My Content Marketing Success Story

Today, I would like to take some time and share my content marketing success story.

In October 2010, I joined Site Build It (I am no longer affiliated with them) so I could build a website online to promote my network marketing business. At the time, Site Build It taught me the importance of content marketing. They taught me the importance of creating high quality content that pre-sells your visitors on you, and whatever it is that you are selling.

During the past nine years, I have evolved and made it my goal to dominate the internet with high quality content for my specific niche: network marketing. My goal was to brand myself as the “No B.S. Network Marketer” and position myself as an expert in the industry, while growing my team at the same time.

What I am about to share with you is EXACTLY what I have done. None of this is a secret. I like to be 100 percent transparent with my audience. If anything, I hope this will inspire you to use content marketing to grow your business.

what is content marketing

What is Content Marketing?

Here’s a definition of content marketing that I found online.

A type of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of online material (such as videos, blogs, and social media posts) that does not explicitly promote a brand but is intended to stimulate interest in its products or services.

If I was to put it in my own words, I would describe content marketing as creating videos, articles, podcasts and other pieces of high-quality content geared for a specific niche online. Basically, you create content that educates and entertains your audience and brands you as the expert in that niche.

You are promoting YOURSELF, rather than your company, products or services. As a result, people “like you” and want to learn more about you, and what you have to offer.

My Goal with Content Marketing

I use content marketing to do a few things.

First off, I use it to position myself as an expert in my niche. I want people to like, know and trust me, so they choose to do business with me. I want to be seen as the “Go to Guy” in my niche, rather than be viewed as just another person trying to make a quick dollar.

Next, I use content marketing to build my email list. This is my # 1 objective at all times. The purpose of EVERY piece of content I create is to influence people to subscribe to my email list, so I can communicate with them frequently and build a relationship with them over a period of time, so they WANT to buy from me.

Finally, I use content marketing to make money and produce multiple streams of income online. I have over 40 streams of income online, with 4-5 of those being rock solid. This did not happen overnight. My goal is to get people to join my MLM Team or buy an affiliate product (or service) that I recommend.

To sum it up in a nutshell, I use content marketing to:

  • Build a list
  • Build a relationship with my list
  • Monetize my list

What Type of Results Have I Experienced?

My results with content marketing have been exceptional, but it took me MANY years to get to that point. I do not say that to scare you, but instead to give you realistic expectations.

No matter what type of content marketing strategy you choose, you will go through a learning curve, at least 6 to 24-months. It takes time to build an audience. It takes time to get people to like, know and trust you.

Here’s what has happened to me over the past two years with content marketing.

  • I personally recruited over 220 people in my network marketing company
  • I built a team of approximately 3,000 people
  • I’ve generated over 40 monthly income streams, 4-5 of them which pay me very well

To clarify, I made money during my first seven years of using content marketing as well. Also, I have several different niches I dominate online, not just network marketing. I just wanted to share one example to put things in perspective.

my content marketing strategy

My Content Marketing Strategy

I take a multi-tiered approach with my content marketing strategy. My goal is world domination of the internet in my niche. Here are some of the venues I leverage.

YouTube Videos

YouTube is here to stay. If you don’t have a presence on YouTube, you are leaving A LOT of money on the table. I try to post several YouTube videos per week.

Blog Posts

My blog is one of the largest in my niche. It has more than 1,500 pages of content and I rank pretty high for thousands of keywords in my niche.


I have over 800 podcasts on iTunes and Sound Cloud. Most of my podcasts are short and sweet, around 4-5 minutes.

Article Marketing

I do Article marketing on several platforms to include IBO Tool Box, LinkedIn and MLM Gateway. These two platforms are for network marketers (people in my niche) so they work great.

Slide Share

This is one of my secret weapons. I take the key points from many of my blog posts and videos and turn them into a Power Point Presentation. In each PPT presentation, I have links to different pieces of content I have published online, including my capture pages.

Blog Comments & Forum Comments

I have left thousands of comments on hundreds of blogs in my niche. I’m also an avid contributor to the Warrior Forum, which is a popular forum in the make money online niche.

How Much Content Do You Have Online?

I visited several platforms to get you the most accurate numbers.

  • Blog posts: 1,512
  • Videos: 193
  • Articles: 205
  • Podcasts: 826
  • Slide Share Power Point Presentations: 213
  • Forum Comments: 406
  • Blog Comments Left on Other Sites: 2,000+

If you were to add this up, you would quickly discover I have more than 5,300 pieces of content on the internet working for me 24/7. That’s why I am successful. I just put in the work, stayed the course and created a lot of content.

How Do I Come Up with So Much Content?

