Top 47 Blogging Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

blogging mistakesToday we’re going to discuss the top 47 blogging mistakes, as I see it. I’ve been blogging full-time about 9-years now. During that time, I’ve made HUNDREDS of blogging mistakes. Sometimes, I just look back and laugh. Oh well, that’s how we learn.

Fortunately, I’ve also done a lot of things right. I tried to learn from each mistake and press on.

In this post, I want you to learn from MY blogging mistakes, so you don’t repeat them. If you’re experiencing a stagnated growth rate, or are having trouble building your blog’s traffic, it’s likely that you’re guilty of making some of these blogging mistakes.

Evaluating your blog in each of these 47 areas can make a big improvement to your blog. Keep in mind these are listed in no particular order. Enjoy the information.

Top 47 Blogging Mistakes

# 1: Bad Domain Name

It’s possible to make your first blogging mistake before you even publish your first post. Choosing a bad domain name can keep potential readers away. Be sure to choose something catchy, and easy to remember to help draw in readers.

Make sure you use a dot com domain. Try to keep it to two or three words and do not use hyphens. Ideally, try to make your domain name describe the purpose of your blog.

Choosing the wrong domain was one of my worst blogging mistakes, especially with my first and second website.

# 2: Bad Niche, Wrong Niche or Too Big of a Niche

Specializing your blog within the right niche is key to its long-term success. If your content is pulled in too many different directions, you’ll be unable to identify and target a specific audience. You also want a niche that isn’t too big, isn’t too small, and has a large enough audience for you to monetize.

For what it’s worth, it also helps to have have a niche you understand and are passionate about, although it is not mandatory. If you love your niche, you will never run out of ideas to talk about. Plus, it will help you stay motivated during the early years when your blog income is normally very small.

If the only reason you are blogging is to make money, I doubt you will survive the tough times, unless you’re writing about something you love.

# 3: Not Promoting Your Blog

As a blogger (or business owner) your job is to make the cash register ring. In other words, your blog is not your business. Instead, MARKETING your blog is your real business.

You need a written marketing plan for your blog and a marketing budget.

You should spend twice as much time and MONEY promoting your blog posts as you do creating them.

It’s your job to get your name out there so people can learn about your blog. Even the best piece of content is worthless if no one knows about it.

# 4: Not Capturing Leads

Failing to capture leads can put a serious dent in your blog’s profitability. Your blog should include landing pages and other forms that prompt users to input their emails and other contact information so that you can keep in contact with them.

Build your email list from day one. Use your popover. Have an opt-in form on every page. Do whatever you can to get people to subscribe to your email list. This will be your most valuable business asset.

In most cases, your email list will be worth even more money than your blog. 

# 5: Poor Editing

As surprising as it may seem, several blogs seem to lack any real editing. It’s no shock, however, that poor writing (and editing) damages your blog’s credibility and drives potential readers (and affiliate partners) away.

You have a couple of choices with this option. First off, you could hire a freelance editor to proofread each post. Another option, especially for someone on a tight budget, is to write a post, forget about it for a couple of days and then come back to it to re-read it, spell check, and edit it before you finally publish it.

Also, keep in mind the Grammar Nazis are alive and well. I can’t even begin to tell you how many phone calls and emails I get about a random typo on my website. When someone contacts you about a typo, thank them for their time, fix the typo and drive on.

# 6: Being Too Scattered with Your Post Topics

You want your posts to be geared around a specific theme. Having scattered content confuses readers and keeps your blog from reaching its potential. Create a content plan for your website. Some people might call this a keyword blueprint.

Basically, you want a list of at least 100-200 keywords you will focus on for your first 100-200 articles. This will keep your blog on topic and allow you to work smart.

# 7: Not Blogging Enough

If you’re truly looking to make your blog successful, you should expect to put in a considerable amount of time and effort, especially your first year. Don’t just sit by and passively expect your blog to grow. It won’t. Blog regularly to start growing your follower base.

In your first year of blogging, blog at least 3 to 5 times per week. Anything less than that is unacceptable. Try to come up with at least three different 1,500 word articles each week.

# 8: Writing Like an Engineer

This is a common problem with many bloggers, especially the analytical type. While there’s nothing wrong with using specific jargon, per se, if your content is too dry and technical, you’ll severely limit your readership. Make sure to use language that is easily-understandable to anyone who accesses your blog.

If possible, write in a conversational tone, as if you are sitting across the kitchen table from a good friend. Keep your sentences and paragraphs short, and whatever you do, don’t be boring. 

# 9: Not Replying to Comments

Comments are your chance to build a better relationship with your readers. By replying to comments, you can build one-on-one relationships with specific readers and grow your personal reputation. Ignoring them isolates your readers and damages your blog’s credibility.

What I have found is that the more I reply to comments, the more readers visit my blog. Each person who left a comment will return to your blog when someone replies to their comment. This can have a big impact on your monthly traffic.

# 10: Not Using Images

Your blog needs an eye-catching design, and you can’t have that without images.Though it’s true words are the backbone of your content, remember: pictures are worth a thousand words. Slamming your readers with giant blocks of text can be off-putting and keep potential readers away.

Ideally, you want to have at least 2-3 images per blog post. They should not distract the reader from the content. Instead, they should add value to the content. Make sure you include your URL on your images as well.

# 11: Not Citing Your Sources

When you use references, be sure to cite your sources. The last thing you want to do is try to pass off someone else’s idea as your own. You also don’t want to get sued for copyright infringement.

Citing others, however, boosts your professional image and reputation within your niche. Just put a references section at the bottom of your post.

# 12: Not Using Headers or White Space

The design of your blog is important in building your brand’s image. If you’re not using headers and white space to your advantage, you’re missing out on a powerful tool to make your blog eye-catching and easily-identifiable.

The last thing you want to do is crowd your content and images. You want people to be able to scan through your posts with ease.

# 13: Not Using Anchor Text Links

This is a common—and quite amateur—mistake. You want to make sure that you include your keywords as naturally as possible, especially when you’re posting internal or external links. Instead of writing “click here,” hyperlink your key words for better effect.

# 14: Not Adding Social Media Sharing Options

We’ve talked about how important it is for you to share your blog on social media, but don’t forget to give others this capability as well. By adding social media sharing options, you give readers greater flexibility in sharing your content and increasing your traffic. There are several free plugins you can use to help you do this.

# 15: Not Using Analytics

Successful content planning and marketing strategies require the use of analytics.Understanding the source of your traffic and which posts are most popular can better help you create content that is attractive to your audience.

Set aside twenty or thirty minutes each week to review your Google Analytics account. See which keywords and pages are the most popular. Focus on improving those pages. Add more words, better images and better monetization methods.

# 16: Not Sharing Your Most Popular Posts

Don’t be afraid to highlight your own work. Showcase your recent and most popular posts on your blog’s homepage or in the sidebar to boost your blog’s authority. Proper link backs can also boost your search engine standings.

