My Internet Marketing Business Plan for 2019

In today’s post, I want to share my Internet Marketing Business Plan for 2019. I own several online businesses, using several different business models, all under my parent company, Holmes Internet Marketing.

I own several blogs and websites, sell my own information products, build my MLM business, sell leads, coaching and services, and do affiliate marketing. In all, I have about 40 different income streams, but my primary focus is on just three of them.

Although I utilize different business models, and have multiple streams of income, my # 1 objective is to generate a leveraged, passive residual income utilizing the internet. Heck, even my mail order business is built via the internet.

internet marketing business planEach year, at the end of December, I take a day or two and map out my goals and game-plan for the upcoming year. I am a big believer in PLANNING. I learned in the Army that failing to plan is planning to fail. No matter what type of business you own, you need a plan!

What you will see below are my goals, my game-plan and my daily mode of operations.

Keep in mind, I share none of these things to brag. If anything, I hope to inspire you to do the same thing with your online business (set goals and make a plan).

My Goals

My Network Marketing Company

  • Reach Double Diamond with my MLM Company
  • Generate 10,000 leads
  • Personally sponsor 120 people
  • Add 4,000 new team members

I’ve been involved in network marketing since 2002 and I absolutely love it. It is my favorite business model, because you can generate a passive, leveraged income without needing money or employees. I’m currently the top rep in my company and I’m hoping 2019 will be even better than 2018.

Wealthy Affiliate

  • Build a 104-page website (this website)
  • Generate 3,650 referrals
  • Have 300 upgrades to Premium members
  • Earn a free trip to Las Vegas

I joined Wealthy Affiliate in December 2018. I’ve been quietly watching it for several years, and decided to add it to my portfolio of income streams for 2019.

This service teaches you how to build a successful website and make money with it. It is the best educational platform online (in my opinion) to learn how to make money online. This website you are reading right now was built with Wealthy Affiliate.

My Mail Order Business

  • Earn $10,000
  • Generate 730 leads online to mail info packets to

Some people reading this post might laugh at this one, but I have always LOVED mail order businesses. I love mailing postcards each month, promoting my offer in classified ads and newspapers, and making money through the mail.

This is one of my favorite income streams. It takes the least amount of time and even has a residual aspect to it. I expect this will be my biggest income stream in the years to come (other than my MLM Company).


Almost everything I do for marketing, other than my direct mail and pay per click ads, is done through content marketing. This includes publishing videos, articles, podcasts, etc. What you see below are my “content” goals for 2019.

These look like lofty goals, but because I have a game-plan and I am disciplined with my time, it’s pretty easy to follow.

  • Write and publish 2 books
  • Create 988 pieces of new content
    • Add 156 pages of content on MLM Blog (3x per week)
    • Add 104 pages on my Military Blog (2x per week)
    • Write/Publish 104 Wealthy Affiliate Articles (2x per week)
    • Publish 156 videos (3x per week)
    • Publish 156 podcasts (3x per week)
    • Publish 156 Slide Share Presentations (3x per week)
    • Publish 156 Warrior Forum Comments (3x per week)
  • Revise/Edit 260 posts on MLM Blog
  • Revise /edit 260 posts on my Military Blog
  • Attend 3 big industry events (MLM, blogging and affiliate marketing)

My Game-Plan


  • Publish 3 new posts weekly on MLM Blog
  • Edit/revise 5 old posts weekly on my MLM Blog
  • Publish 2 new posts weekly on my Military Blog
  • Edit/revise 5 old posts weekly on my Military Blog
  • Publish 2 new posts per week on Get Traffic Leads and Sales Blog

 you need a business planLinkedIn

  • Send 30 new connection requests daily
  • Share two blog posts daily
  • Share 1 video daily
  • Share 1 podcast daily


  • Update My MLM Mastermind Group Daily
  • Update My MLM Team Group Daily


  • Publish 3 videos per week
  • Publish 3 podcasts per week
  • Publish 3 Slide Shares per week
  • Leave 3 comments per week on Warrior Forum
  • Email my MLM List 3x per week
  • Email my MLM Team 3x per week
  • Send two handwritten notes per day
  • Mail 10 pieces of direct mail per day
  • Send daily Herculist solo
  • Send Guaranteed Solo Mail 1x per week
  • Send out my Affiliate Marketing Newsletter 1x per week

My Daily Action Plan

I work my business five days per week. I work, on average, about 8-hours per day. Here is what I will do each day with my internet marketing business. This is simply a picture of my work schedule.

Basically, what I have done is broken down my goals into what I need to do on a daily basis, Monday through Friday, to achieve my yearly goals. This keeps me from getting overwhelmed, trying to figure out how I should spend my time.

internet marketing business plan

Here is a breakdown of what you see in the chart listed above.