People often ask me β€œhow do you come up with so much fresh content every week?” It’s not a secret. I re-purpose ALL of my content. For example, when I write a blog post, I then turn it into a podcast, a video, and a Power Point presentation. One piece of content becomes 4-5 pieces of content.

Plus, I’m always reading books, watching videos and attending events. I love my niche, so it’s never difficult to come up with ideas for fresh content.

Other Marketing Strategies I Use

While content marketing is my primary marketing strategy, I do many other things as well.

# 1 Pay Per Click Ads

I love PPC advertising. I use PPC Ads, mostly with Bing, to send people to my websites and capture pages to promote my content and build my email list. You can read by Bing PPC Ad Case Study to see what I do.

# 2 Postcard Marketing

Postcards are my secret weapon. This is easily my favorite marketing strategy, because there is very little competition and it is dirt cheap. It cost me less money to mail a postcard than it does to buy clicks online. If you aren’t using postcards to grow your brand and list, you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

# 3 Safelists

I use different safelists online to promote my content, capture pages and websites. Herculist is my favorite safelist. But, I use others as well. A safelist is nothing more than a website with a large group of members who agree to send and receive emails to/from each other.

# 4 Email Marketing

Once again, my goal is always to build my email list. As people join my list, I send out several emails per week sharing valuable content, promoting affiliate products and teaching my audience what I know.

# 5 Solo Ads

I do several solo ads every week to build up my email list. I buy all of my solo ads here. A solo ad is nothing more than renting someone else’s email list and letting them send your email to their list, You can read my case study about solo ads right here.

Keep in mind I’m always looking for new ways to advertise and promote my content. Most of the things I try do not pan out, but I keep split testing and experimenting until I figure out what does convert well.

tips for success with content marketing

Tips for Success with Content Marketing

I’d like to take a moment and share a few success tips with content marketing. These are valuable lessons I have learned during the past nine years.

# 1 Pick a Specific Niche

The first and most important thing to do is pick a specific niche. You cannot be all things to all people. Decide which group of people you want to focus on. As an example, my niche is network marketers. Your niche might be welders, stay at home moms, fitness buffs, or whatever else you choose.

# 2 Provide Value

You must provide value with your content. You must help people solve their own problems. If your content is crap, no one will care what you have to say. Your content cannot be about YOU. It must be about your target market.

# 3 Be Consistent

When it comes to content marketing, it is not a fast strategy to get your name out there. It normally takes a couple of years to build a following. Be persistent and consistent, but be patient. Create at least one new piece of content per day and never, ever stop. Do that for a few years and you will have over 1,000 pieces of content online.

# 4 Be Yourself

Be yourself. Don’t try to act or talk like a popular YouTube person. Let your own quirks and personality shine through. No matter what you do, not everyone will like you, so just be yourself.

# 5 Promote Your Content

My next tip is to promote your content. Just creating fresh content will not get the job done. If you spend an hour creating content, spend at least four hours promoting it. Marketing your content is the key to success.

# 6 Build Your List

My final tip is to build your email list. Whether you are blogging, podcasting or publishing YouTube videos, it is PARAMOUNT that you build your email list. This will be your greatest business asset. Your podcast or YouTube channel could get shut down at any time. Your blog could lose all of its free traffic from Google overnight. But, you OWN your email list. It is an asset. Remember, the money is in the list!

Suggested Resource

If you’re looking to succeed with content marketing, I suggest this resource. It’s a 30-day plan to take your content marketing to the next level. You can click on the image to learn more about it.

content marketing in 30 days

Final Thoughts

There you have it folks. This is my content marketing success story and content marketing success tips. I hope you found the information helpful.

Have you tried content marketing before? If so, what was your experience like? Leave a comment below to let me know your thoughts. I look forward to hearing from you.


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99 thoughts on “My Content Marketing Success Story

  1. Thanks for sharing your story, Chuck.  It gives me hope that what I am trying to accomplish with my own content marketing efforts may be on the right track.  

    Building a following is taking time, I am finding.  It helps to be reminded that building anything worthwhile is slow-going for everybody…even the ones who are further down the road.  The rewards and little goals met keep you plodding along.  The lessons learned are there if you can stand to look at them without bolting for the hills. 

    When other people share their stories, it can make the long view spectacular at times, so a post like yours really is a help. 

    • Glad I could be of help. My content marketing journey is like most successful people’s journey. Lots of mistakes, setbacks and challenges. You just learn as you go and keep plugging along. 

  2. What an incredible success story! You’ve obviously created a ton of content to get where you are today. I’ve used solo ads recently but found them ineffective for my niche. I know they work though because in a past business they were my go to. 

