeted traffic you can buy.

My Bing PPC Ads Case Study

For this case study, I am using Bing PPC Ads to promote Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is a training platform teaching people how to build their own money making niche website.

I have a budget of $80, which I will spend over a 3 to 5-day period of time. I’ll be targeting ALL countries with my ads. My goal is to get as many clicks as possible, as cheaply as possible, and see how the conversions end up.

After the $80 is spent, I will make a decision to keep using Bing PPC Ads to promote this affiliate program, or move on to a different marketing strategy.

I’ve created one campaign with six ad groups. My ads and keywords are designed to reach people who are looking to start a website of their own, or make money online.

My Traffic Results

My Bing Ad PPC Case Study is finally over. Here is a breakdown of the traffic I received during my experiment.

  • Dates: February 19-23 (2019)
  • Money Spent: $74.12
  • Impressions: 54,124
  • Clicks: 1,250
  • CTR: 2.31%

What you see in the image below is a “screen shot” of my campaign, right out of my Bing Ads account. It’s a little hard to read, but you can see the stats I shared with you are accurate. My campaign is WA International.

bing ppc ads case study


Here is how the traffic from my ad converted.

  • Leads: 197
  • Cost per Lead: $0.38 ($74.12/197)
  • Sales: 0
  • Account Profile Set Up: 21
  • Earnings: $21 (I earn $1 for each person who sets up their profile and account)

You can look at the image below under tracking ID for binginternational and see my results.

traffic results

My Takeaways

Here are my thoughts about the campaign.

Receiving 1,250 clicks for just $74.12 is amazing. I am very happy with my cost per click and the number of clicks I received with my budget.

Paying $0.38 cents per lead is out of this world. Most of the time when I do online advertising I pay $1 to $3 per lead.

The CTR (click through rate) was 2.31%, which in my opinion, is very good for a PPC campaign.

Most of the traffic I received was from India, Nigeria and the Philippines. These countries are not my BEST prospects for what I am offering, although some of these folks could become customers.

I have recouped $21 of the $74.12 back right out the gate. All I need is one of those 21 people to upgrade their account and become a PREMIUM member for three months and I will break even. Or, if any of the remaining 176 people set up their account and become a paid member, I can also break even.

I have decided to put my Bing PPC Ads campaign on pause for three weeks and just see if any of the remaining 176 leads (197-21) fill out their profile and/or upgrade their account.

At the end of three weeks I will decide to either turn my campaign back on, or test out a different marketing strategy.

Overall, my experience was a success. I was hoping for more upgrades and sales, but at least now I have 197 people in the system receiving emails and getting followed up with. I’m sure in the months to come, some of them will upgrade.

Final Thoughts

I hope you have enjoyed my Bing PPC Ads Case Study. I’d love to hear your thoughts about my results. Have you used Bing PPC Ads before? If so, what was your experience like? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you.

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102 thoughts on “Bing PPC Ads Case Study

  1. You’re like my mentor a lot of times.  

    I read your website all the time, and I get so much value from it. I love that you are so giving in your information for people like me who are just getting started.  

    I am extremely ambitious, and I want so much to be successful to provide a great income and do great things in this world and for my family. I work and work, but I don’t want to spin my wheels, I want to follow the best path and do the right steps. 

    I have not started any kind of advertising yet. I have been strictly following the Wealthy Affiliate training, and I’m on creating videos, so I’ve made a few (ha ha) and put them up on YouTube.  

    The training has not gotten into any paid ads nor has it gotten into email marketing, but I know that email marketing is critical, hopefully the program gets into it soon. I did sign up for a CRM program.  

    Do you think I should start with the Solo ads or the Bing ads?  I would really like to try something to get leads.

    • Thanks for the kind words. You made my day.

      I would not use Bing PPC or solo ads to promote your website. Instead, use them to promote a capture page first and then redirect them to your affiliate offer. By doing that, you can build an email list that you can now send back to your website whenever you want to, and recommend additional affiliate products. 

      I hope that makes sense. 