There are several plugins you can use to make this easy. You can choose today’s most popular posts, this week’s most popular posts, most popular posts of all time, etc.

build your email list# 17: Not Building Your Email List

Email marketing remains one of the most powerful ways to capture leads and bring viewers back to your blog. Be sure you collect names and emails whenever possible. Use a popover and have a form on every page. As you build your list, make sure you stay in touch with your subscribers several times per week.

# 18: Giving Up Too Soon

One of the biggest issues I see with new bloggers is unrealistic expectations. They start a blog and think they will make money right out the gate. No new business works that way.

You must give yourself a fair chance to succeed. You should make a MINIMUM 24-month commitment to your new blog before you decide if blogging is or isn’t for you. Anything less than that, and you’re not even giving yourself a fair chance to succeed.

Be prepared to work for less than minimum wage for at least two years!

# 19: Hiding Behind Your Website

The last thing you want to do is hide behind your website. You don’t want to come across as a big corporation. Let your personality shine through.

Include a photo of yourself. Include a video of yourself. Include your phone number. Include your email and your social media accounts so people can get in touch with you. This lets you connect with your visitors on a personal level.

# 20: Low Quality Content 

There are millions of blogs with shitty content. These blogs do not rank high in Google or normally make much money.

Your biggest key to success is to write captivating content. Write articles that are so good that people read your article and then say DANG, that is the best article I ever read about that subject.

Make your content so good that people want to share it with others. Do not post CRAPPY content. If you aren’t a good writer yourself, learn to write, or hire someone who can.

# 21: Not Using Bullet Points & Lists

As I mentioned before, no one wants to read a wall of text. If they did, they would be reading a novel. Your blog posts should be clearly divided and bulleted so that readers don’t feel overwhelmed. People love lists and bullet points. Remember that most people SCAN through a post, rather than read every word.

# 22: No Questions or Engaging Text

Do you routinely ask your readers questions? Does your content make readers think? If not, it’s too boring. And boring is never good. Include more engaging and interactive text to build a closer relationship with your readers.

promote your blog content# 23: Not Striking the Right Tone

The tone you use for your posts will of course depend on your niche, but be sure of two things:

  1. That your tone is appropriate for what you’re trying to say—don’t make it too personal, but also don’t make it so distant that there’s no personality.
  2. It’s more-or-less consistent—you don’t want to sound like a different person throughout your blog posts. This can be off-putting for readers.

Find your VOICE and stick to it. For example, my writing style is No B.S.

# 24: Bad Blog Titles 

Spend some time on your blog titles. Here are a few good formats you could use:

  1. Top 10….
  2. How to ……
  3. 5 Reasons to…….
  4. 10 Tips to…

I’ve found that my Top posts do the best.

Your blog title is as important as an email subject line: it will determine whether or not the person reads the rest of your information.

# 25: Not Using Videos

People love videos. Be sure you include videos in some of your blog posts. If you can’t find a video, take some of your content, put it in Power Point slides and then record it as a video using ZOOM. If you love being on camera, that will make your life even easier. I would make sure at least 1 out of every 3 blog posts has a video in it.

# 26: No Sitemap

Your website needs a sitemap. This is simply a page on your website that has a list of every page you have ever created. A sitemap makes it easy for the search engines to see what content is on your website. There are several plugins you can use that will create your sitemap for you. Once you create a sitemap, be sure you submit it to your Google Search Consule and Bing Webmaster Tools accounts.

# 27: Trying to Manipulate Google

Lots of people try to do “black hat SEO” and trick Google.They participate in shady link building schemes, buy links, or do sneaky things to rank “higher” in the search engines.

Do not try to trick Google. They have more people on their payroll than you do. They have more experts than you do. Build your links naturally and organically one link at a time.The last thing you want to do is get the Google Slap.

# 28: No Privacy Policy

Your website needs a privacy policy. You can search online for different examples about what you should have on that page. Put a link to your privacy policy in the footer of your website. This lets visitors, and the search engines, know about what type of information you collect and how you use it.

# 29: No Internal Links

Make sure that you properly use internal and external links throughout your blog. Not only will this boost your rankings, it will make your page more user-friendly. Be careful to not have any irrelevant or broken links on your blog.

# 30: Not Cleaning Up Your Database

This is a mistake I made for many years. I just learned about it a few days ago. Your website has a database. The larger your website gets, the more “bad” files you will have in your database. There are plugins you can use to clean up your database in a breeze. Be sure you clean your database at least once per month.

back up your website# 31: No Website Backup

Back up your website. Do it daily. At a minimum, do it at least once a week. The last thing you want is your website to crash and not have a good back up file. Store it in a safe place, on your computer and at a third-party location as well, such as the cloud.

# 32: Not Removing Bad Links

Links can go bad. Websites shut down. Pages get removed. You need to check your outgoing links from time-to-time and remove the bad links. You can use a plugin such as Broken Link Checker. That’s who I use. When you find a broken link, fix it quickly.

# 33: Not Performing a Site Audit Regularly

Perform a regular site audit to know just where your blog stands. When doing so, check for any broken links, outdated content, or any unavailable pages. By doing this, you can increase your blog’s professional image and user-friendliness.  

# 34: Not Networking with Other Bloggers

Ultimately, you want to position yourself as an authority within your niche market. In order to do this, it’s important that you establish a reputation with other bloggers in your field. Not only will this build your reputation, it will also help you grow your own blog as you take in new ideas.

Attend events. Form mastermind teams. Have meetups with other bloggers. Build strategic RELATIONSHIPS whenever you can.

expectations with a blog# 35: No Keyword Research

Writing articles about the wrong keywords is a waste of time. You need to do your keyword research to find keywords that are in demand, but not overly competitive. You should optimize your posts geared around ONE specific keyword.

# 36: Not Sharing Other Bloggers’ Content

You want your readers to know that you are well-connected in your niche community. Doing so increases your authority and reputation to your intended market. It also helps you build a connection with other bloggers in your market.

Visit other blogs in your niche. Comment on their posts. Link back to them. Share their posts.

# 37: Too Many Sponsored Posts

Your own original content should make up the bulk of your blog posts. While affiliate marketing is a desirable tool to increase your blog’s profitability, having more sponsored content than original content will put off readers.

Make sure that your sponsored posts are secondary to unique content. Keep a minimum 10:1 ratio of regular posts to sponsored posts.

# 38: Poor Placement of Display Ads

Make sure that your ad placement is designed for optimal reading experience. Having unnecessary interstitial or hard-to-close pop-up ads can drive away readers and actually lower your blog’s profitability.

While ads are desirable, be sure they are placed so that they don’t interfere with readers’ experiences. Use text link ads over banner ads whenever possible. 

# 39: Unrealistic Expectations

We’ve touched on this already, but it’s worth stressing: do not have unrealistic expectations when launching your blog. Remember, you’re not going to be an overnight success, and having your sights set too high will only lead to disappointment.

blog business plan# 40: No Written Business Plan

Your website is a business. You need a written business plan if you want to be successful. You cannot wing it and become successful.

Determine your goals, your marketing plan, your daily method of operations, etc. Put some serious thought into this document, refer to it daily and update it often. Keep it to 1-2 pages and let it be the guidepost for your business.