    Using slide share seems like a really good idea. I’ll have to give that a shot. I’m pretty new and know I have a long way to go. Thanks for the encouraging post!

    • Glad I could be of help. Yes, solo ads are better in some niches than others. Slideshare presentations work great for any niche, if nothing else for added visibility and more inbound links. 

  3. Whew! This is so inspiring as well as a little intimidating. Okay, very intimidating. But I’m so glad you shared this. It just goes to show newbies such as myself that it is actually possible. Success wont come over night but with a lot of hard work, one can get there. It all seems so daunting sometimes but the way you broke it down really helps to focus and stick to what works.

    What would you say your major challenges have been as regards maintaining your position over the years as an authority in your niche?

    • The biggest issue is keeping up with the search engines and their alogrithims. My websites have been shut off overnight from Google updates. Now, my goal is to never be dependent on free traffic again. I still do a lot of content marketing is many different venues, but I also do a lot of paid advertising to keep my visibility high. 

  4. I am into affiliate marketing and very new at it. I have learned a great deal from your website. 

    Although I am still working on content I find your suggestions very helpful. I now see I have a long road ahead to become an expert in affiliate marketing. The good thing is I really enjoy this work. I do have trouble trying to come up with new ideas to build new content.

    You have made some excellent points that will help me broaden my search area in order to get more visitors. I can see now it is not all about entertaining your visitors as much as it is more about trying to get a following, building that list!

    Congratulations on your success! You have certainly put the work in and deserve every minute of it. I will follow your links and progress, thank you for this website, very well done.

    Thank you


    • Glad I could be of help. Building a list is my # 1 tip for any affiliate marketer. So many newbies don’t do it, and that’s a huge mistake. 

  5. Your site is very informative. I have learned the avenues for marketing but have not quite gotten to that point. Was it difficult to get started like with YouTube videos ( I don’t like speaking)? Or is it something you get the hang of after doing it for a while? You speak with authority and confidence within your posts, it grabs the readers attention. Great Job! 

    • Everything becomes easier the more we do it. When I first started speaking I was horrible. But as I made more videos I improved. My first articles were horrible. But, I kept writing and over a period of time I found my voice and got better. I tell everyone this: just get started and focus on being better tomorrow than you were today. Over a period of time, the Slight Edge Principle kicks in and everything works itself out. 

  6. That’s definitely an inspiring story and people can learn a lot from you. Currently I’m doing content marketing with a blog, but I’m thinking of starting a YouTube channel soon. I’m not good at talking to the camera, so maybe I’ll do a bunch of slide shows and just read a script or something.

    My blog only has about 300 pages which is little compared to your 1500, it looks like you have tons of content everywhere and that’s one of the keys to your success. Thanks for all your tips.

    • 300 pages is awesome. If you just took each of those posts and made it into a video, podcast and slideshow, you would now have another 900 pages of content working for you 24/7. 

  7. Thank you for sharing your story on content marketing. You are a busy person with over 40 income streams. I would be interested in subscribing to your YouTube channel but I didn’t see the link.

    I’m kind of camera shy, but I know how big of impact videos can have on building an internet business. Writing a blog is good, but to have it backed up with a video is better.

    I read or maybe I saw a video stating that if you created a video, and then create the transcript to that video and place the transcript on your website, your rating goes up for both and video and website. Is this true?

    • You can do that. When I make videos I either do a screen share of my actual blog post and just cover the key points, or I make a Power Point presentation and go through that. Both methods work great. 

  8. What a great success story, Chuck. 

    You make something complex really simple. I love how you do podcasts, Power Point slides, videos and more. This gives you added visibility, because if your article doesn’t rank high, you could still rank high in the search engines with your other pieces of content. I’m going to start doing this myself. 

    • That is my primary reason for using different platforms. Many of my podcasts and videos rank much higher than my blog posts. It creates a win-win for me and gives me added exposure. 

  9. Your article has inspired me a lot. My niche is yacht charter holidays, and it’s been now four years. I am trying to make it work. Writing takes me a lot of time because English is not my first language. 

    So I always have to check if I didn’t make any grammar errors:) Anyway, I am just getting started with YouTube, and I am planning to turn all of my posts into videos as you suggested in your article. 

    It’s the first time I read about SlideShare. Do you have some tutorials or a post on how to do this? I am not really happy with my traffic actually, but I hope YouTube videos will double my traffic:) 

    I use an email list,  but because of the lack of traffic, the amount of subscribers is low. I do have 415 posts at the moment and 3,066 comments on my website. 

    Would you suggest me to start with PPC to get more traffic? Or it would be better to spend my money on organic articles, meaning outsourcing?

    Thank you for this excellent post!