  • Send solo ad on Herculist
  • Write and Publish one post on MLM Blog
  • Edit and revise an old MLM Blog post
  • Edit/revise one old post on military website
  • Share links on LinkedIn
  • Update Facebook groups
  • Email my MLM email list
  • Email my MLM Team
  • Login to Wealthy Affiliate and interact with contacts and referrals
  • Send out two handwritten notes
  • Mail 10 pieces of direct mail (flyers or postcards)

failing to plan is planning to failTuesday

  • Send solo ad on Herculist
  • Write and publish one article on my military blog
  • Revise/edit one old post on my military blog
  • Revise/edit one old post on my MLM blog
  • Share links on LinkedIn
  • Update Facebook groups
  • Login to Wealthy Affiliate and interact with contacts and referrals
  • Leave comments at Warrior Forum
  • Send out two handwritten notes
  • Mail 10 pieces of direct mail (flyers or postcards)
  • Conduct my weekly MLM Team webinar


  • Send solo ad on Herculist
  • Write and Publish one post on my MLM Blog
  • Edit and revise one old MLM Blog post
  • Edit/revise one old post on military website
  • Share links on LinkedIn
  • Update Facebook groups
  • Email my MLM email list
  • Email my MLM Team
  • Login to Wealthy Affiliate and interact with contacts and referrals
  • Send out two handwritten notes
  • Mail 10 pieces of direct mail (flyers or postcards)
  • Publish 3 videos
  • Publish 3 podcasts


  • Send solo ad on Herculist
  • Send out solo ad to Guaranteed Solo Mail
  • Publish one post on my military blog
  • Edit and revise one old MLM Blog post
  • Edit and revise one old post on military website
  • Share links on LinkedIn
  • Update Facebook groups
  • Login to Wealthy Affiliate and interact with contacts and referrals
  • Send out two handwritten notes
  • Mail 10 pieces of direct mail (flyers or postcards)
  • Leave comments on Warrior Forum
  • Email my MLM prospects’ list


  • Send solo ad on Herculist
  • Write and Publish one post on my MLM Blog
  • Edit and revise an old MLM Blog post
  • Edit and revise one old post on military website
  • Share links on LinkedIn
  • Update Facebook groups
  • Email my MLM email list
  • Email my MLM Team
  • Login to Wealthy Affiliate and interact with contacts and referrals
  • Upload three Slide Shares
  • Publish page on Get Traffic Sales and Leads blog
  • Send out affiliate marketing email newsletter
  • Send out two handwritten notes
  • Mail 10 pieces of direct mail (flyers or postcards)


I rarely, if ever, work on the weekends. Instead, I like to do some of the following things.

  • Read, relax, nap, swim
  • Collect my thoughts
  • Family time
  • Visit thrift stores, flea markets and have fun

Creating Your Own Internet Marketing Business Plan

Now that you’ve read my Internet Marketing Business Plan for 2019, it’s time for you to create your own business plan. Take some time and think about your goals, your game-plan and your daily action plan. Commit your ideas to paper, refine what you need to do, and then have the discipline to follow it EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Final Thoughts

There you have it folks. Thanks for reading my Internet Marketing Business Plan for 2019. What are your thoughts? Did you like it? Do you have your own Internet Marketing Business Plan? If so, leave a comment below and let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you.

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120 thoughts on “My Internet Marketing Business Plan for 2019

  1. Wow!!  That is about the most aggressive plan I have seen out of anyone in years.  However with a plan like there is no doubt you will be successful.  To me you are an inspiration and I would love to spend some time following you.

    Thank you for showing me how all that work can actually be possible.  I dont get 8 hours a day but I am going to make sure I make the best use of my time.


    • Dale,

      Thanks for reaching out. I had a similar game-plan in 2018 and met most of my goals. I am very organized and disciplined, so it wasn’t a big challenge for me. I do this full-time, so I do have more time than most folks. But, I also work smart and stay on point. 


    • I agree Dale, knowing Chuck, he is one of the most organized, Go-getum entrepreneurs I have ever met.

      Managing time is the most important aspect. Instead of getting caught in the social media/email “jungle,” following a plan like he showed us will keep us on target.

      I am overjoyed to have Chuck as both a mentor and friend. I have learned gobs and will continue to do so.

      • Thanks for the kind words, Greg. I am organized when it comes to my work, but my office looks like a tornado went through it, and then came back again. I simply live by my daily to do lists and checklists. That’s what keeps me on point. I set daily goals and never stop until I reach them.

  2. Chuck, I appreciate this awesome, great plan for 2019. This is an entrepreneurial steps designed to picture the kind of person behind, an expert.

    I see it myself that this is a hardwork and not easy for a newbie to do. Maybe this is to be done not only by a single person but a group.

    Have a fruitful 2019 as according to your plan and your pace.

    • I do most of the tasks myself, but some things are outsourced. I also run several websites (3) and have a large MLM team (about 3,000 people). I love what I do, so it never really feels like work. Thanks for the kind words. 


  3. Hello Chuck:

    I have really enjoyed reading your post, I have been a blogger for a while now having gotten my start at WA, but like most bloggers, I still struggle to drive targeted traffic to my website.

    Reading your post makes me wonder why I have never really thought of trying some marketing methods you mentioned.Will follow your blog closely and see what I can learn from your brilliant tips.In your post you mention your plans and you want to post 7 times weekly plus editing 10 posts, I wish I could do even half of what you do.Having said that, maybe this is why I have not succeeded all this time.

    Now you also mention sending Solo ads, WA disapprove of Solo ads.

    Really thanks for sharing,really enjoyed your post and learned quite a lot.