  2. WOW, this is a awesome way to promote your business. If you want to up-sell and promote this is the way to go! I love that you mentioned Bing PPC Ads since not many people know about this information. I am happy that you have your potential results in becoming successful.

    • Yes, I am happy with the results and they are far from over. If I wait another 30 to 60 days, I guarantee several people will upgrade, which will make it profitable. From there, every month they stay customers is pure profit.

      The real profit in any business is from repeat orders. The greatest cost in business is acquiring a new customers. In most cases, it makes sense to lose money acquiring a new customer, if you can get them to do repeat business with you. I hope that makes sense. 

  3. OMG I didn’t know you could get that many clicks for such a low amount of money. So you got over 1,200 clicks for less than $75 dollars – that is amazing. Plus Bing provides you with a FREE $100 coupon for FREE advertising if you spend $25 dollars with them. Ok I’m definitely in with using PPC and Bing. 

    And thank you for your case study it is very helpful – to see and review how PPC Bing ads really work and perform, thanks for this review.

    • Glad I could be of help. Keep in mind I have been doing PPC for many years now. If you’re just starting out, you will make some mistakes and have to learn from them. Even so, it’s still worth it. 

  4. Very interesting. First time I have seen someone post results of a losing campaign. I really don’t think it helps Bing, but I looked up Wealthy Affiliate and found that site to be amazing.  

    I see why you are promoting it. So obviously you have shown you can make money if they sign up for free, but is there a paid option and can you make money if they join the paid version of WA after signing up for free?


    • Almost all ad campaigns from every business lose money on the FRONT END. The money is made on the back end with repeat orders and upgrades. The goal of any campaign is to break even or lose as little as possible on the front end. 

      This was far from a losing campaign. Why? Because I generated tons of leads. And the average lead in the real world needs to see something 7 to 20 times before they buy. 

      Even if one of my “starter” members upgrades to PREMIUM and stays there for 2-3 months, I will break even with this Bing PPC Campaign. Considering I have almost 200 leads from this campaign, I would consider it a huge success. 

  5. I liked your post on using Bing PPC ads to market your business. I’ve heard of Bing PPC, as well as PPC, for the “big” search engine and Facebook, although I haven’t used any PPC yet. I’m stubborn, I guess, and want to see if I can succeed simply with content generation.  

    I can see how the ads can work, though. I have a couple of related questions for you. Should I set up my email marketing first, like with Mailchimp or one of the others, and secondly, is there a minimum amount of traffic I need to be generating before I start with PPC?  

    I mean, are the ads dependent on your traffic or just one your keywords?  Thanks again for the good info.


    • Grant, 

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Here are the answers to your questions.

      Your website itself has nothing to do with PPC. I rarely, if ever, recommend using PPC to send people to your blog. Always send people a capture page first and collect their name and email, and then redirect them to your affiliate offer AFTER they opt-in.

      You can then start sending your email subscribers to your website. That is what I suggest. You will waste money if use PPC just to send people to a website. 

      The popularity and traffic of your regular website has nothing to do with the effectiveness of PPC ads. 

      I hope that helps. 


  6. Thank you for the case study on Bing PPC Ads. It seems like you did very well. 

    I would like to know what happened at the end of the three weeks if you got any more people to join or not? Your article is very in-depth and easy to follow. 

    You did say that your ad had the most traffic in India, Nigeria, and the Philippines which is not your ideal place to show your adds. 

    I was wondering if there was a way to get Bing to only show your add where you want or do you have no control over that? Thank you

    • I can pick the countries I want my ad to appear in. If I pick the USA only, as an example, I will be paying upwards of 60 or 70 cents per click, so I would get approximately 90 percent less traffic for the same amount of money that I spent on this Bing PPC Ads Case Study. The traffic might be better, but my cost per lead would be WAY to expensive and it would be next to impossible to break even, let alone make money. 

  7. Hi Chuck,

    I’m still fairly new to affiliate marketing and have only recently become aware of PPC. However, after reading your article I now have a much better understanding of this whole PPC concept.  