    • Glad I could be of help. 

      I would personally cut down your posting schedule to 1 new article per week and instead focus on building content that links back to your blog. Repurpose your most popular articles into videos, slides, podcasts, etc. 

      Leave a few comments on relevant blogs. Find a few forums you can participate in and start building some natural links. 

      Maybe do a guest post on a similar blog in your niche. 

      Spend 80% of your time marketing, building links, and finding ways to drive traffic to your site and the other 20 percent of the time working on your blog. 

      I hope that helps. 

  10. It sounds like some of your strategies cost money. That might be difficult for a newbie to do. 

    That being said, I love the ideas you shared in this post. Your content marketing success story is powerful. I can’t believe you have that much content in the internet space. It’s no wonder you have a successful online business. 

    • You can’t afford NOT to invest in your online business. Anyone who tells me they don’t have the money to invest in their business, or isn’t willing to, is really missing out. All businesses costs money!

  11. I appreciate the fact that you shared your content marketing success story with us.

    Thank you for this post. This is more or less like a refresher course to me. I have been doing affiliate marketing for quite some time, but am still learning.  After a few years of ups and downs, I realize how important it is to stay the course and keep going, even when you don’t fee like it. 

    • Staying the course is key when doing content marketing or anything else in life. Keep doing the little things day in and day out and eventually the Slight Edge Principle kicks in and magical things start to happen.

  12. It’s obvious that we are in the content marketing age and content marketing seems to be booming right now. One of my major challenges about content marketing is that fact that it can be a little hard to generate genuine content and do it consistently. The consistency part was what I couldn’t do back then, so I gave up and forgot about it. With your tips on content marketing, I believe I can be better at it. 

    • Glad to help. Being consistent is key. Most new bloggers give up in less than 90 days. Same with most YouTubers. You need to get in the game and stay in the game CONSISTENTLY, for at least several years. That really is the key to success. Stay the course, even after your initial enthusiasm has faded. 

  13. Thanks for writing this article on content marketing. I must commend you for all your hard work over the years with all you have done regarding content marketing. I really find this the experience you shared motivational for me to do more and not to give up on my dream. I will follow your content marketing success tips and am sure sooner or later am going to be successful 

    • Follow my advice and you definitely increase your chances of success. Rome was not built in a day. Most people give up way too soon. Building a successful business of any kind typically takes at least five years. 

  14. This was a real eye-opener! Thank you so much for sharing your journey with all of us. And I can relate. I have so much content, but I love what I do and I have fun with it, as I’m sure you do too. Thank you for showing me how to take a single article and turn it into 4 or 5 pieces of content. That’s going to be pretty useful for me going forward.


    • Glad I could help. You definitely want to reuse your content in multiple formats whenever you can. It helps give you added exposure and more inbound links, a true win-win.

  15. Wow…… this article really got my attention about content marketing. I became an online affiliate marketer not too long ago and have been finding a way to expand my business. Overnight success is a lie. I knew how challenging it could be to make it unique in the marketing world. Challenges will come up and other things will fail. I will be following your coaching as stated in this article. I found it so helpful, thanks for the insight. 

    • Glad I could help you. Yes, there is no such thing as an overnight success story unless you consider 10-years an overnight success story. Every successful person I have ever met in life, whether an online marketer, or something else, took at least 10,000 hours to truly master their craft. 

  16. You just summarized my vision and goals for my content marketing journey that has just started. And wow, that is a lot of achievements. I really look up to people like you who have come before me and have established yourself as an authority on content marketing. Your success story is very inspiring and informative. I had to bookmark this page as I would be needing to come back and read it often for insights and motivation. Thanks so much for sharing your success story.

    • Thanks for the kind words. My secret to success was hard work, clear goals, be persistent, stay the course and get a little bit better every day. It won’t happen overnight, but you can accomplish a lot of great things in five to ten years if you stay the course. 

  17. This is a great post. I believe you have actually provided a road map for online success. Thank you. I have book marked this page because I could see myself referring to the valuable information over and over again. The biggest obstacle is staying focused on one task at a time, I am anxious to really get going on a number of suggestions you have provided. 

    • Glad my content marketing strategy and success story could help you out. Focusing on one thing at a time is critical. Every day, create a simple to do list for your online business and make sure you get those tasks done. Do that every day for a few years and you will have a thriving online business. 

  18. Wow, you sure have a lot of different things that are working for you to make money! I like the fact that your marketing strategies have a bunch of different content ideas. I listen to a lot of podcasts and my favorites are short ones, I don’t even listen to really long ones. Thanks for all the different ideas, I didn’t even think of some of these. I am bookmarking the page to refer to as I grow my money making strategies. 