# 41: Not Guest Posting on Other Blogs

Making guest posts on other, usually more-successful blogs is a great way to get your name out there. Be sure to guest post on a successful blog that is relevant to your niche so that you can build a better reputation with your intended market.

Make sure your posts are HIGH QUALITY and be sure to include an author bio at the end of each guest post, so you can redirect people back to your blog.

# 42: Not Allowing Guest Posting

Make sure you allow others to guest post on your blog. This helps build your reputation and your credibility, as it makes you appear as an authority in your niche. Plus, your guest authors will share the posts they write on your blog, which will give you added exposure.

# 43: Not Updating Old Posts

One of the best things you should do is update your old posts. Try to update EVERY post on your blog at least once a year, to keep things fresh, add new content, and rank higher in the search engines.

Consider adding 100-200 new words to every blog post every year. Include a few new pictures as well. You can even hire someone to help you do this.

# 44: Starting a Blog for the Wrong Reasons

If you’re starting a blog just to make money, here’s a word of advice: It’s not going to work out. Having a successful blog requires dedication and a passion for the subject matter. Readers are attracted to your drive, and if it’s not there, you won’t have a big following.

You want to be passionate about your topic so you:

  1. Never run out of ideas to write about
  2. Remain passionate, even during the tough times
  3. Write articles that are interesting to your viewers

One of the reasons that nearly 90% of all blogs are abandoned (the blogger quit) after just six months is because the blogger had unrealistic expectations and they picked a niche that didn’t excite them.

Don’t make that mistake yourself.

# 45: Boring About Me Page

Your about me page is one of the most important pages on your website, if not the most important page. Put a lot of thought into your about me page. Update it frequently. Provide a good photo, even a video. Include links to your most important pages and best-selling affiliate products. Share your story and be personable.

# 46: No Contact Page On Your Blog

You need a contact page on your website. It should include:

  1. Your phone number
  2. Your email
  3. Links to your social media account
  4. Your physical mailing address
  5. A form people can fill out to request information

Make it easy for people to get in touch with you. INCLUDE YOUR PHONE NUMBER. Don’t try to hide behind your website. You want interested clients and customers to be able to get in touch with you.

# 47: Picking the Wrong Affiliate Programs to Promote

When securing your affiliate partnerships, make sure that you’re choosing companies that positively reflect on your brand. The affiliate programs you choose should also be relevant to your niche and interesting to your readers. Make sure the affiliate programs pay you a generous commission, and ideally, a residual commission. If you’re only earning a few dollars per sale (or less) you are really missing out.

When possible, try out the affiliate products yourself first, to make sure they offer a real value.

Never recommend an affiliate product just to make a quick buck. The last thing you want to do is ruin your reputation by promoting something shady. Only recommend stuff you use yourself (or have used in the past). This is one of the worst blogging mistakes you can make: promoting stuff you do not really believe in yourself.

Final Thoughts

Starting a blog can be a lucrative long-term investment, but getting to that point requires a strategic plan—and a lot of work. Be prepared to invest your time with little short-term returns as you work to make your blog a success. By avoiding these top 47 blogging mistakes, you can help position your blog on the right path to success.

What are your thoughts? What do you think are the most common blogging mistakes? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you. To your success!

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119 thoughts on “Top 47 Blogging Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

  1. Great post and good info.

    I have a business site for a while now and honestly, I never thought it would be so hard, because there is a lot of people on the Internet and I thought it would an easy step. 

    Never been so wrong, the 47 mistakes you’ve mentioned, I did a lot of them. 

    I think it is normal to make them, if you learn from them, it is all fine. 

    I’ve learned from it, and during the past couple of months things are improving.

    Anyway, I will share this post because it has vital info. 

    • Hi Emmanuel,

      I’m glad you enjoyed my top blogging mistakes. Yes, when you pick a huge niche, it is hard to break into the market and establish your presence. I have a MLM Blog, probably one of the top five in the world traffic wise, but it took me nearly 1,500 blog posts and over five years of hard work to rank high and dominate. 

      Had I picked a smaller niche it would have been much easier. That being said, if you can rank high in a big niche, you can make a small fortune. It’s just not a project for the feint at heart. 


  2. Great list of blogging mistakes to avoid. I appreciate you sharing this with us! We could all benefit from it. This is a good guide whether we are a veteran blogger or brand new. We definitely cannot remember and implement everything on your list. 

    I’ve found that It’s good to step away for a moment and look at your blog from the outside in, or even get someone else to check it out for you (a different perspective). This can shed light on issues you might not have even known about before. 

    Thanks for sharing. 


    • Yes, Joe. This list of blogging mistakes took me about six hours to write and ten years to learn. I have made all of these mistakes at one point or another. Oh well. I just try to get a little bit better every single day.

      I like your idea about stepping away from your blog from time to time. A set of fresh ideas can make a big difference. Whenever I get input from my visitors I appreciate it. They think of things I never would have thought of myself. 

      Thanks for visiting my blog. 


  3. Wow Chuck, this is a very extensive list of blogging mistakes to avoid. I appreciate how you added tips about how to avoid them also. I look forward to the day that I can pay an editor, ideally one that is a grammar & spelling Nazi, to proofread each post before I publish it. I still cringe when I come across mistakes in my old posts. I suppose that I should follow your advise and let the post sit a couple of days before I publish it.   

    • Thanks for the comment. The sooner you hire someone to help you, the better. Most people say they will do it when they get the money. I’ve found that most people will never make much money UNTIL they start to outsource and delegate. That is my personal experience anyway. 

      When I read my old blog posts, I feel the same way. The longer you write, the more you will look back at your previous work and cringe. It’s just because you have improved as a writer. Tweaking your old posts can have a huge impact on your SEO and traffic.

      Sometimes you need to rewrite your old posts. Other times, you just need some new images, some editing and a few new graphics. 

      I hope you can learn from my blogging mistakes and build a successful blog of your own. Thanks for stopping by my blog. 


  4. This was a great post on the many blogging mistakes that people make, and I have to say that, especially when starting out, I made my share! It can be a bit daunting when starting on just what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. In my case, I had an idea but no solid information on how to take action on the idea.

    I would add to the extensive list of 47 mistakes getting scammed by supposed ‘gurus’ who really are just trying to siphon your hard-earned money from your pocket into theirs. Their ‘tips and tricks’ will generally cost you money and time. The time is perhaps a bigger crime.

    A little business planning and research on the front side will help you avoid such schemes and also shorten the ramp-up period to when you can start earning some decent income from your efforts, Realistic expectations were mentioned and that is so true.

    As with any business, it will take time to get a name and reputation in the market segment (niche) that you select, and also that is why it helps to have some passion for what you are blogging about. People today want instant gratification and this is a business that takes an investment of time and effort over the long haul.

    I have come across blogs that are essentially dormant, there are no comments, no recent posts, and the theme may look dated. Somehow all of that reduces credibility for the traffic and likely they will click away. You only have a few seconds to capture their attention.

    Therefore a second mistake I would add to your list would be to not having a home page that is fresh looking, includes video, recent posts, or images that will show the first-time visitor that what you have is worthy of more than a cursory glance.