    Bing is often an overlooked search engine, but after reading your article and the comparison made between Google and Facebook I have a little more respect for it and when the time comes that I feel I can invest time and money into a PPC program I will certainly be looking in the direction of Bing!

    As you mentioned, 1,250 clicks with a $74.12 investment is an outstanding return. I’m also intrigued by your decision to put the Ads campaign on pause for three weeks.  

    Is this something you do routinely with all your PPC campaigns? Thank you so much for sharing your case study.  When I reach the point to begin a PPC campaign for my site you are going to be my “go-to” person!


    • I’m putting it on pause, just to see if anyone upgrades in the next few weeks. At that point, I will split test this campaign with a new one and see which one converts the best. From there, I will scale up my ads, increase my budget, and then repeat the process all over again. 

  8. I have always read that PPC is not a technique that should be used by those who are starting with online businesses and that the option, in this case, should be organic traffic.

    However, according to your case study, it would not be so expensive, but in contrast, you can get a bargain that pays for the campaign.

    What is your opinion in this case? When should you experiment with PPC? With what niches?

    • I don’t think it’s ever too early to experiment with PPC. Even if you start small with a monthly budget of $200, you can start seeing results and learn a lot in the process. The niche itself does not really matter much. It comes down to matching your offer with the right audience. Plus, you must promote an affiliate product that people actually want to buy, and have a high converting capture page. 

      As I see it, just relying on free traffic from the search engines is VERY risky, because they are in control, not you. With paid advertising, you are in control. 

  9. Wow, Chuck. This case study is really interesting. Prior to reading this I knew very little about PPC ads. But after reading your Bing PPC Ads Case Study, it makes sense to me. I might try using it myself to promote Wealthy Affiliate and several other affiliate products I have. Thanks for the explanation. 

    • Glad I could be of help. Take some time and learn more about PPC ads. There are plenty of great YouTube tutorials about it. Plus, be willing to try it out. You will more than likely lose money when you first start, but that’s how you learn. Once you have a winning campaign, life is pretty good.

  10. Ok, I’ve been using Google Adwords for some time now. I’ve found very little success in doing so, however. I’ll be honest in admitting that I really didn’t know how PPC advertising worked until reading this article. I know that it’s important not to neglect Bing as the #2 to Google, but this part of affiliate marketing has kind of fallen by the wayside for me. I really found your case study to be insightful and I do agree that you had some pretty great results. I’ve been thinking about ways to promote the WA platform and drive more signups, and your article has given me some new ideas and added inspiration. Thanks! 

    • Glad I could be of help. I try many different marketing strategies. Most do not work, and I am a skilled marketer. You have to be willing to invest money, lose money and learn. All you need to find is 1-2 strategies that do work for you and you can achieve massive success. 

  11. Thank you for this Bing PPC Ads case study. I have been using Google Adwords to promote CPA offers. The conversion is low depending on the tier country you are targeting. Now my question is this: Do you think your cost per lead was so low because of the countries your leads came from?

    • Definitely. Had my campaigns targeted the USA or Canada, I probably would have paid at least $10 to $20 per lead, not 38 cents. Using that scenario, I would not have even tried it, because the numbers would just not make sense. 

  12. Wow, Chuck!  What an eye-opening article.  You obviously know a whole lot more about the business side than most.  Although I still have very little knowledge about your topic, I was able to follow your article easily and understand your conclusions.  And I certainly agree that at least one of your signups will go premium.  Wealthy Affiliate is in my opinion an easy decision.

    Thanks very much for an interesting, well-written post.

    • Glad I could be of help. If one or two of them go PREMIUM, I will continue the campaigns. If not, I will split test and try something different. 

  13. For me, I gained knowledge first-hand on how a PPC Campaign works with Bing Ads and how it progressed, the results, the outcome and whether it is worth investing in or not.

    You’ve done an outstanding job in bringing across the meaning of paying per click and how that relates to converting to a lead.  I’ve gained so much insight from your information and am much better informed of how it all works together.

    Thank you for taking the time to compile this for us and to patiently explain everything. Well done!

    • Glad I could be of help, Bing PPC Ads are definitely worth checking out. 