    • Glad I could be of help. Once you have audience of people who like, know and trust you, you can promote LOTS of different affiliate programs that offer your audience real value. That’s why it is easy to create lots of income streams AFTER you have an audience. 

      Building your audience via content marketing should be your # 1 primary goal. Build up your website visitors and email list, deliver a ton of value, and recommend things that help people solve their problems. That’s all I do.

  19. Hi, you have a beautiful Content Marketing Success Story. It is a wise thought to ensure traffic comes to your content more than anything else. I always wanted to become an email marketer; your article enhances my desire.

    May I ask, would email marketing be a success without traffic to your website? Time has proven you as a smart worker and has to lead you into the victory that you deserve.


    • I use email marketing to drive a TON of traffic to my website. I use my website to help build up my email list, along with other marketing strategies. Let me give you an example. 

      Say you have an email list of 5,000 people. You send out an article and 250 of them click on your link and visit your website. You do that three times per week. 

      That would be 750 visitors extra to your website each week or nearly 37,000 extra visitors to your website each year. That’s why you need to use email marketing with your website. 

  20. Wow, Chuck. You are a beast at creating content. 

    I love how you take your articles and then create them into other pieces of content. That sounds like a really smart idea. I’m not sure about podcasting, but I’m going to take my articles and turn them into videos to post on YouTube.

    That will give me some additional exposure and more links. 

    • Great idea taking your articles or blog posts and turning them into videos. It will definitely help with traffic and SEO.

  21. Hey Chuck,

    Thanks a lot for the very thorough and detailed explanation on content marketing strategies. I’m currently looking for ideas on how to get more content for my niche and your post here really showed me other possibilities for me to get tons of it.

    Your journey really inspired me. I will try my best to post one fresh content every day as your mentioned above. Another thing that I would like to explore is social network marketing. I already subscribe to your list so I wont miss anything from you πŸ™‚

    Thanks for taking your time to put all these together Chuck.


    • Glad I could be of help. You have to do whatever you can do get your name and brand out there. The more you diversify the better. I love repurposing content into other formats since it doesn’t take too much time and it helps build your inbound links. 

  22. Thank you very much for your help!

    Just would like to know, would you suggest to try PPC?

    Thanks again!

  23. Great post, Chuck. Content marketing is so powerful when done right. Most people go online to research things. They want to learn about certain things. If you can educate people, and help them solve their problem, they will buy what you are recommending. You just have to provide a ton of value in your content. 

    • You hit the nail on the head. I couldn’t say it better myself. 

  24. It is really great when someone who is really successful shares the secrets of their success. Anyone who does not take notice of what you are saying is very foolish I think.

    I think your idea of making each of your blog posts into four other outlets is such good advice. Would you mind telling us what you use to make  your podcasts, and where they can be found? I imagine that you fully utilize social media?

    I have taken your advice, and I intend to follow it to the best of my ability!

    Very many thanks for sharing this invaluable advice.

    Chrissie πŸ™‚

    • I make all my videos and podcasts right on ZOOM. I record it and then download it. The videos go on YouTube and the podcasts go on Sound Cloud and iTunes.

  25. What a great story, Chuck. I’m focused on building content right now and driving more traffic to my website. I’m going to follow the advice you gave and put my content in several formats, so I can get even more traffic. I’m not sure if I will do the Power Point slides, but I will definitely do the videos and podcasts. 

    • Glad I could be of help. Creating more content and numerous platforms will only help you. 

  26. Your article really resonates with me. Just by reading it, I can tell you have been doing this for a long time. I love how you use multiple platforms to create content. I find it interesting that some of your videos and podcasts even rank higher than your blog content. Best of all, you could even have three or four pieces of content on the first page of Google for a certain keyword. 

    • Yes, there are some keywords my article, video, podcasts and slides are ALL on the first page of Google or Bing. It definitely gives me added exposure. 

  27. I was familiar with almost everything in your article, and I am slowly incorporating more parts into my work routine, however, I have not tried creating a podcast, and I was wondering if you would take a few minutes to discuss this strategy.  How does one make a podcast?  Is it free or do you have a paid service you use?  Are you able to send people to your website from the podcast?  I’m always excited to see new articles from you, Chuck.  You’re a wealth of information, and I was impressed when I got a piece of mail from you recently.  You know how to make an impression!  – Babs

    • Babs,

      A podcast is simply an audio file. What I do is use ZOOM. I record a short video and when I download it I can download the video, which I upload to YouTube, and it also lets me download the audio file, which I upload  as a podcast. I use Sound Cloud, which starts our as free until you get a lot of podcasts. You can sync iTunes with Sound Cloud so your podcasts show up on both. Like a video, you can include a link in the description of your podcast. I hope that answers your questions.