    • I do have an aggressive schedule and plan, but I know I can do it. I’ve been at this a long time. I know which activities give me the greatest return on my time investment. I personally love solo ads. Been using them for many years to promote my businesses. 

  4. That is an incredibly ambitious daily plan for an entire year.  Just out of curiosity.  On some days you are writing 3 blog posts and then doing a ton of other marketing related items.  

    How long are your posts?  With research and everything it takes me about 2 hours to write 1500 words.  

    It just seems unsustainable for a long period of time.  

    Do you worry about burning yourself out with such an aggressive timetable for content generation?  

    If you can manage to stay on schedule it is gonna be tough on your direct competition to keep up with you.  Good Luck and thanks for the inside look at building an online marketing plan.

    • Most of my posts are around 2,000 words, some as little as 1,200. I do write a lot. I just follow my daily checklist and get everything done. I also like to do things in batches, so I can work smart. I don’t worry about burning myself out. I take the weekends off to relax and recoup, so that helps. My goal is to always outwork my competition. 

  5. Thank you for sharing this post. Your schedule and goals look very solid. Planning everything out does help out tremendously. I also liked your plan for a mail order business. That is something that is worth looking into. I am also looking to branch out more and I plan on create two new websites in 2019.

    • Good for you. Nothing wrong with having multiple streams of income. Just make sure you focus on one income stream until it is doing well, and then create additional income streams. If you spread yourself too thin to early, you can end up failing at everything you do. 

  6. Hi; I will has to discuss your topic a little. I know that dedication and committment are keys to success, however, I am a bit amazed to see your goals for 2019.

     Are you serious on doing all of this writing per week? Yes, when your focus is right it can take you a far way, but so much writing about different things? Will not all of this become challenging to you? I wish you all the best in your planned undertakings for 2019


    • Writing comes easy for me, so it’s not that hard to do. Most of my topics require zero research. I just write about things I am familiar with.  Thanks for leaving the comment. Happy New Year!

  7. I would like more information on the Herculist program.  I see it is in your daily goals, and I did go to the website, but I didn’t totally understand about it.  Would you message me at BabsieRocks when you can and let me know about it, how it works.  I think I’m going to go for the Gold level, but I just want to know a little more about it.  Thanks so much.  You can email me also if you like.

    • I’ve been using Herculist for almost 18-months and have generated almost 2,000 leads with it. My cost was less than $100. That is a very good return on investment. Most people try it once or twice and give up. If you upgrade, make sure you send out your email every single day for a year. Test out different subject lines and be sure to use some type of tracking software so you know your metrics. Thanks for stopping by at my blog. 


  8. This is a really great template for anyone and everyone who is serious about making money online. You’ve done an awesome job outlining  a plan to make the most of your time. Your goal setting is spot on and you have broken both your goals and tasks very professionally. I think we should all take on board what you have shown here. Awesome job.


    • Thanks for the comment. Having a game plan or internet marketing business plan is vital. Your goals don’t have to be as big as mine. Just figure out what you want and the formulate a doable plan that will work for you. Put it on paper and refer to it often. Do that and you can’t go wrong. 

  9. Ok, on my BEST day working on my online business I underachieved when looking at your schedule!  It’s fantastic that you are able to achieve that kind of schedule and wonderful that you set aside the weekend to rest and enjoy your life.  I’m going to write my 2019 goals this week and set up a schedule designed to achieve those goals–thanks for the inspiration!

    • I’ve maintained a similar pace for about 10-years online. However, it’s only when I really focused on my Internet Marketing Business Plan, that I became successful. Most people are busy on non-income producing activities. They’re just busy, but not focused. That is a big mistake. Every day, you should know exactly what you need to do to move your business forward. Leave it to chance, and bad things will happen! Have a plan and you are more than half-way there. 

    • Janelle, what I have found that if we compare ourselves to others, we will always underachieve. It is best to set our own plan of action and follow it and not compare ourselves to others. What works for 1 may not work for another and vice versa.

      • I always tell folks that when you compare yourself with others, you are comparing your weaknesses to their strengths. Plus, you don’t know what part of their success journey they are on. Chances are they went through years of struggle before they had their big breakthrough. That’s how it normally works.

  10. well well this plan is very hard to copy but it very motivating you are very agressive and that is good  I think  I have to think again about my plan because looking at yours mine  is the like  walk in the park considering that I have only wealthy affiliate  . All the best  and thank you  I have to think again totally.

    • I’d love to see your affiliate marketing business plan. Feel free to email it to me and I can share some pointers with you. Yes, my plan is aggressive, but your plan doesn’t have to be. Your plan is simply your plan. Figure out what you want to achieve, formulate your plan, and follow it until you hit your goals. I hope that helps. 

  11. This is really amazing. No one out there is ready to share their business plan with people. This article tells us all your business ideas and how you are planning to do everything. Including me this is going to help so many people on their affiliate businesses. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

    • Glad I could help. Not sure why so many folks like to keep their business plan a secret. I personally believe most online marketers do not have a written business plan. They might have some ideas and strategies in their mind, but that’s about it. Having your own Internet Marketing Business Plan is vital if you want to succeed in the long-term. Like I said in the article, failing to plan is planning to fail!