    Mobile friendly themes are mainly covered by the new themes that are out there these days, and if you are using one that is not mobile-friendly, you are losing potential customers and subscribers, as they are on your site through the mobile phone. If they have to scroll from side to side to read your post, or perhaps one side is cut off, they are gone.

    This guide on mistakes to avoid is very extensive and a great start for a spot check on all blogs. It is useful and I have bookmarked it for referring people who ask questions from time to time about what to avoid when starting a blog. Thanks for the efforts you took putting this together.      

    • This might just be the best comment ever. I’m glad you enjoyed my blogging mistakes article. 

      It sounds like you have paid your dues and learned a lot during your journey to blogging success. I’m glad for you. Everyone I’ve ever met who built a successful blog admitted to making hundreds of similar blogging mistakes. That’s how we learn. 

      Your points about having a mobile friendly site is spot on. Nearly 70% of my website traffic is from tablets and cell phones. I don’t expect that number to go down anytime soon. 

      The layout is also important. Simple is best. Less is more. Lots of white space. Not too many graphics. And not a bunch of distractions. 

      I appreciate the comment and hope you have a great day. 


  5. Hey there, Chuck! Great post. I was wondering, how does one come up with a good written marketing plan? Also, I never even considered sharing the content of other bloggers. I guess I’m still trying to figure that part out. How do you build a good network with other bloggers? I think that tip #43 probably spoke the most to me, I have honestly never went back to update old blog posts. That’s super helpful. Thanks for the post!

    • Christy,

      I have a post on this website called Internet Marketing Business Plan. If you search for that post, you will see my actual business and marketing plan. 

      When it comes to networking with other bloggers, search the first 10-pages of Google for websites in your niche that do well. Make it a point to leave comments on their post. Send each person a personalized email and let them know you like their website. Let them know you would like to create some win-win deals with them.

      Not all bloggers will be open to the idea, but some will. Even one or two good strategic relationships is all you need to create massive success with your blog. 

      I hope that helps.


  6. These are amazing tips and a lot of bloggers make these mistakes on a regular basis, mostly newbies and even some experts. I have to say that I am also guilty of some of these mistakes even having not been an online entrepreneur for a long time. One of the problems some of us face is hiding behind our website. 

    We find it difficult to put our faces in front of a camera and also find it difficult including our phone numbers and this can hinder the success of a website. To become successful online, your 47 blogging mistakes to avoid are a must and should not be neglected, especially for those that have not yet been established online.

    • Yes, Jay, it’s pretty easy to hide behind a computer, especially if you are an introvert. Showing your true colors and having a way for people to connect with you is vitally important. Thanks for the comment. I’m glad you enjoyed my list of blogging mistakes. 

  7. Thank you for sharing this great list. You explained it very well.

    I have been thinking about starting my own blog, and this list will make it more easy to accomplish, and with a better chance of success. If you can avoid these 47 blogging mistakes it will definitely shorten your learning curve and odds of success. 

    There is a ton of wisdom in your post, Chuck. I took lots of notes and I am glad you shared this info with us.

    • Glad I could be of help to you. If you avoid the blogging mistakes that I made, you will be well on your way to success. Thanks for stopping by today!

  8. Sometimes it’s hard because you may love a domain name, but your audience may hate it. It’s important to realize that.I originally started in a niche that was too big. I realized that I had to stop because the competition was too fierce. It was not worth my time to pursue. Also, so many people give up that they are not successful.  It is a shame.

    • Yes, choosing a big niche makes it difficult to rank high in the search engines. But if you do come out on the first page of Google, the flood gates sure do open up.

      When it comes to domain names, you CAN make any domain name work, but it does make much more sense to put some serious thought into it before you create one.

      When it comes to giving up, I have thrown in the towel hundreds of times mentally. But I never actually quit. Whatever you are looking for, you will find.

      If you want to find a reason it will work, you will find one. If you want to find a reasons it won’t work, you will find it. Act accordingly!

      Thanks for stopping by my blog today. 

  9. Wow ! I needed your blog from the very beginning. It’s so easy to make mistakes when you’re learning and what you’ve written everyone of us newbies (just over 3 months) should have plastered over our desks, or wherever we do our work. I love to write, and I think I’m pretty good at it, but all the other stuff, the mechanics of putting up the website, designing the website, just leave me at a loss. I think you have done an enormous service to novice bloggers. Those points are spot on. In my humble opinion, this is one of the most important blogs that I have read. Thank you for writing it.

    • Woot woot!  Thanks for the kind words, Barbara. 

      Yes, there is a lot more to blogging than just writing content. If we only knew that when we were first get started. More importantly, those other tasks are very important. Most people just let them slide, and then they wonder why they struggle to make money.

      I wish you all the best with your blog. I’m cheering for you. 

  10. As far as getting in the right niche I always tell people to get into something that you actually care about. If you get in a niche just for the money you will fail.

    I am speaking from experience. I once did a website on fad dieting. The truth of the matter is I don’t care about dieting and was only in it for the money. I worked on it for 3 months and never made any money from it.

    However, I would highly advise people to learn how to sell websites, too. Because you never know when someone is going to offer you some big-time money to buy your website. If the price is right it might be a good time to sell it and you could always start it over again.

    Also, believe it or not, there are ways people will scam you out of your money which can literally cause you to give an entire website away for free.

    • Thanks for the comment, Garen. 

      Yes, selling your website can be a great option, especially if you lose interest and want to focus on something else. Even if you only get a few hundred dollars for it, it’s better than nothing. 

      Picking a niche you love definitely helps, but I still don’t believe it’s 100% mandatory. You could be passionate about something and it might turn out to be a horrible niche. Just my two cents. 


  11. There are so many great tips in this article covering your blogging mistakes! I am definitely guilty of making a few mistakes already. Mistake # 6 – being too scattered with my posts – I’ve realized that I really need to define my target market and write my articles accordingly with them in mind. And a content plan! That’s exactly what I need to do. Thank you for a wonderful list – it’s been extremely helpful!

    • Glad I could help, Fiona. I think we all need a content plan. We should all have a list of at least 100-200 keywords that we are going to write about. That’s better than just waking up tomorrow and trying to figure out what you are going to write an article about. Failing to plan is planning to fail!

  12. Hello Chuck,

    This is a really good review on the main blogging mistakes people make. Thank you for all the really good advice you have given us here. I read that you have had 9-years experience in blogging so, you must really know about this topic. 

    Therefore, I would like to ask you a question: have you written any posts explaining how to create an opt-in form and how to created a landing page to capture leads and emails which, you wrote it´s very important for an online business?


    • Thanks for the comment, Veronica.

      I haven’t written any articles yet about capture pages or opt-in forms, but there are literally hundreds of videos about them on YouTube. It’s actually quite simple. You can even hire someone on or to help you set it up. Whatever you do, make sure you build up your email list!


  13. Awesome post. I have bookmarked it to come back and read it again for those times when I feel like giving up. I won’t give up but  that’s because I learn from the experience of others and remind myself of some hard facts is the tough love we all need to practice with ourselves.  