  28. Hi! Thank you for sharing your experience in affiliate marketing with all of us. I appreciate these recommendations you have given. I specially value the list of content marketing strategies: and specifically mentioning YouTube and Warrior Forum. I’ll give them a try.

    When you comment on other sites (I know we have to leave quality content) do you just leave your quality comment and leave? Or do you leave a link to your site and then twist your fingers that the site owner may approve the comment because it’s of high quality?.

    • I make sure my comment is relevant to the article or post and my signature file has my link in it. That is the best way to do it. 

  29. Nice article, Chuck. You have so much content in the internet space, it’s no wonder you have built a successful online business. I’m not sure if a newbie could do this much though. It’s a bit overwhelming. It’s really interesting to read out how powerful email marketing is for you. I guess I should start building my own email list. Thanks for sharing. 

    • Create 1 piece of content per day for a year, you would have 365 pieces of content. 

      Create 2 pieces of content per day for a year, you would have 730 pieces of content. 

      Create 3 pieces of content per day for a year, you would have 1,095 pieces of content. 

      Hopefully, people can see how this really adds up and compounds over time. Creating three pieces of content per day is not hard either. You could do it in an hour a day if you set your mind to it. Most people just don’t have the discipline to create content day after day after day. 

      That is the secret to my success. Stay consistent and persistent over a sustained period of time. 

  30. Content marketing is the real deal. It puts one more in the position of a friend, confidant, consultant, or adviser rather than just another salesperson.

    It works because you can build a relationship with your audience and they start to know, like and trust you. People are more likely to buy from a friend than a complete stranger. 

    Your content marketing success story is absolutely amazing. With that much content, it’s no wonder you have done so well. 

    • Good points. Content marketing definitely works, if you have a game-plan and do it right. It can take a while to see results, but if you stick with it, you will be glad that you did. 

  31. What a great post!

    Your content marketing success story is so inspirational. One day, I hope I can achieve results like you did. 

    I love how you have leveraged your blog content into other formats, such as slides, podcasts and videos. This is something anyone can do. Like you, I would rather have 3-4 pieces of content for one keyword, rather than just one piece of content. This gives you a much better chance of ranking high in the search engines. 

    • Definitely. 

      More content equals more exposures which typically leads to more sales. 

  32. I really enjoyed the article. Your content marketing success story is out of this world. What really stood out to me is that you use postcards. I never knew businesses still did that in today’s high tech world. It does make sense to me though, since just about everyone reads their mail. Thanks for sharing these great tips. 

    • Yes, postcard marketing is still very effective. If anything, it is even MORE effective today than it was in the past because so many businesses have shifted to just advertising online. 

  33. This is honestly my favorite type of article to read. Thanks for sharing. It really keeps me motivated and ready to keep working to meet my goals.

    Thanks for sharing your content marketing success story and strategies you put into place to get where you are today.

    I noted down a lot of things and especially took note of “1 hour for content creation and 4 hours to promote”. This tells me I have a lot of work to do, I think I have been slacking on the promoting side.

    Really helpful and encouraging article here, thanks.

    • Glad I could be of help. The marketing part is even more important than the content creation part. Marketing your website is what will make you money, not just endlessly creating new pages. Trust me, I learned that lesson the hard way. 

  34. One of the things I struggle with is creating high quality content. It takes me a long time to research, write and edit an article. I think I will be much better off creating videos and podcasts, because it takes less time. I can create 3 to 5 times more content in the same amount of time!

    Your content marketing success story has really inspired me. I like how you share the different things you do and what you do to promote your content. 

    • Glad to help. If writing is difficult for you, switch to videos. That is what I would suggest. No matter what format you choose, just come up with the best quality content that you can. 

  35. I’ve never really spent much time thinking about promoting my content. I normally just create content and then hope for the best. I just keep making more and more content. Starting today, I’m going to spend some time promoting my content, like you suggested. That definitely makes sense to me. Thanks for sharing these great ideas, Chuck. 

    • Glad to help. Marketing your content is at least 10x more important than just creating new content. I hope you will come up with a marketing plan and marketing budget and make that happen. 

  36. Awesome post! The transparency is always appreciated! This article just goes to show yet again that content marketing is a possible stream of online revenue if you work hard enough to make it happen. Clearly you have put a lot of work into it, and it has payed off for you. Congratulations! Building a team of 3000 people is an AMAZING accomplishment if I do say so myself! πŸ˜€ 

    I love how you’ve laid out your content strategy for all of us to see. Not only is that super helpful, but it gives me that extra boost of motivation I need for the day! So thank you. The biggest take away I got from your post was email marketing. It’s something that I don’t do and haven’t even learned about. You’ve inspired me to roll up my sleeves and give it a go!!