  12. Your plan of action is very inspiring and has actually motivated me to move along with my online business. I am slowly starting to see trickles of money come through and I m trying to “break the faucet” open. 

    Did you build this plan up until each foundation was established financially? I want to move into other spaces within my online business but I am not sure if I am moving to fast.

    • I would focus on ONE THING until it is working smoothly. Spreading yourself too thin to early on is a huge mistake that a lot of people make. Focus is key. Focus on website for at least a year or two. Build your traffic, monetize it properly and then put it on auto-pilot and reinvest your profits. I have people I hire to help me now and it makes a big difference. Whatever you do, make sure you come up with a game-plan for your own website or online business. Good luck to you. 

  13. Wow, that is probably the most detailed Accountability Post I have ever read.  If someone wanted to learn how to become successful, that would make a pretty good template.  Congratulations on your MLM success.That is a hard one to really succeed at.  It takes a special mindset, which I discovered I don’t have (after several bad attempts).  But the diversification of your income streams is most impressive.  I believe that is the best way to avoid getting badly affected by economic downturns. And getting “Google-slapped” is much less likely to kill your business.  

    • Thanks for reaching out. Sadly, I’ve had to deal with the Google slap several times. It’s definitely disheartening. I’m glad you like my Internet Marketing Business Plan. I’ve just learned that being organized and having a daily action plan has helped me become a high achiever in all areas of my life. It sounds like I do a ton, but I work less than most, because I have a plan. Feel free to use my business plan as a template. Thanks for stopping by. 


  14. Wow, such inspiration. My Goal this year is to write an publish at least one post every single day through out the year to my newly developed website. I always tend to write articles in advance so, like in a day I could write 5 articles and publish them one by one per day. This way I get to have a lot of free time to actually build my profile. You never know when the inspiration comes or when the right keywords keep popping into you mind.

    • That is a great goal.  A post a day. Anyone could do that if they set their mind to it. Do that for a year and I’m sure you will do great. Make sure you spend a little time promoting your posts as well. Gotta get that marketing part down. I’m glad you found my post as an inspiration. Here’s to your success this year!

  15. Admin, Hey! Your aggressive planning seems like a fantasy to a person who has been thinking about online business for less than half a year. 

    But I read your benevolent responses to fifteen previous commentators. It sounds real, convincing and useful for each person in accordance with his natural data. 

    Thank you for your judgment. Mark

    • My plan is aggressive, but many of my successful internet marketer friends have bigger plans than that. It all really boils down to what you want. Everyone has different goals. Our action plans will vary based upon your goals. Just decide what you want to achieve, figure out what you need to do to get there, and have the daily discipline to do those things on a daily basis. I hope that helps. 

  16. First of all, your articles are GOLDEN, I can’t believe how informative your articles are, I or anyone can learn a tons thanks to you, I am honestly grateful for that.

    I just started with Wealthy affiliate and I have got to say, it is very exciting and I am looking forward to it this year, and see how much of a success I can make out of it!

    • Congrats on joining Wealthy Affiliate. I wish you huge success with the program. 

  17. OK, so you’ve hit my biggest hurdle with this post.  Planning.  I’m just terrible at it.

    I really appreciate the detail you’ve provided here.  One question, would you mind if I “borrowed” some of your goals and game-plan to incorporate into my own?

    This is pretty much my major goal for the year.  Build a plan and stick to it.  I have basic goals like grow my followers, get my new site up, be consistent with my content contributions and so on but that’s really it.  I don’t have the detail like you do here and I see the need for it.  At best, I’m like do x, y and z by weeks end.  You have daily goals and that’s what I need to succeed.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to share this.  It’s really helpful.

    • Scott, 

      Feel free to use my Internet Marketing Business Plan as you like. Vague goals are really challenging. Specific goals are much more manageable, because you know exactly what you need to do to move forward. Feel free to come up with your own business plan and email me a copy. I’d be glad to give you some feedback. Thanks for stopping by my blog today!


  18. Hello again. I am still exploring your website. Your last post looked really inspiring so I taught I would check out something else from your content.

    Your Internet marketing plan looks really amazing and ambitious. I love how you set your working schedule by days. By reading this article I can already tell that you are experienced in this field and that this is not your first blog. I will definitely check your MLM company and lead generator suggestions.

    I am so glad you joined Wealthy Affiliate. You are gonna love it here. Everything here is build to help you and find you a way to succeed.

    Best of luck with the new website.


    • Thanks for stopping by. My plan is ambitious. Even if I come up a little short by the end of 2019, I’m still going to have big results. I don’t stress myself out about it, I just do the best I can every day and then let the compound effect kick in. 

  19. I guess that’s where my business fails. I don’t do much planning.  But, wow, you sure do a lot of planning. How do you manage to stick to it without getting sidetracked? My problem is that as a mother of 4 things always crop up, like an ill kid, or an appointment that even if I have a plan it’s too hard to keep.

    Do you have any tips for me?

    • Thanks for the comment. One of the best things you can do is just pick 1-2 things that you are going to do that day. Decide what are the 1-2 most important things you can do and focus on that. That way, if you have some free time, you can knock out some other tasks as well. I hope that helps. 