  14. Another great post. I’m still new to affiliate marketing so Bing PPC Ads is something I haven’t thought about using. I signed up for Google Adsense last week, but I am still waiting for approval. When I start making revenue, I will consider using Bing PPC Ads. But do you suggest that I pay out of my pocket first? Would Bing Ads show up for people who aren’t using the Bing search engines?

    • I personally believe all business owners should invest in advertising, but that is just my opinion. Bing Ads can show up in a variety of places, depending on the settings you choose in your campaign. They can show up strictly on Bing and their other owned sites, OR on their partner websites. You choose where you want your ads to show up.

  15. Fantastic, interesting, and informative post. Being a new blogger, advertising on Facebook, Google and such has left me a little befuddled as to how it all works. As a result, I have been a little shy of using them, and it goes without saying that I hadn’t even considered Bing PPC Ads. After reading your article, I believe I can succeed using Bing PPC Ads. Thanks for sharing. 

    • Glad I could be of help, Adrian. Give Bing PPC advertising a try and see how you like it. It might be just what you are looking for. 

  16. Thank you for sharing your Bing Ads case study! It is encouraging enough that I may dust off my Bing Ads and give them another go on Bing. Based on my previous results, I will need to tweak my keywords a bit and increase my cost per bid price. I think it takes a few trial runs to test the ads to see which ones have the best results.

    • You definitely have to test and experiment with Bing PPC Ads, or any other venue. Sometimes even the smallest change can lead to huge improvements in your campaign. 

  17. Wow thanks so much for sharing this case study. I think that perhaps Bing is under rated and you have given me some encouragement to try a PPC campaign on some of my affiliate offers. I have avoided Facebook and google ads for fear it is just too complicated and expensive and I am just going to lose money. But if you say Bing is easier, than I think I will look into this. I am amazed you got as many leads as you did to be honest! Is there an option to target countries? That would be my main concern because you want people who can actually afford what you are offering.

    • You can target countries, but your cost per lead will be ten to twenty times higher if you do that. That is why I targeted all countries. 

  18. I have always stayed away from Bing and stuck with ‘mother Google’ and FaceBook for my advertising.  And you are right – it is getting expensive – FaceBook in particular.  I used to get similar ROI to you for FB and Google but now I have paid up as high as $30 to $40 per lead which used to cost $1.  

    Recently FB also started blocking accounts that used words that they felt were inappropriate – words that we have been using for years are suddenly on the no go list which means so much lost time in redoing advertising and setting up new accounts – which need SEO rebuilt etc as well (as they also block your CF domains) – who knew the big sell words in the fitness industry were also used by diet scammers – FB explanation.

    I have honestly never thought of using Bing and embarassingly know very little about it. I am definitely interested in looking into it – especially at 0.38c per lead. Have you used it in any other niches or just the Affiliate Marketing space?


    • I’ve used it to promote my blog and many, many different affiliate products. If you can find an affiliate product that is popular in Nigeria, India or the Philippines, it is the best advertising platform you can use. 

  19. Thank you for this wonderful post sharing your Bing PPC Ads Case Study. This article taught me a lot. Even though I’ve never tried PPC ads before, I’m going to consider doing it in the near future. It just sounds like a no brainer, especially if you can get that much traffic so inexpensively. 

    • Glad I could be of help. Give it a try and see what happens. You might just fall in love with PPC advertising. 

  20. With what I have read I think Bing PPC Ads is a wonderful way to promote any affiliate offer. I like how you shared your statistics, what went well, what you will do differently next time around, etc. Considering we get $100 free for joining, this seems like a no brainer to me. 

    • Glad I could be of help. It was a great campaign overall. Only time will tell how it pans out. 

  21. Are Bing PPC Ads cheaper than Google Ads (to include AdWords)? I haven’t tried Bing advertising before, but it sounds really interesting. I can’t believe how inexpensive your cost per click and cost per lead were. You did a great job. I’ve tried some other types of advertising, but my results were nowhere near as good as you. Thanks for sharing your results. 