    Thanks again for the awesome article. It’s good content, and I look forward to reading more by you in the near future!! 


    • Glad I could be of help. This post just covers one of my websites. My other website, the military one, has almost the same amount of content, but it’s older than my MLM site. You’d be amazed at what you could accomplish in just a few years of content marketing. 

  37. It is so inspiring to read your content marketing success story. I can’t believe how much content you have published on the internet. It’s no wonder you are so successful. 

    Let me ask you a question or two.

    1. What would you recommend for a newbie?

    2. If you knew what you knew now and you were starting all over again with your content marketing, what would you do or do differently?

    I look forward to hearing from you. 

    • I’m glad my content marketing success story inspired you.

      What would I suggest for a newbie? I would publish at least ONE new piece of content every single day, 7 days a week for at least 2 years. That would give you over 730 pieces of content. You could even schedule content, so you could take the weekends off to relax.

      If I was starting over, I would have create more content, much faster. I would have created 5-6 pieces of content per day and never stopped. I would simply repurpose my article into multiple formats and do that every day. I would also spend more time and money PROMOTING my content. 

      I hope that helps. 

  38. Wow, Chuck. That is a TON Of content you have online. Do you think the average person could do this? Knowing what you know now, what would you do differently this time around? Do you think content marketing is still the best way to make money online or promote a business online, or are there better strategies?

    • Here are the answers to your questions.

      Do you think the average person could do this?

      The average person would not even get started with their own business. Growing and marketing a business takes a lot of time, hard work, skills and persistence. Even if the average person couldn’t replicate what I did, they could at least do SOME of it, if they set their mind to it.  

      Knowing what you know now, what would you do differently this time around? 

      I would focus more on PAID ADVERTISING, because you can SCALE it. Once you figure out what works, you can beef up your marketing campaign and make it rain. Content marketing is much slower and you are always at the mercy of the search engines. 

      Do you think content marketing is still the best way to make money online or promote a business online, or are there better strategies?

      It’s a good way to get started, but I definitely prefer paid advertising. For someone with no money, but a lot of time, I would recommend content marketing. For someone with limited time, but with some money to invest and learn, I would recommend paid advertising. 

      I hope that answers all of your questions. 

  39. I tell you are really dedicated, Chuck. You have create a ton of content, enough to dominate any niche online. Considering you have several websites and other businesses as well, I’m amazed at how you managed your time to get all of this done. Do you think your strategy would work for a newbie in a different niche?

    • Yes, I think my content marketing strategy would work in any niche. The smaller the niche, the more effective it would be. 

  40. Wow, your certainly have been busy with all your content marketing and I don’t think there are too many people with as much content online. You seem to have found the formula and perfected your game. 

    Reading your article, I can see that this didn’t happen overnight for you and it took consistent work on your part. So many people think that there is a quick route to making money online, but this is seldom the case. 

    Content marketing is one of those few consistent and sustainable ways to build a long term internet business for yourself. 

    • Absolutely. It took me many YEARS to really get good at this. Like anything else in life, good things take time. Content marketing is a LONG-TERM strategy.

  41. Here are some of my thoughts on content marketing:

    – Have a marketing plan

    – Create new content daily

    – Promote your content

    – Create the best quality content possible

    – Monetize your content by promoting affiliate products

    – Stick with it for the long-term

    – Pick a niche that you actually have a chance ranking content with

    – Focus on helping people solve their problems

    I hope that helps. 

    • All great points. Thanks for sharing your ideas. 

  42. Wow I must say your article really kept me reading. I have been having trouble choosing the right audience lately for my 2nd niche and reading what you said about not being able to be all things for people really gave me the answer I needed. I also agree that its best to be myself. I like to answer myself in my content as if I’m having a conversation with the reader and I also joke around with my content making it fun since that’s well me. Great read. 

    • Yes, it’s good to be yourself and put your personal touch in your content. It helps you connect with the reader on a personal level when you do that. 

  43. Thanks for this priceless content on content marketing!

    I just wonder, how do you or get those numbers in your stats? I mean, how are you able to know the number of total blog posts you did, total number of videos, articles, podcasts, forum comments, blog comments left on other sites, do you use a special software in making tabs of those numbers?

    I like the way you write your content here in your website. Maybe you have learned this via that recommended resource you have at the end of the blog post. If I avail of that 30-day plan, will I end up as good as you are in producing content? What particular site taught you this style of writing a blog post?