  20. Thank you for taking your “strategy” and laying it out in such clear, tangible activities. This is the kind of process I follow for my day job in corporate America, and need to apply the same discipline to my online business. You clearly have great discipline, I am going to bookmark this website to learn more from you! Thanks!

    • Thanks for the kind words. What you said is the truth. Most people have their day planned out for them at their job. If they could just do that with their own business, they would achieve much more. Everyone with their own website needs their own Internet Marketing Business Plan. That’s what I think anyway. Have a great day!


  21. Thank you for sharing with us this great article with your internet marketing business plan for 2019. Earning money online is not as easy as many people say because it requires hard work .

    I am happy that I found this website because I got many tips which will help me to build my business this year.

    You are a good business planner for sure. Congratulations

    • Thanks, Julienne. I love planning. I learned how to do that in the Army. One of my jobs was as a Plans Officer. While I hated the job, it taught me some really important skills. I know 2019 is going to be a good year for you. Thanks for stopping by and leaving the comment. 


  22. I like the way how you have your goals for 2019 so well arranged that you have each day of the week planned. I have a number of goals for 2019 myself, but haven’t written them down. Maybe I should do that.

    MLM generally doesn’t have the best reputation, but seeing as you’ve been involved in it since 2002, there must be legitimate programs out there.

    • MLM is no different than blogging or affiliate marketing. 95% of the people do not do the work, develop their skills or stick with it. That is why they fail. How many bloggers make money? Only a small percentage. How many affiliate marketers make money? Only a small percentage. That’s life. Most people do not have the will power to stick with something once their initial enthusiasm is gone. Building a successful business of ANY kind takes money, time and years of hard work. 

  23. I must say that I like this article primarily because it is so motivational and inspires me to make big plans just like you. It is not easy at all to achieve all those things, but we have a year ahead of us. I wish you to achieve your desired goals and more than that. I will start writing my own goals for 2019.

    • Daniel, 

      You’d be amazed at what you can accomplish in a year if you set your goals and then break them down into bite-sized chunks. That is the key to success. That is all I have done with my Internet Marketing Business Plan. 


  24. You have really challenged me into planning, especially setting daily goals, weekly, monthly and for the whole year. I have always had a weakness for that. I only make yearly goals and not the rest.  Thanks a lot for your aggressiveness, it has woken me up and I now ready to go ahead.

    • Euphrasia,

      Yes, setting goals is vital for your success. Start with the end in mind and then plan backwards.Set your big yearly goals, and then monthly and then weekly and then daily goals. Break down your big goals into bite-sized chunks. That’s all I have done with my example Internet Marketing Business Plan. I hope that helps. 

  25. Wow… This is an inspiration and challenge for everyone with an online business, because a goal like this requires hard work. This has inspired me even as a newbie. I can’t set my goals up to your standard, but I will work harder. From now on you will be my mentor and I will keep following you.

    • Thanks for the kind words, Lok. Feel free to check back on this website often. I’ll be adding a lot of articles over the next few weeks. 

  26. How exciting to read about the “IN YOUR FACE” GOALS that you are embracing.  I was exhilarated and will be revamping my own goals right after I catch my breath.  Your automation must be awesome, not to dis your ambition and passion for what we do.  New to blogging, I am becoming aware of the bodacious opportunities to exceed my initial casual anticipation of a few bucks to cover gas on our upcoming trip from Pennsylvania to Alaska.  I will be following your blogs and incorporating your zeal into my business plan.

    BCNU, Rod 

    • Glad to help Rod. My goals are just my goals. What’s important is that you come up with your own Internet Marketing Business Plan. Decide what you want, map out your daily action plan and get to work. Whether you want to make a few bucks, or create a full-time income, it’s possible. You just need to start where you start, get to work, and never look back. 

  27. Wow! I love discipline so much, but I’ve never seen plans and goals like yours! This is a perfect post!

    I am still newbie in online marketing, I’m on training on Wealthy Affiliate, but I’ve already learned a lot and I am so happy to see how all the pieces are coming together. It is the best platform online for affiliate marketing, as you mentioned.

    I never knew how important discipline is in our lives, until I just started to see the real advantages of it.

    At the beginning it was very hard to me to organize my life, because everything was a mess, so I had to put discipline in every aspect of my life to obtain a perfect balance between mind, body and soul, but also between work, family and myself. 

    First I started to focus on my sleep program, then on my diet, then on physical activity, on work, on my inner peace and finally on relationships and family. 

    For most of the people discipline looks scary at the beginning, but if you take it step by step, you will have perfect results. The only thing you need is motivation and a purpose.

    I’m so happy to see that there are so amazing people out there, who are not only trying to do something with their lives and to understand how things really work here, but they are also sharing all these experiences with others. 

    Thank you so much for your high quality content!

    I’ve already saved your website, because you have a treasure here!

    • Whether it’s our personal life, our internet marketing business plan, our health, or anything else, discipline is key. Quite perhaps the biggest mistake new affiliate marketers make is being scatter brained. It’s vital to pick one traffic source, one income stream and have a goal, a daily action plan and the discipline to follow it. As you learn and succeed, you can expand, but in the beginning, you must focus and keep the main thing the main thing. 