    Every point on your list deserves its place. Just making sure you don’t make all the mistakes you list should already be an indicator that blogging is not for lazy, impatient or unrealistic people.

    In fact blogging is no different to anything else – you don’t become good at it without putting in effort, giving it time and making mistakes.

    I love that you say ‘your blog is not your business, marketing your blog is’. That is a lesson I have learned the hard way. It’s the same with any business, you can have the best restaurant in the world but until you fill it up every night with hungry patrons there is no business. 

    When you start blogging you do focus a lot on content and I think that’s a good idea but you can’t get stuck there. There is also no point in having lots of people come to your blog and there’s nothing or very little there to get them coming back.


    • Great comment, Mark. I’m glad I could help you. 

      It’s normal to feel like giving up. Sometimes I still fee like throwing in the towel. Any business you build is hard work and takes more time than you think it will. 

      Also, the marketing point is probably my most important tip in the entire post. You must spend time and money actively marketing your blog and getting your name out there. If you just wait for Mother Google to send a bunch of traffic your way, get ready to eat a big lunch.

      You must plan your work and work your plan. Spend 50% of your time writing and 50% of your time marketing. Or even better, spend 1/3 of your time writing and 2/3 of your time marketing. That will definitely help. 

      Just my two cents. 


  14. Wow!!! Really long and great post about the most common blogging mistakes. 

    It’s good to know that you have 9+ years of blogging experience. That gives me confidence on the content and also, it adds a ton of value to those recommendations that you share based on your own experience.

    I know I will have my own mistakes, all of us have them, but certainly I will be more cautious thanks to each point described here.

    Thanks Chuck.

    • Glad I could be of help. I just hope you don’t make the same mistakes that I did. You got this. Here’s to your success!

  15. Thank you for sharing these blogging mistakes that many bloggers commonly make. I really appreciate when long-time, more experienced bloggers share their tips with newbies.

    I started my blog just over a year ago and from your list, I’d say that numbers 4 (not capturing leads) and 17 (not building my email list) are the ones that I left out. That’s because I wasn’t sure it’s advisable to pay for an email auto responder when my website hasn’t made any money yet. 

    But after reading several new site owners share how simply having an opt-in form and auto responder made their earnings grow exponentially, I regret not incorporating them on my blog site.

    I am now considering adding a landing page and an auto responder but I’m not sure which one. Some of the most recommended are Mailchimp and Aweber. I wonder if they offer a free 30-day or 60-day trial. What about you, which do you recommend and why?

    • Thanks for the comment, Alice. 

      I use Aweber. Mail Chimp is fine, depending on your niche, but if you are in the make money online or network marketing niches, you cannot use their service. It is against their terms of service. 

      Building your email list is the SINGLE most important thing you can do if you want your blog to grow. Make it a goal to capture as many emails as you can and then stay in touch with your subscribers a few times each week. It will make a big difference in your traffic and revenue. 

      Glad you enjoyed the article. 


  16. Hello, Chuck. I am happy to have found this website with your “Top 47 Blogging Mistakes & How To Avoid Them”. After reading this article, I realized I was making many of these mistakes. The information has helped me fix some of those mistakes. Thank you. Is it okay if I contact you for advice? What I learned here was so helpful to me. I will refer this site to others.

    • Hey Freddie. I’m glad my article with my blogging mistakes helped you out. Feel free to email me with your questions at any time, or just leave a comment on my post, and I will get back to you. Here’s to your success. 


  17. I have just started my own blog and I have been researching and learning about it. This article had everything I needed to know about the most common blogging mistakes. These 47 blogging mistakes were really easy to understand. I have taken notes so I don’t make any of these mistakes myself. 

    Thank you so much for sharing this article.

    • Sujandar,

      I’m glad you enjoyed my blogging mistakes post. I wish you huge success with your business. Thanks for visiting my blog. 


  18. Thanks for letting me know some things I ignore can cause a great damage to my blogging experience.

    Poor editing seems to be one challenge I am having right now. It is the reason I haven’t published an article yet on my website. Each time I write and read through my articles, I see lots of mistakes. 

    Please what measures should be taken to stop them?

    • Seun,

      You could definitely hire an editor to proofread your articles. Or, you could hire a writer to write for you. I would recommend either of those two things. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. 


  19. Great post about the top 47 blogging mistakes. You have a lot of experience and thank you for sharing them and providing such great information. I am new to blogging and am still in the process of building my website, but I have already committed some of these blogging mistakes.  

    But, I have also learned from my mistakes. I appreciate you sharing all the mistakes you’ve made in the past. I hope it can shorten my learning curve.

    Great job,


    • Thanks for the comment, Michele. I’m glad my post about blogging mistakes helped you. Here’s to your continued success with your business. 


  20. I have been a blogger for about 4-months now. There are things on this list I was not aware of. My main concern is the contact page as an affiliate, is that really necessary?

    I do not have one. I have my email, and other ways to contact me on my site, but not an actual page. I did not think I would need that since I am not actually selling the products, just promoting them and earning a commission. I figured that all warranty issues and order issues would be taken up with the vendor of the product. 

    That was really my only question, any of the other things were not questionable. I just need to implement some new strategies. Thank you very much for this informative blog post about the most common blogging mistakes. 


    • Stacie,

      You should definitely have a contact me page. Who knows who will want to reach out to you? Someone might want to buy your blog. Someone might want to advertise. Heck you might even connect with a long lost friend. Those are the reasons I would have a contact me page. It just makes things easier to get in touch with you. 


  21. Dear Chuck,

    Being a full-time blogger, your post means a lot to me. This was a highly informative article about your blogging mistakes. I learned a lot of new things.

    Awesome and helpful insights. After reading your post I realized many of my own blogging mistakes. A few of the things I need to work on is:

    1. Building my email list (Yes indeed, Money is in the list)

    2. Publish quality content consistently

    3. Not using videos

    4. Need to clean up the website database

    And much more!

    Thanks a lot for the loads of valuable information. I am bookmarking it for future reference.

    Wishing you great Success!


    • Hey Paul,

      Thanks for the comments. I’m glad you could learn some new things from my blogging mistakes post. We all have areas we can improve upon. We all can learn from others, even if it is what not to do. I wish you all the best with your blog. 


  22. This was insanely insightful. I bookmarked it and will later print it out to go over it again.

    #1 was a big one for me. I realized it only a year later and had to switch. 

    #2 was also what I encountered. 

    #3 at first I did not know even existed and was a part of the equation. 

    I’ve been guilty of #5 as well, although I reread my content before publishing every time. 

    #7 has also been a huge tripping point, which was hard to do while having a day job, which doesn’t really fit in with the supposed 40 hours a week, it was more like 65.

    All in all, I’ve been guilty of a lot of these. I will do my best to up my game.

    Thank you for all the insights, I truly, truly, TRULY appreciate it.

    Cheers and have a Great One!


    • Matiss,

      Thanks for the comment and being transparent. All bloggers have made blogging mistakes, lots of them. That’s how we learn. Hopefully, a few people can learn from my own blogging mistakes, so they don’t have to repeat them. I appreciate you visiting my blog today.