    • It took me YEARS to fine tune my writing style and find my voice. I am still a work in progress. I have learned how to layout my posts based upon other blogs I have visited and liked. I keep track of my metrics from all of the platforms I use, so I know what is working and what isn’t. I use a simple Excel spreadsheet to track everything. I update that once a month on the first of the month to see my previous month’s results. 

  44. I have recently decided to try my hand with affiliate marketing and even though I have many great ideas, I just didn’t think my content was up to par. Reading your article has really given me some fresh ideas on where I could improve and new inspiration. I really appreciate your help in this area! 

    • The more content you create, the better it gets. You just have to start where you start and keep improving. I look at content I published a year or two and laugh, because I have grown so much. That’s what happens when you create new content every day. Your skills improve drastically. 

  45. Hello Chuck, 

    It is amazing how much content you have created. I have barely begun with my own website and reading about your story inspires me to keep working. Besides that, your article helped me understand more about the marketing of my business, and also what it is required to achieve great things. I can definitely assure you that this will help so many people, including myself.



    • Thanks for the kind words, Keep in mind this did not happen for me overnight. It took many years to create that much content. That being said, if you created just two pieces of content per day for 5 years, you would have almost 4,000 pieces of content on the internet. Most people are just not persistent and consistent with their content creation. They try it out for 30 to 90 days, don’t get the results they want and quit. Content marketing works, if you work it!

  46. You must have invested thousands and thousands of hours to create all of that content. I applaud your hard work. I am just getting started with content marketing and I try to publish a few pieces of content each week. I know it’s not anywhere near as much as you do, but it’s all I can handle. As my website grows and makes more money, I will consider outsourcing some of the content creation to help me scale my efforts. 

    • Just do the best you can. You have to start somewhere. 3 pieces of new content each week is great, as long as you do it every week, no excuses.

  47. Great stuff πŸ™‚ I see you do put in a lot of effort into your business.

    I use the same strategy. I call it a niche website, but it all comes with great quality content first, of course.

    As for now, I’ve been doing this for two years. I focus mainly on my main website. At the moment I want to optimize user friendliness and improve my SEO and ranking.

    I know I should also use more publishing strategies in the future, but for now, I do not have the time to do that. My website has now about 160 articles. I want to optimize them and slow down the publishing of new content too often.

    The list thing is slowly growing. I definitely need to do more work with that. 

    Thanks for your tips here, this is of great help and mind opening πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for the comment. You got this. Just keep pressing forward, stay the course, keep learning and keep serving people and you will reach your goals. 

  48. What is your favorite place to post content? Which venue has given you the most traffic and sales? I like the idea of YouTube, because people can see you and hear you at the same time. I also think podcasting sounds neat, but it would be hard for people to visualize what you are saying. 

    • My favorite place to post content is on my own blog. With all of the other venues, they have strict rules and they can shut down your account at any time, for any reason. Of all the other places I post content, my podcasting converts the best (other than my blog).

  49. Hello Chuck,

    Really informative post about content marketing. I really like how you go about approaching your audiences. I can see why it is really effective.You give them helpful information to decide whether it may be what they are interested in or not, and then let them decide for themselves.

    So you said it took you about 2 years or so to start seeing progress on your content?



    • I took me a few years of blogging daily to get any kind of results, but I made a lot of mistakes along the way. 

  50. I read your entire article and found it illuminating! Being in network marketing myself, I was intrigued how you addressed this topic.

    Having network marketing as your main niche is something that I had learned from a well-known lead system company. Hence, I like how you created your own hybrid method to build your email list.

    Can I ask you, how many hours a day do you devote to your online business? It sounds like you have a lot to do.

    I am really new to content marketing having joined WA less than four months ago. I am following the training and writing content as directed. In your opinion, should I write content at least once a day?

    The content I write is to discuss a common problem in my niche and offer solutions. It just happens that the most optimum solution is to purchase the product that I recommend and I explain why.

    Now that I am also promoting Wealthy Affiliate, I do the same thing for those interested in affiliate marketing.

    I think you have taken years to perfect your topic. And you tell it like it is that success takes time.

    Have you ever felt like giving up? Are your goals based on results or putting the effort you think is necessary to get the results?

    I congratulate you on the success you have built over the years. My opinion is that you are far too advanced for WA to give you meaningful help. Hence, I wonder why you joined WA?

    Thanks for reading my comments. I hope to communicate you through PM if you are open to that. All the best to you.

    • Glad to help. 

      Yes, it took me years to really master content marketing. It is the hardest thing I have ever done. 

      I joined Wealthy Affiliate because I only want to promote things I use myself. Plus, I know this platform will be VERY beneficial to a newbie with no experience. 

      I wish you huge success in your business.

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