    • I’ve found that Bing PPC Ads are generally speaking, cheaper than Adwords. But, it can vary by your niche and keywords you are focusing on. Google just gets SO much traffic. Bing does not. Even if you have a good campaign, it’s hard to get many clicks each month unless you pay a lot, or open it up to international countries. 

  22. This enlightening post has opened my eyes to how much I can achieve using Bing PPC ads. The ads campaign you ran on Bing is really successful, and it came at a cheap price. I will be looking to run such Bing campaigns once a month, and then monitor my progress.

    Thanks for sharing this, it was an extremely helpful and insightful post. Please keep us up to date with your 21 referrals upgrading to premium ratio. Thanks

    • Glad I could be of help. I’ll come back in a few months and update this post. That way the back office has time to convert some of my referrals into PREMIUM members. 

  23. OK… Thanks for sharing this wonderful post. 

    I like the way you outlined this review on Bing PPC Ads. I have heard about pay per click stuff, but I never knew Bing had their own PPC ads. It is nice to know Bing is an affordable and reliable platform I can use to promote my website, or different affiliate products. I have taken notes from this post, so when I set up my Bing PPC account, I can shorten my learning curve. 

    • Glad I could be of help. Here’s to your success with Bing PPC Ads. 

  24. My biggest takeaway from this post is that when you use paid traffic you are in complete control. While I love the idea of free traffic from the search engines, it takes a long time to rank and the search engines are constantly changing. With paid ads, you can figure out what works quickly and then scale up your advertising. I’m going to open up my own Bing PPC Ads account. Thanks for this post, Chuck!

    • Glad I could be of help. I agree with you. Free traffic is everyone’s goal, but it’s a nightmare, because you can be on top of the world today, and then Google can shut off your traffic tomorrow. It’s a never ending battle. 

  25. I am just getting to know about Bing PPC ads. In fact, I never knew Bing has this many functions. This is an eye opener for me and I appreciate you for sharing this on your blog. I also appreciate the fact that you shared your recent results with us.

    I have bookmarked the article so I can show it to my team. This will be a subject for professional development meetings we have regularly, and the article will be useful for discussion. Thanks for your effort putting this together, you did well with the subject matter!

    • Glad I could be of help. Feel free to share it with your team. If I can help even one person, it makes me happy.

  26. Hi  Chuck! Thanks for this extremely informative article about your case study with Bing PPC Ads. It is loaded with specifics that I have never heard of before. This will definitely add more marketing ammo for everyone! I need to read up more on PPC. Your article definitely sparked a new fire into this old but reliable marketing tool!Thanks for sharing!

    • Glad I could be of help. I love sharing what works for me and what doesn’t. I have had a love/hate relationship with Bing PPC for a long time, especially when I chose worldwide traffic. It does work, but you have test and experiment. Every niche and offer is different.

  27. Thanks for talking more in-depth about Bing PPC Ads. I was under the impression that Google was the way to go, but your conversion rate speaks volumes. 

    I was thinking it could be a good idea to create an ad that brings readers to a page where they can sign up for my mailing list, rather than to a particular blog post. I could then have the email sign up process redirect them to an article or blog roll.

    What are your thoughts on that? You definitely know your stuff, so I’m eager to see your reply. 


    • Buck,

      That is exactly what you want to do with ANY type of advertising. Always send people to a capture page first to get them on your list, and then you can redirect them to any affiliate offer, or page on your website, that you please. Thanks for the comment.


  28. This is my first of hearing from someone using Bing PPC Ads. Looking at your results, it blows my mind how inexpensive it was for you. I know you didn’t make any sales right away, but you got a TON of leads for that money. If you can get even 1-2 of them to upgrade in the months to come, Chuck, you will have achieved amazing results. Thanks for enlightening me to this marketing strategy. 

    • Glad my Bing PPC Ads Case Study could be of help to you. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  29. Thank you for spilling the beans on how you’re getting results with online advertising especially with Yahoo and Bing. Maybe I can try them as well, because SEO sometimes requires a long wait. With your generosity in sharing techniques, I hope you can help me with this question…

    In advertising Wealthy Affiliate on Bing PPC Ads, do you direct traffic to the custom home pages we usually create inside Wealthy Affiliate link creation page? Or, do you first try capture the information of the leads with a separate landing page and autoresponder before they get directed to Wealthy Affiliate?