  28. This is wicked. Brilliant work! I am amazed and inspired by this. I feel like I need to do this as well, create a game plan, to keep me focused, but that will also allow me balance my “business” life with my personal life and it might actually give me more time for writing articles that will impact people. Great work!

    • Glad I could help, Alexandra. After you finish your Internet Marketing Business Plan, be sure to send me a copy and I can give you some feedback. Here’s to your success. 

  29. Great plan! I’ve personally developed my own plans for 2019 and while we have our differences, this is the first time I’ve seen someone else approach it like how I did. I love the way how you made a yearly goal and then a daily plan to get to that goal. But now comes the most difficult part; actually following through with your plan. 

    I’m sure you’ll be able to do it as long as you keep the end in sight!

    • Following through is the easy part for me, although I realize most people struggle with that. What good is making an Internet Marketing Business Plan if you won’t follow it. Just my two cents. 

  30. Dear Chuck,

    Wow, what an extensive Business Plan indeed!

    To be honest I am a little overwhelmed by so much information, but I appreciate all the effort that you put for creating this winning business plan. This is it! The blueprint for your success!

    Being a full-time blogger this action plan means a lot to me and I do have my business plan for 2019 but after reading your post I am going to change my plans. Oops I am not copying I realized my plans are not very detailed and specific like yours.

    I learned a lot about goal setting from your post and thanks a lot for sharing!

    Much Success!


    • Glad I could help Paul. Having a very detailed Internet Marketing Business Plan. It’s what keeps me on track. I just follow my daily action plan every day and by the end of the year, I hit all of my goals. It’s not by coincidence. Thanks for the comment. 

  31. I love the way you plan and its true that failing to plan is plan to fail, I do plan all my days very careful. Everyday I have a goal and I do try to put challenges on myself.

    I like the tips for content and how you do on your marketing content.

    Thank you so much really liked your website.

    • Thanks, Liliana. I’m glad you liked my Internet Marketing Business Plan. I hope you crush it in 2019!

  32. Thank you for sharing ¨My Internet Marketing Business Plan for 2019¨. I found most of the main components of a business plan: 

    a) overview of your business and plans, 

    b) opportunity-what you are actually selling and how are you solving a problem (or¨ need¨) for your market, and 

    c) execution-how you are going to take this opportunity and turn it into a business.

    What I would have liked to be included was a financial plan. A chart that shows your planned sales, expenses and profitability. If your business model (i.e. ¨how you make money¨) needs additional explanation, this is where you do it. 

    Also, you must include the details of how much money you need (funding requirements). There´s no need to include terms of a potential investment, as that will be negotiated later, but instead a short statement indicating how much money you need to raise to get your business off the ground.

    • My business is already off the ground, so I don’t need funding. I have the financial plan already done, I just don’t share my numbers with anyone but my wife and the IRS. Thanks for the comment. 

  33. Thanks for sharing your business plan. You seem to be very organized and seem to know a lot about building a successful online business. Your lead generation plan is amazing. Some beginners need a tutor. Do you mind showing or telling us about your success since 2002 to date? Maybe we could learn a thing or two from you.

    • Hey Seun,

      I can do another post covering my journey. Thanks for the idea. Check back on the blog in a few weeks and I will have a post about it. 


  34. Chuck,

    Thank you for sharing your 2019 goals and process list. This is not just inspirational to another affiliate marketer, but to anyone wanting to get into the business. I run several online businesses and my schedule is not as full as yours but yes, I do the exact same thing as you do with planning out each day and what needs to be completed.  

    I have put mine into an Excel Worksheet to be checked off on a daily basis. If I miss something on a specific day, it gets carried over to the next day. 

    More people need to realize that working online takes work but the rewards, in the end, are so gratifying.

    Thank you,


    • I’m glad you liked my Internet Marketing Business Plan, Susan. It sounds like you are very organized yourself. Keep up the great work. To your success!

  35. I’ve heard good things about the mail order business. I’m planning to maybe join that business to at least get some cash to help sustain myself to grow my blog. Do you think that’s a good idea? I want to make just enough money so that I can save up and focus all my time on blogging. Which mail order business are you in if I may ask?

    • Riaz,

      You might want to just get a part-time job, to give you some extra money. Mail order businesses cost money to start and promote. The mail order business I promote in in the links. You can click on it to learn more about it. 


  36. I wish I had my year laid out like yours! WOW! How impeccable!

    This is what I need in my life: a scheduled daily list! When I make lists I follow them, so now I must make a work schedule for my online business. I have not been very consistent lately and I need to change that!!

    Thanks for sharing this very inspiring post!


    • Glad it inspired you, Stacie. Most people would benefit from having a written business plan and daily to do list for their online or offline business. I’m not sure why people try to wing it. I mean, they have a daily work schedule from their employer, but they can’t make one for their own business? That just doesn’t make sense to me. 

  37. What can I say Chuck… you are a machine!! 🙂 

    Anything is possible when it’s important enough and you love what you do. 

    I like the way you have broken your goal down into actionable and measurable outcomes and then you stick to it. I do the same thing or I end up procrastinating. 

    I agree with you that it all starts with having a robust plan in place that’s designed to get you to where you want to be. It can’t stop there though. A plan without follow through is also useless. Your daily actions have to be non negotiable and you definitely have to remove the  the idea that you need to feel like doing what’s on your list. The mind will always try and steer you away towards something else if you allow it. Just get on with it regardless. 