  23. Chuck,

    What a great article for all beginners entering the blogging field!  Actually, I have picked up a couple of pointers with your post for myself, even though I have been doing this for some time. I will be taking your advice and running with it. 

    Everyone who starts a business whether it be online or offline needs to be prepared for the first couple of years to not see a profit, that is all part of a business startup. When getting into a highly competitive niche people have to bring on a better game than their competitors if they want to survive or even get noticed.

    Thank you so much. These pointers are well worth keeping around. I have bookmarked them for the future just in case.


    • Glad I could help Susan. The goal the first year in any new business is simply to learn and survive. Most people who start an online business have unrealistic expectations.. Avoiding these blogging mistakes is a good starting point, if you are trying to make money online. 

  24. You have a great list of blogging mistakes to avoid at all cost. I’m going to bookmark this article for sure and come back to it so that I can remind myself of the things not to do when writing a blog. I’m a victim of not building an email list, although my website is new. Do you recommend starting to capture leads early on in a website’s development or waiting until it receives more traffic?

    • Cory,

      The opt-in form and popover should be one of the first things you set up when you start a blog, right on day one. Not building your list is probably the worst mistake you could make as a blogger. Just my two cents. Thanks for the comment.


  25. I’m still aiming for that sweet sweet first page life with my site. And I’ve been finding out a lot of tips as of late. While I don’t have the funds for promotion, I think that there are a lot of free plugins that I can use to boost the rankings. Like using the polylang plugin to increase the number of languages my posts can be available in.

    • When you don’t have money for a marketing budget, you just need to get creative. You can do YouTube videos, podcasts, leave blog and forum comments, add your URL to your email signature, share your links on Twitter and hundreds of other things. Make sure you spend at least 50% of your time promoting your content, rather than just creating more and more pages. 

  26. These are some great tips and advice that you have given about the worst blogging mistakes. As a new blogger, I have most definitely made some of these mistakes and I had to learn from them, which is very humbling. I have been working very hard on my website and I am just waiting to receive that ray of hope. I will be following your website more because you have very good content that I think will help me build up my website. Thanks so much for sharing, very informative.  

    • Glad you enjoyed reading about my blogging mistakes Jamiro. Thanks for visiting my blog. 

  27. WOW. I’ve just learned about the mistakes I am making in my blogs. Some of your tips are very important. It’s been just a few months that I am running my blog and so many things need to be done. 

    I haven’t started building my email list yet. I am already getting organic traffic, but still not capturing leads as well not cleaning up my database. Maybe its still to early, but these steps are very important.

    Thanks for sharing this great guide!

    • Glad I could be of help. You don’t have to make all the corrections at once. Just focus on getting a little bit better every single day. Over a period of time, it will really add up. 

  28. So many great tips–thank you so much for compiling it. I need to bookmark it and go through piece by piece. I have a couple of questions maybe you can help with:

    1) You mention not being scattered with your post topics. I have a main niche and a sub-niche. My sub-niche is related to my main niche, but sometimes I wonder if I have it backwards. My sub-niche is much more broad than my main niche, so I wonder if I’m just confusing people when I post about topics under my sub-niche. Do you think sub-niches are okay, and how do you know if it relates well enough or if it’s considered scattered?

    2) I have not guest posted nor had people guest post yet. I have reached out to a few websites asking to guest post, but I never heard back. Any suggestions for finding bloggers up for this? I tried a Google search in my niche with the phrase “write for us”, but it didn’t yield much. My niche is small. I’d love to have some guest posts, too…do people usually pay the guest posters for that service?

    Thank you!

    • As long as all your posts are around one core niche, you are fine. It’s okay to have some broad topics. It keeps things interesting. As far as guest posts, I would just pay people to write for you. That is what I do. Most established and successful bloggers are not going to want to do guest posts on a new blog that gets very little traffic. Until you get to the point of at least 1,000 unique visitors per day, good luck finding guest posters. That has been my experience anyway. Thanks for leaving a comment. 

  29. I love the overall composure of your site.

    You spoke about starting with an email list from day one. This thought is okay but I don’t think it is for someone who is just starting out on an online business world. I feel the attention might be diverted. Instead of the person to be focused on creating more educating content, he could be using the time to learn how to collect emails of which he is not ripe to handle

    You also made a shocking point. You said one needs to dedicate 24-months to see results. I don’t think your parameters are accurate. There definitely are some methods to get through within a year rather than waiting so long not to see results. It could be devastating and frustrating

    My question to you is, how long will it take a dedicated individual to make money online?

    • It took me four or five years to make $2k per month online, and that much longer to double that. That might not be the norm, but most people coming into this industry have totally unrealistic expectations. If you avoid most of these 47 blogging mistakes, you can definitely shorten your learning curve. But, you do have to be patient. 

  30. Hello Chuck, – Thanks for sharing all your top 47 blogging mistakes post. I wrote down where I need to work on and reminders going forward. 

    I will definitely go back to your site for additional information/tips. First time reading an extensive list of blogging mistakes in great details. I made note on #30 and 32 related cleaning up your database and removing bad links respectively. 

    My blog is in its infancy, and noticed bad links a few days when I went back to check my content.

    Great point on #40 – Having a Written Business Plan also, I never thought about #46 – Having a ‘Contact Me’ page.

    Just have a question: When you update an old post, do you also resubmit everything to Google?


    ~ Terri 

    • I don’t personally resubmit the pages to Google when I update them, but I do share them on social media sites and build a few links to them. I hope that helps. 

  31. This is a great list of blogging mistakes. I am fairly new to blogging and have made many of these mistakes myself. I’m going to take some time and go through this list several times, and see if I can come up with an action plan, so I don’t keep making these mistakes. Thanks for sharing, Chuck. 

    • Glad I could be of help. We all make mistakes. That’s how we learn. I’ve made more blogging mistakes than most. I just try to learn from each mistake, not repeat it, and keep getting better. It won’t happen overnight, but over a period of time, you can get REALLY good at blogging. 

  32. Hey Chuck!

    This is a lot of info in this post in a concise form! I have to admit that the one mistake I’ve made is not having an email list. It’s not that I can’t technically do it, it’s that I don’t know what and how often to write to my email list members. How would you start and what would you write, if you were me? What would you advise me?



    • It’s real simple. Every time you post a new post on your blog, copy the first two paragraphs and put them in the email. Below that, put a link that says “to read the rest of the article, check out this link.” Your link would then redirect them back to your blog post. It’s that simple. 

  33. As a new blogger, this article will be my bible. I’m definitely doing 12 things wrong and I am going to spend time fixing them.

    Regarding the topic 30, Not Cleaning Up Your Database, do you have a name of plug in you can recommend?

    Thank you for a helpful article!

    • I use a plugin called Optimize Database. It is free. 

  34. Not capturing leads was one of my biggest mistake in blogging, thanks for pointing it out in your article. I was also guilty of not replying comments, but this has changed. I was also trying to maximize my traffic profitability, which led to too many sponsored posts. Thanks for the heads up. Now I know what to do.