    • I personally send them all to my Wealthy Affiliate page because I know Wealthy Affiliate has a good follow-up email sequence when they originally opt-in. For all other affiliate programs I promote, I send people to one of my own capture pages first. 

  30. Great Bing PPC Ads Case Study, Chuck!

    You did get a lot of traffic and leads, and I can see why it is so cheap. Most of the countries that were targeted in your campaign will NEVER upgrade to a PREMIUM account with Wealthy Affiliate. Well, there is a high likelihood most of them will not upgrade. 

    I’d like to see an update to this post in three to six months to learn if I am wrong. I hope you get a bunch of upgrades from your advertising. 

    • Yes, this PPC campaign was just a case study to show what is possible. Not all traffic converts quickly, so only time will tell. 

  31. When I was managing a blog for a friend of mine in 2017, we ran a lot of PPC ad campaigns, which were not all that successful. The return on every campaign was less than 30% of our ad expenses. 

    We had to pause for over 6-months to come up with a new game-plan and modify our campaign. After a comprehensive study, we realized that part of our mistakes was that we paid too much for ads. 

    A few days later, I left the blog to build and manage my own blog instead. The experience I had in managing my friend’s blog gave me an edge over my competitors. Although I’ve never tried using Bing PPC ads before, I’ll certainly take a look at it. 

    • We can all learn from every experience. I’m glad you worked with your friend and learned those skills that went on to help you with your own blog. 

  32. What a great article sharing your Bing PPC Ads Case Study. I’m actually quite impressed with your results using Bing to promote Wealthy Affiliate. It’s hard to believe you can generate referrals for less than 40 cents each. That is beyond amazing. If you can just get 1-3 of those people to eventually upgrade, you could be profitable from this short test within a few months from now. I look forward to you sharing an update in a couple of months. 

    • Glad I could be of help. I was happy with the cost per lead. I’m just waiting now to see what my conversion rate will be before I turn on my ads again. 

  33. Hi Chuck. It sounds like that $80 you invested turned out to be a good move. Have you had any upgrades since writing this post? I would love to see your current results from your Bing PPC Ads case study. If you were going to do a different case study, what would you do differently this time around?

    • My next PPC Case Study will be with US only clicks. The problem with doing that is I will pay 15 to 20 times more per click and I’m not sure if I can do it and come anywhere close to breaking even.

  34. Wow! These results are amazing. If you didn’t post your photos I wouldn’t believe your results. I’ve tried several different advertising methods before, but I always paid a lot more than that per click. I’m going to give Bing PPC Ads a shot and see how I can do with it. 

    • Glad I could be of help. You should definitely give Bing PPC Ads a shot and see how you can do with it. 

  35. Bing PPC Ads seems like a really good use of your money. That is certainly a hefty number of clicks for what is, in the grand scheme to things, very little money. It seems like it will be pretty easy for you to break even as well, which is great! 

    Thanks so much for being willing to share this information as I’m sure it will be helpful to me as well as many others looking to attract significant traffic to their site! What is the most clicks you have received from one campaign?

    • I’ve had some campaigns with ten thousand plus clicks, averaging 4 to 5 cents per click. 

  36. Awesome post. This is an article that I’m going to do more research on because I just started my blog recently and I’m interested in learning different ways I can promote it in order to get more traffic. I didn’t know that Bing was an affordable PPC platform, and it’s worth giving a shot. Thanks for sharing your case study, because even though it didn’t generate sales, you got leads that you can work with.  

    • Yes, the whole purpose of advertising is to generate a lead and build your list, not make sales. Sales come from good follow-up, because the average person needs minimum 10-20 followups before they make a buying decision. The real money is in owning the email list.

  37. Hi Chuck,

    I haven’t tried Bing PPC Ads as of yet, but having read this article I may have to give it a shot and see how many leads I can get.