    What helped me greatly with learning to follow through on my action plan was to focus on the one thing I needed to do on my list until it was done and then move to the next. Before that became a habit for me I used to dip in and out of my action plan and my days used to be disastrous.Thankfully I learned to change that.


    • Thanks for the comment, Mark. I f I had to break things down to the 3rd grader level, it would be:

      1. Set a goal

      2. Make a plan

      3. Follow your plan and do not deviate

      Most people struggle with the discipline. Anyone can start something, because it’s easy to start something. However, successful people follow through, even after their initial enthusiasm fades. 

  38. I am truly equipped and ready for success this year. I love your action plan you mapped out for use everyday. I never had a detailed plan for my online activities. 

    Seems you work full-time online. I hope some day I can quit my day job and I’ll be very prepared for full-time work by detailing my daily activities to suit my goals.

    Thanks for the write up, I really found it helpful.


    • Glad I could be of help, Louis. I appreciate you stopping by and leaving a comment!

  39. Your plan shows how committed you are in your business. As a full-timer, for 8 hours your tasks are tremendous. Kudos to you. I wonder as part-timer only free from 6:00 pm to 6:00 am if I can achieve at least 25% of your planned tasks. 

    I should make a plan at least for four hours and should achieve 50% of your plan if I work hard like you. But I think it is not possible for me. I should try and achieve at least 25% of yours. Thanks for sharing a very useful article about task planning.

    • Glad you liked my Internet Marketing Business Plan. Please do not compare yourself to me. Just be the best you possible and focus on getting a little bit better every single day. That is the key to success. 

  40. Hey Chuck

    What an awesome Internet Marketing Business plan and goals set out for you. It’s no wonder you are successful as you have a solid plan and you work it diligently

    I would love to know more about the Mail Order business, but I live in New Zealand. Is there a way I can get into this from over here?



    • Vicki,

      Thanks for the comment. My mail order business is for the USA only. Sorry about that. 


  41. I strongly agree with your rule of “he who fails to plan, plan to fail” and I really love the way you have taken time to have a list and checklist of all your goals; this will really make it easier to achieve. Thanks for all these ideas, it’s really inspiring and I’ll not stay negative, but rather go start my plans too. It’s not too late to have my own goals because I have the zeal to be successful in my online business this year. Thanks

    • Salim,

      Thanks for the comment. If you have your own online business, I highly recommend you take a couple of hours and create your own Internet Marketing Business Plan. Your plan doesn’t have to have huge goals like mine. Just set up something that works for you and stretches you a little bit out of your comfort zone. Good luck!


  42. Hi! Thank you for allowing us this sneak peek into your business plan. Taking a look at your goals, and your daily action plans has had two effects upon me. 

    First of all, it has opened my eyes concerning all that can be achieved. Next, it shows me the importance of an organized agenda to accomplish our goal.

    Thank you for this great post. I’ll embrace it as an example for my own business.

    • Hey Henry. I’m glad my Internet Marketing Business Plan is helpful for you. Thanks. 

  43. Wow! You are really serious about achieving success this year! I am down for it. Your game-plan is on point and I know with hard work you can do it. Your website already looks amazing. I myself am trying to work really hard on building my online business. I really want to get ranked in Google sooner than later. With hard work anything is possible. Go get it!

    • Hi Jamiro,

      Thanks for stopping by and visiting my website. Here’s to your success in 2019 and beyond. 


  44. Sounds like you have a pretty solid foundation! Having a plan is very important in my opinion, I know as I am currently working towards making money through affiliate marketing. I feel a plan gives you direction and helps you use your time more effectively. What would your number one tip for developing a plan be?

    • Decide what you want. Set a goal. Take that big goal and break it down into bite-sized chunks of smaller goals. Plan your work, work your plan. It all starts with a goal. Once you know what you want to accomplish you just utilize backwards planning. 

  45. I enjoyed your article on writing an Internet Marketing Business Plan. You are very thorough and I like it. I will take some of your pointers and write out my own business plan for the year. Right now I write an article about every other day and I’m sure when I’m able to I will hire help to do some of the rest. Thanks again for the information.

    • Great job, Cory. You can do it!

  46. I am running out of words after going through your 2019 Internet Marketing Business Plan, especially on the Wealthy Affiliate. I am surprised that you joined Wealthy Affiliate this past December and have already set such big goals for yourself. 

    I believe you have great knowledge in marketing and thus you have already created a plan to get traffic to your websites. For this post I have learned that failing to plan is planning to fail.

    • I’m glad you liked my business plan, Joy. Thanks for leaving a comment. 

  47. Thank you, Chuck. Believe me, you just won yourself a new fan. 

    To be frank, this is the one of the best, if not the best planing I’ve read on internet since 2018. Very explosive and aggressive. This is more of planning, training and inspirational than educational. 

    Very lovely. In fact, I’m bookmarking this page, and I’ll keep revisiting daily for guidance and motivation. This plan is worth emulating.

    You’ve just shown me so many things are possible. Truly, impossibility is nothing. It’s just in one’s head. I’m gonna start putting in more effort than before!!! 

    Lemme just say to hell with 9 to 5 job!!!!