    • Glad I could be of help. It’s good that you learned from your blogging mistakes so quickly. Keep learning and keep pressing on. 

  35. Wow, amazing Chuck. That’s like a university-level education on blogging. In other words: The million dollar Blogging Secrets. That is truly a high-quality content. I’ll do my best to avoid these blogging mistakes. 

    By the way, what blog posts do you suggest for reading in making money online niche? What are your favorite blogs on the internet, in your niche?

    I am so glad that today I found many awesome posts by you and got a privilege to leave my comments.

    Thanks a lot for sharing your wonderful online experience.

    • Thanks for the comment. I don’t really follow any blogs online. I mostly read books, so I can’t help you there. I appreciate your kind words. 

  36. Wow. Wow. Wow.

    You dropped some amazing wisdom in this post with your top 47 blogging mistakes, Chuck.

    I’ve made most of these mistakes. Now that I’ve learned from you, I’m going to go back and fix many of these simple mistakes, so I can move forward with my blog.

    Thanks for sharing, Chuck. 

    • Glad I could be of help. Every successful blogger has made tons of blogging mistakes. You just need to learn from them and press forward. That is the key to success. Nothing wrong with making a mistake. That is how we learn.

  37. Great post, Chuck. I followed your advice and installed the Broken Link Checker. I already found one broken link and my blog is fairly new. Thanks for sharing that plug in with me. I’m going to re-read your blogging mistakes post at least once per month and look for things I can fix on my own blog. 

    • Glad I could be of help. If you can learn from my blogging mistakes, you will do very well. 

  38. I’m still quite new to blogging, but your site is perfect for me right now. I’m still making many of these blogging mistakes, yet I’ll be fixing that.

    My biggest takeaway from this post is that I need to reach out to other people in my audience and form strategic relationships. I need to share my content, do some guest posting, leave comments on other relevant blogs, etc. I just need to get my name out there. 

    • It’s a good idea to reach out to other bloggers in your niche. They are not your competition. Instead, they can be a strategic partner and you can both create a win-win relationship, if that’s what you want. 

  39. Hi Chuck, 

    Your really got my attention with your website. I am working on my own website. Any help I can get from you by avoiding blogging mistakes makes my blogging so much easier. Thank you. 

    You are so right about being passionate about your niche. It helps makes blogging fun and not a job. Also, it motivates me to produce quality content. Do what you love and you will love what you do. 

    Thanks for mentioning poor editing. I know it bothers me when I read a blog and the person doesn’t take the time to ensure good reading with proper English. Good editing means the writer cares about what they write. 

    I am guilty of not blogging enough. I am working on changing that. Thanks for reminding me to write even when I don’t feel like it. 

    Good point about writing in a conversational tone. I need to write as I talk to a good friend. 

    Always reply to comments. I feel if someone is taking to time to comment, then I need to be just as considerate to them as well.  

    Images for me add depth and color to the website. I love the adding images part. They give the pages an artistic look, especially images with colors. 

    Building a good quality website is not just about promoting products to sell. It is about putting ourselves on those posts. People like the intimacy of a real person behind the articles. 

    Content, Content, Content is the key to good writing. If people can sense you care about what you write, then they will care enough to read it. 

    I use the bullet points and lists a lot. It makes the page look more professional. 

    Asking questions or engaging text is so crucial for getting to know your readers. 

    Chuck, you did an awesome job on this post. I am still in the content building stage of my website. I am adding this post to my favorites for future reference. 

    Thank you so much, 

    johnny, the Gray Wolf. 

    • Great job! I’m glad my tips helped you. Blogging is a science. You just need to learn, keep getting better and better and before you know it you will be really good at what you do. To your success!

  40. Wow, what a really wonderful article. I never realized how many blogging mistakes I’ve been making. I’ve been blogging for 3-months, but I never had a what not to do manual. I really enjoyed your article and know that it will help newbies and experienced bloggers fast track their way to success. Thanks for sharing. 

    • Glad I could be of help. If you can find a way to avoid these blogging mistakes, there is no doubt in my mind you will do very well blogging. 

  41. Out of all my regrets I think not building a list right from the minute I started my first website is my greatest. If I look back now at all the potential leads that literally slipped through my fingers I cringe. 

    I love your point about white space. I haven’t made that mistake myself since I like to keep things really simple but I have seen many other bloggers make this mistake. When I arrive on a website and my eyes can’t settle on the content I am lost. 

    Thank you for the tip on cleaning your database – I have never done this and never knew is was something that needed to be done! Please can you recommend a good plugin for me to use? I think this is something that will benefit me greatly since I have made so many changes to my website since I launched it in 2012!

    I could probably also do with using that broken link plugin, thank you for the recommendation. 

    This is a superb post, with lots of useful information. It has been a long time since I have written notes while reading a post!

    • Just search for the optimize database plugin in your WordPress account. Cleaning your database the first time will get rid of a lot of garbage and unused files. The broken link checker is definitely a must as well. 

  42. Great article! I know I’m guilty of a few of these blogging mistakes. Then again, that’s how we learn and I’m still working at this and balancing my blogging time with freelance writing. 

    This is a great list to keep in mind, though. Sometimes it’s the simple stuff that trips us up, along with a lack of basic consistency. 

    For example, I’ve been guilty of not promoting my blog enough. I get caught up in my freelancing and forget to do my social media thing. If I were better about that, my site would be doing better and I know I’d have more traffic by now. 

    For the same reason, I don’t blog as often as I should, either. I need to work on both of those things, for sure. 

    Thanks so much for sharing! I’m going to refer back to this on occasion, as we all need little reminders now and then.

    • Writing more often and promoting your content are very important. These are common mistakes I make myself from time to time. Just focus on getting a little bit better at those things. 

  43. It’s pretty obvious you have been there and done that when it comes to blogging. This is the most comprehensive post I have ever found with someone sharing the most common blogging mistakes. I’ve made at least half the mistakes on this list, but I am learning. I’m going to re-read this post a few times and let the information sink in. 

    • Glad to be of help to you. 

  44. This is by far the most helpful and informative Article I’ve ever read on Blogging. It is eye-opening and I have to admit that I am guilty of making some of the mistakes you have listed. It is easy to see that you are somebody with lots of experience when it comes to blogging and I am really glad that I found this website as it can help me build a more successful business! With constructive tips like you have made them, I love to make mistakes because I can directly see what I have to optimize. Thanks to this post I feel a bit better prepared for the journey ahead so thanks a lot!

    • We all make mistakes in the blogging world. Just learn from each mistake and keep pressing forward.

  45. Wow, this is really educative and informative to people who are still new in the blogging industry. My website is not yet finished, and I thank God for that. If not, I would have done more than half of those 47 blogging mistakes you have mentioned. I believe every blogger, internet marketer and website owner really needs this article. I will recommend this article to anyone who is about going into blogging

    • Thanks for the endorsement. I’m glad you enjoyed the article. 

  46. I am an owner of a business website for some time now. I never knew it was going to be so hard to build a successful blog, because there are millions of bloggers online. I figured everyone was making money and that’s why everyone was starting to blog. 