    I have been a little bit skeptical spending money when my site was a baby, but now I have a solid foundation I think it is time to spend some dollars to make some dollars

    I hope the leads you have got turn into premiums for you and all the best as you continue being awesome.

    This is such an informative post and I am kind of excited to try this PPC stuff real soon.


    • Thanks for the kind words.

      Don’t be skeptical of investing money in your business. Your website is a business. All business owners invest money in their business. 

      Also, don’t be scared to fail. Nearly 8 or 9 out of every 10 things I try fail, but the 1 or 2 that work normally make up for it. Every niche is a little bit different. Once you find a few things that do work, you can build a large and profitable website.

      Bing PPC Ads might be a perfect fit for you. Or, it might not be. You will never know until you try. 

  38. Not so impressive to me if I check the invested $74.12 to the $21 sales, but I am new to this so I can’t be an authority on this. I guess when the remainder of the 176 others register for their account or some of the 21 accounts upgrade then it would be worth it. 

    Can you do an update in a month or two and let us know how it ended up? I would really appreciate that. 

    • Thanks for the comment. 

      Very few advertising strategies ever make a profit on the front end. Where you make your money is on the repeat order. I’d gladly lose money on ALL of my advertising strategies if I break even or make a small profit in the months to come from future sales or repeat sales. 

      The goal of advertising is simply to generate a targeted lead for the cheapest price possible, and then have a good email follow-up sequence where you can recommend different affiliate products, and send people to your website to read content.

      Ultimately, you advertise to build your list. 

  39. This is great, I really enjoyed reading your article. I find it amazing that you generated leads for just 38 cents each. I normally pay more than that for one click to my website. Knowing what you know now, what would you do differently with Bing PPC Ads? Do you recommend it for a newbie?

    • I think a newbie could succeed with Bing PPC Ads, but keep in mind there will be a learning curve. Your results will probably be much different than mind, considering I have been doing it so long. I am happy with the cost per lead, but only if some of them convert, later on down the road. 

  40. I own a blog and this is my first time of hearing about Bing PPC ads. I am definitely interested in bringing more clicks and visitors to my blog. I am also a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate and I am happy to see that this marketing strategy can be employed to promote Wealthy Affiliate. I will be registering right away for this program. 

    • Glad I could be of help. If you’re going to use Bing PPC Ads to promote your blog, make sure you send people to a capture page first, so you can collect names and emails to build your email list. Just sending them to a regular piece of content won’t make you any money.

  41. I have never tried making use of Bing PPC Ads before and I have to say that the cost of running a campaign is pretty low. I am used to Facebook and Facebook costs way more than this.

    The results you got, in my opinion, were great. Even if just a few of your referrals upgrade in the months to come, you will be in the profits. 

    I am going to have to give Bing PPC ads a try and see if I can get similar results. 

    • It’s definitely worth giving Bing PPC Ads a try. Every blogger and affiliate marketer should do some type of paid advertising. It’s just good business. Try out a few different marketing platforms, compare your results, and then focus on the one that gives you the best ROI.

  42. I’ve never tried any type of PPC ad before. I’ve mostly just focused on writing good content and letting the search engines take over from there and send me free traffic. Your results are astonishing. The number of clicks you got for such a small amount of money is downright amazing. I hope several people you referred convert to paid PREMIUM members and you continue this case study. 

    • Glad I could be of help. I love PPC ads. 

  43. Hello Chuck! I never really tried PPC before, because I did not fully understand how it works. I know the goal of having a PPC campaign is to make money, but after reading your Bing PPC Ads Case Study, I feel ready to give it a try as you have explained things so well. At least, l can set a small spending limit to test the water.Thanks so much, really appreciate it.

    • You definitely want to start small and test the waters with your PPC ads. That’s what I do. Do a short run and then do a split test to see what works the best and gives you the best ROI.

  44. The post is good, very informative. I never knew Bing PPC ads worked so well. There is a friend of mine that uses Bing for PPC ads and he often claims it is the most affordable advertising platform he knows of, and they even have great customer service. Your article was thorough. I think you should not forget to highlight the fact that dedication and hard work is needed to make money online.