    • Kehinde,

      My Internet Marketing Business Plan is aggressive, but I do this full-time, have a lot of experience, and do have some people who work with me. At the end of the day, you do not need to copy my plan. Just set some goals for yourself that stretch you out of your own comfort zone, and then have the discipline to stick with it. That is what I suggest.


  48. Wow, you’ve got some action plan there!

    I’m sure I couldn’t do all these things in 5 days. I have one blog I’m working on at the moment and if I’m good I manage to publish 5 posts a week.

    I do my social media and some research, that’s it. I work about 40 to 46 hours a week too and my schedule has gotten routine by now.

    I wish you the best of luck and power for all you want to accomplish.

    • Thanks Stefan. I do the best I can and outsource whenever I can. 

  49. I really love your Internet Marketing Business Plan.

    You laid everything out in a simple and easy way. Your goals are lofty, but I know you will reach them because you have a game-plan and you are disciplined. 

    I’m going to take a few hours this weekend and draft up my own business plan for my website. I’ll use yours as a template, but modify it with my own goals. 

    Thanks for sharing. You have me some great ideas. 

    • Glad I could be of help, Michael. 

      If you take the time to come up with your own business plan for your website, you will be well on your way. Most people never do this step. It is a costly mistake. 

      I’d love to hear how your website progresses in the months to come. 

  50. This is a really amazing internet marketing business plan, Chuck. Your goals are huge. I’m not sure I can keep up with you. I can tell you have a lot of experience in the online world. What I like most about this post is how you broke everything down into bite sized chunks, which makes it very manageable. 

    • Glad I could be of help. I believe you can be very successful if you set some goals, get to work and stick with it. Here’s to your success. 

  51. This internet marketing business plan is so inspiring. Your goals are HUGE. For most people they are probably overwhelming, but based on your past experience, there is no doubt in my mind you will achieve this. I do have a few questions for you:

    1. How often do you review your Internet Marketing Business Plan?

    2. How often do you update it? 

    • I review my Internet Marketing Business Plan at least once a week to make sure I am on track to achieve my goals. I updated it about once a month, or as needed. It is simply a guide. It is not locked in stone. It does change several times per year. 

  52. What a great Internet Marketing Business Plan, Chuck. My brother was also in the Army. He’s also big into “planning” so it must be a military thing. You have huge goals. It will take a tremendous work ethic to make that a reality, but there is no doubt in my mind you can do it. 

    • Thanks for the kind words, Stella. I got this!

  53. This is a wonderful post. I never thought of having a business plan for my Internet marketing business, funny enough, I never knew one could make such plans. This plan really looks good and realistic enough to get one to his or her destination as far as Internet marketing is involved. I’m going to use your business plan as a template for my own business. Of course, many of my goals will be different, but that’s okay.

    • Thanks for the comment.

      Every business needs a business plan. It’s the “planning process” that makes you think outside of the box and identify the big things that need to be done. Even if things don’t go exactly as planned, which they won’t, the time you spent planning and creating your plan, will be well worth it.  Failing to plan is planning to fail.

  54. What a great article, Chuck. Most people do not spend much time planning. If anything, they wing it. That is a recipe for disaster when it comes to having your own home business. As a new internet marketer myself, I’m going to follow the advice in this article and create my own Internet Marketing Business Plan!

    • Glad I could be of help. Creating your own business plan is a smart move. 

  55. When you work for yourself you have to learn how to manage your time, especially if you are working from home. Having a business plan and daily to do list are a good starting point. It even helps if you take 15-20 minutes and plan out your day. Know exactly what tasks you are going to work on during different times of the day. 

    • Yes, you definitely need to work smart and be disciplined with your time. This is one of the biggest struggles most home business owners struggle with. 

  56. What an amazing Internet Marketing Business Plan. You are definitely an overachiever. I like how you broke everything down into very specific goals and action plans. There is no doubt in my mind you will accomplish most, if not all, of these goals. 

    Is this something you do every year? Do you normally hit most of your goals?

    • Yes, I create a business plan each year for all of my businesses and normally I hit at least 80 percent of my goals. A few of my goals are a really big stretch and I know I more than likely won’t hit them. 

  57. Whoa that seems like a lot of work. But I supposed if you are disciplined you will have better time management to complete the tasks that need to be completed. I am impressed of the way you plan your year ahead before the new year even begins. I really liked how you showed us in a very detailed way how you go about completing each segment of your different business ventures. I found your site over all easy on the eye, and I also found the navigation of your site fairly easy as well

    • Glad you liked my Internet Marketing Business Plan. Yes, my goals are big, but so is my hustle. 

  58. Hey Chuck

    You must be super organised to have written this game plan and stick to it! That is discipline for sure and I found it really inspiring as I’ve not thought that drastically into my goals for my humble blog. 

    I find it a struggle at times to even write one blog post per month – along with re-editing my old blog posts, sharing and using social media and the odd training to keep me up to date on Wealthy Affiliate. I guess I really do need to come up with some sort of solid game plan! Thanks for the inspiring and get-my-ass into gear read!


    • Woot woot! You can do it. Failing to plan is planning to fail. Set some goals, make a plan, create a work schedule and stick to your plan. 

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