    I’ve made most of the 47 blogging mistakes that you mentioned, at one point or another in time. I’m going to learn from you so I don’t make them again. Thanks for sharing your wisdom on this subject. 

    • About 80 to 90 percent of all bloggers give up in 90 days or less and most blogs online have been abandoned for quite some time. It’s a sad reality. Blogging is easy to start and easy to quit. 

  47. Hello your article covering your top blogging mistakes has some very strong tips. I am a veteran blogger as well, and I got a lot out of your tips. I would say that your article is a must read for both beginners and vets like me. Solid Gold! 

    My biggest takeaway is that I need to start collecting emails from my visitors. I need to build my list. I am going back now and getting that going. In fact, I gave myself a deadline by Monday. Thanks for the extra push! 

    I am favoriting your website to go back and read it again. Plus, to get more nuggets like this. 

    • I’m glad you got some value from my blogging mistakes. I have made more mistakes than most. I just learn from each one and press forward. 

  48. This is an extremely extensive list of blogging mistakes with some incredibly valuable information. As a blogger who has just recently started, I have learned a lot of valuable lessons from your page, and have a few mistakes that I’ve already made by accident. With your advice, I am sure that I can improve my website and will still be around in the years to come. I will be bookmarking this page to revisit it from time to time. Thanks. 

    • Yes, please learn from my blogging mistakes so you don’t repeat them. Glad to help!

  49. “Even the best content is worthless if no one knows about it.” Yes!!! you definitely have to be bold in promoting your blog. 

    My biggest struggle is the email list right now. I am just starting out and for some reason, I am so intimidated by it. I don’t know why. I guess that’s a sign where I really need to focus. 

    For editing I use Grammerly. It saves me time, especially since I have dyslexia. There is a free version and a paid version. I use the paid version because it offer suggestions and reports on your writing, and I couldn’t survive without it. 

    Also, what plugins do you use to clean up your database? I had no clue I had to do that. 

    There is so much valuable information in this post. Thank you so much for taking the time to write it. 

    • Thanks for the comment.

      I’ve never used Grammerly, but have heard many great reviews about it. 

      I use the Optimize Database plugin to clean up my database once per week. 

      When it comes to your email list, you definitely want to get a grip on that. That is where the real money is made. Make sure you add an opt-in form to every page of your website and you have a popover. 

      As you start building your list, make sure you communicate with them at least several times per week. Send valuable information, share new and older posts, and offer different affiliate products. 

      I hope that helps. 

  50. I absolutely love what I read in this insightful article covering your top blogging mistakes, because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and interesting to me. You really did a good job sharing this big list of blogging mistakes with your years of experience. I’m a newbie to blogging, 

    The biggest mistake I have been making is not building my email list (#17). That’s something I need to start doing, especially after you explained the benefits. Thanks for sharing this great article. 

    • Yes, you definitely want and need an email list. That list will be more valuable and more important than your blog!

  51. Hi Charles,

    Wow! Your top 47 blogging mistakes is basically a full and comprehensive list of everything a blogger has to remember in order to be successful. 

    While reading your post, of course, I was thinking of my own blogging style and mistakes I’ve made in the past. Most of the tips you assembled I am familiar with.

    My background is in Software Development. While I am well aware that a database needs maintenance, I didn’t know how to do a clean-up in the environment where I work on my website. What plugin are you using to perform the task? 

    Thank you very much for a wonderful summary of things to remember. I will bookmark your post and use it as a checklist. 🙂

    ~ Julia

    • Thanks for the comment. I’ve made plenty of blogging mistakes myself. That’s how we learn. 

      To answer your question, I use the “Optimize Database” plugin. 

      It helps clean out trackbacks, deleted comments, unused photos, etc. It’s very helpful. 

      • Thank you, Charles. I’ll check out the “Optimize Database” plugin.

  52. I’m still new to blogging, going through the early stages or picking my niche. I haven’t registered a domain yet, so I’m going to take my time and make sure I get that right. I’m going to review all 47 of these tips several times so I can avoid the most common blogging mistakes, and increase my chances of success. Thanks for this great post. 

    • Glad I could be of help. Do it right and get it right the first time around. 

  53. This is an amazing list of blogging mistakes. I’ve made most of them myself. I can tell you have been blogging for a long time, Chuck. Anyone could spend an hour or two on this post, study what you teach, and shorten their learning curve to success. Thanks for sharing this great information. 

    • That was my goal. To help others learn from my blogging mistakes, so they don’t repeat them. 

  54. Wow, Chuck. Just wow.

    This could be a short book. Your top 47 blogging mistakes are a real eye opener, especially for a newbie like me. I’ve made more than half of these blogging mistakes myself. I’m going to take some time to fix each of those mistakes, so I can get better results with my blog. Thanks for sharing. 

    • If you’ve only made half of these blogging mistakes, you are doing really well! I’ve made all of them myself, some for many years before I finally figured it out. 

  55. This is quite the list of blogging mistakes. I think I’ve made just about all of them over and over and over. I need to take a day or two, make a list, and figure out ways I can get back on track, so I can take my blog to the next level. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us, Chuck. 

    • Glad to help. Most bloggers have made all of these blogging mistakes at some point in their career. 

  56. What a detailed list of blogging mistakes! Many of these I never would have even thought of own my own. Going down through the list, I can see that I made many of these blogging mistakes myself. I’m going to work harder, and evaluate everything I do, so I can work smart and get better results with my blog. Thanks for sharing, Chuck. 

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Thanks for stopping by. 

  57. Hi Chuck,  

    I really enjoyed your blog post. As I am new to the blogging industry, I am trying to glean all the good information I can. You left me thinking about how to include social media and including guest bloggers and also writing on other blogs. 

    These are great ideas. The only suggestion I would make is to possibly split the post into 2. There is so much meat in this blog that it can potentially be hard for a new blogger to take in all at once. Plus it gives you an opportunity to create a “to be continued” blog post! 

    Thanks so much for sharing!

    • I thought about splitting it into two posts at once, but I know that Google loves long articles. That’s why I kept it as one post. 

      I’m glad you learned from my blogging mistakes and I wish you HUGE success. 

  58. You have described 47 mistakes in blogging in a very detailed manner, which helps me to easily identify my own mistakes. One of them is website backup. Although I have been blogging for more than a year, it had never crossed my mind before and I realize that I need to start doing it. I really appreciate your knowledge sharing to bloggers like us who still don’t know a lot of keys to blogging success.

    • Yes, you definitely want to back up your website every time you update it. Not having a back up is unacceptable. Why risk losing all of your hard work?

  59. I saw myself doing most of these 47 blogging mistakes. This is a good guide for newbies like me so they could start building their websites in the proper way. I hope many other people will discover this post.

    In the 42nd mistake, not allowing guest posting, does this mean you simply need to install a plugin or are there more steps that need to be done to prevent this from happening?

    • No, I just mean that from time to time, you should consider letting other bloggers post on your website. It gives added perspective, new insights and a different “voice”. Just make sure the content they provide is original and high quality and not posted anywhere else online. 

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