    • Yes, it took me many years of testing different things online to figure out what would work the best. Bing PPC Ads are good, but they are definitely not the only game in town.

  45. Your post is quite informative. The results you got with Bing PPC Ads is actually quite amazing. I’ve never seen someone get so many clicks for such a low cost. Now you just have to wait and see what converts. If you can make enough to cover your advertising expenses, you could scale up your campaign and potentially refer tens of thousands of new Wealthy Affiliate members every month. That is amazing. 

    • Thanks, Tolu.

      It is pretty amazing IF a few of those leads and referrals convert. I’m going to give it a few more weeks before I log back in and see how the results end up. If they end up well, I will turn the campaign back on. Thanks for the comment. 


  46. Thank you for sharing this case study using Bing PPC Ads. I really like the results and am surprised how affordable it really is. Usually a lead is way more expensive. And you’re very close to break even. 

    I’ll be waiting for a post from you once the 3 weeks are completed sharing any further results. Hopefully others will also set up their account. And those that have set it up will upgrade to premium.

    Do you have any suggestions on how to set up a campaign on Bing PPC Ads for the first time?

    • Thanks for the comment. Only time will tell if this was quality traffic or a waste. Even though my cost per lead was dirt cheap, if no one upgrades it was a waste of time. 

      When it comes to setting up Bing PPC, I would simply go to YouTube and watch a few tutorials on how to do it. 

  47. Great article! I held my breath while reading your narrative. You aptly put down your Bing PPC Ads campaign in a well detailed order. Your article has made me to understand more about campaigns and adds and pay per click. 

    Getting $21 outright out of the $74.12 you spent on your ads are great and will even be more awesome once they become premium members at WA.

    I haven’t use Bing PPC Ads before, but I am going to try it even if it is only for 2 days or 3 days campaign as the idea looks quite prospective.

    Thanks for your great piece.

    • Glad I could be of help. Bing PPC Ads are definitely worth checking out and doing some testing with.. 

  48. I enjoy seeing people share their cases studies, particularly yours, because it provides real-world info to which many of us can relate. I have read that that the Bing PPC Ads benchmark rate CTR is 2.83%, which is a little higher than what you experienced. But, Bing’s average CTR is about 50% higher than Google Ads according to WordStream. I will be interested in seeing an update of your case study.

    • Yes, I will update it shortly, probably in a few more weeks, to see if more people upgrade. 

  49. Bing PPC Ads is something which I’m interested in. I haven’t spent too much time to understand how it works. I’m glad I found your article. I agree Facebook and Google are a bit expensive, but I’m delighted to learn that Bing PPC is a cheaper alternative.

    Your results encourage me to start a campaign with Bing. I already have a Bing account, so it’s time to get started. 

    • Give it a try. Do a small test and see how it pans out. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. 

  50. I have considered using PPC ads for a while now, but I never got started because I didn’t know what to do. Thank you for explaining the basics of PPC ads.

    I am glad that you shared your Bing PPC Ads Case Study with your audience. Your results are amazing. Your cost per click was so cheap compared to what other people have talked about online. 

    I’m going to go watch a few tutorials about how to set up my Bing account to see if it might be a good fit for me. 

    • Glad to help. Start small. Do a few tests and see how it works for you. As you find something that converts well, you can scale up your efforts. 

  51. I’ve been seriously considering Bing’s PPC Ads. Even though Bing doesn’t get as many searches as Google, they still get a considerable amount. Also, there doesn’t seem to be as many other people bidding on Bing Ads, so it’s probably cheaper to advertise there. 

    I’ve heard that Google has a habit of abruptly banning advertisers and not giving them a chance to defend themselves, so it’s good that there are alternatives to Google.

    • Good points. I was thrown off Google and Facebook ads for violating their terms. They never told me what I did wrong and they both banned me for life. Considering the amount of money I spent with them, you’d think they would want my business. I switched over to Bing PPC Ads several years ago and am happy that I did. 

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