Make Money as Infopreneur: Success Tips & Ideas

Today, I want to share my thoughts and ideas on how to make money as an infopreneur. This is something I have been doing successfully for more than 10-years now. It is a wonderful way to make money online, create residual income, and build up an asset and brand at the same time.

what is an infopreneur

What is an Infopreneur?

In case you aren’t familiar with the term, here is a definition from Wikipedia.

An infopreneur is an entrepreneur who identifies opportunities for creating enterprising information-based businesses by identifying knowledge deficiency situations and selling target-based information products and services, mainly through the internet.

In my own words, an infopreneur is someone who sells information to a specific group of people, in the form of books, CDs, courses, etc. The infopreneur has an area of expertise and they create information products around that area of expertise, and then they sell their products and services for a profit.

example information products

Example Information Products

Just to get you thinking, here are some example information products you could create.

# 1 A Website or Blog

One option you have is simply to create your own website or blog. This is how I started out. As you build up an audience, you can start creating information products to sell, or you could simply sell advertising and promote affiliate products on your website.

# 2 An eBook

I created my first eBook nearly 10-years ago. That one eBook has generated more than $30,000 in sales. An eBook is simply a PDF document that people can purchase and download. Basically, you write a 20 to 100 page MS Word Document, save it as a PDF, and then sell it.

# 3 A CD or DVD

CDs and DVDs are still very popular, contrary to what you might believe. You could record yourself teaching, read some of your blog posts out loud and record them, or record different classes or speeches you give at your live events, and sell them.

Some specialty DVDs can sell for upward of $50 to $100 each, depending on the niche. As an example, I have a 16-CD audio course I sell for $97. My cost to manufacture it is about $18, so I more than 5x my money. Not bad!

# 4 Online Courses

Online courses are growing in popularity. Sites like UDEMY make it easy for anyone to publish a course about a specific topic. The beauty of an online course is that you do the work one-time and you can keep getting paid for it, over and over.

# 5 Seminars

Seminars are big business. Depending on your niche, you could do weekend seminars and charge $297 to $997 per attendee. If you can fill up the seats with attendees, you could have a BIG payday.

# 6 Webinars

Webinars are a great information product. You can use webinars to sell your products OR your webinar could be the product itself.

# 7 Membership Site

Membership sites are a great way to make money as an infopreneur. You could charge people a monthly fee to be a member of your site, and keep uploading new content to it each week. This provides ongoing income.

# 8 Printables

Printables are simple 1-2 page Word or PDF documents that people can buy and download from your website. It could be a best tips list, instructions on how to do something, a checklist, etc.

# 9 Workbooks

Workbooks are very popular. You could create a manual or workbook that comes with questions and homework assignments. People could follow along with the instructions to learn something new.

This is just a small list of example information products to give you an idea as to what is possible.

example niches

Example Niches

There are literally thousands of niches you can choose from. Here are just a few quick ideas to help get you thinking.

  1. Sex
  2. Love
  3. Relationships
  4. LGBT
  5. Investing
  6. Careers
  7. Buying a House
  8. Investing
  9. FOREX
  10. Make Money Online
  11. Divorce
  12. Losing Weight
  13. Raising Kits
  14. Essential Oils
  15. Natural Remedies
  16. Automotive
  17. Fly Fishing
  18. Boar Hunting
  19. ATVs
  20. Gaming
  21. Blogging
  22. Car Repair
  23. Traveling
  24. RV Lifestyle
  25. Snowmobiling
  26. Raw/Organic Food
  27. Coffee
  28. BBQ
  29. Crock Pot Recipes
  30. Small Business
  31. Postcard Marketing

I put together this list in less than 2-minutes. These were just the first things that came to mind.

how to pick your niche

How to Pick Your Niche

When it comes to picking a niche for your infopreneur business, I can offer you a few tips that have helped me.

# 1 Pick something you are knowledgeable about. Think about your past work experience or hobbies. What is something you are naturally good at? Think of all the jobs and experiences you have ever had and start brainstorming. You might not be an expert in that area, but you probably know enough information about it to get started as an infopreneur.

# 2 Pick something you are passionate about. Passion trumps everything. Pick something you are passionate about. For example, I chose two niches: military and network marketing. I am very knowledgeable and passionate about those two niches so it is VERY EASY to come up with articles and information products.

# 3 Make sure there is an audience of buyers for that niche. The next step is to make sure your niche is not to small, but not too big. I tell people it’s better to be a big fish in a small pond than be a minnow in the ocean. For example, if you are considering weight loss, natural weight loss or juicing for weight loss would be a better niche, because they are smaller and less competitive. Also, make sure your niche is ACTIVELY buying information about these topics.

# 4 Make sure you can identify WHERE and HOW to reach that audience. You need to make sure you have different ways of reaching your target audience. Are there certain forums and websites just for people in that audience? Are there trade journals or magazines for people in that audience? You need to know these things upfront so you have different ways to advertise and market your information products.

6 reasons to become an infopreneur

6 Reasons to Become an Infopreneur

At this point, you might be wondering, Chuck, why should I become an infopreneur? Here are 6 good reasons I can think of.

# 1 Residual Income

One of the best reasons to become an infopreneur is residual income. You can literally create a product ONE TIME and get paid on the sales of it for many years to come. I have courses I created five to ten years ago that still sell every month and generate me residual income. This is very powerful once you understand it.

# 2 Become a Celebrity

You might not become famous like President Trump or Michael Jordan, but you can definitely become famous with people in your niche. It’s pretty humbling to have people you’ve never met before call you and THANK YOU or praise you.

# 3 Earn Lots of Money

You can do infopreneuring as a side hustle or even as a full-time gig. The sky is the limit. You can earn as much or as little as you want to. There is no cap on your earnings.

# 4 Give Back & Help Others

It’s very fulfilling to give back and share my knowledge with others. It gives me a sense of purpose knowing that I am sharing my thoughts and real world experiences with others and helping them improve at the same time.

# 5 Do Something You Love

Another good reason to become an infopreneur is to do something you love. Let’s face it; you only live once. Why not make a living doing something you absolutely love?

# 6 New Opportunities

The biggest and best reason to be an infopreneur is what it might lead you to. It could lead you to a book deal. You could get hired as a coach, consultant or public speaker. You could be hired by companies in your niche as a trainer. The options are endless. I’ve always said that being an infopreneur will help get your foot in the door and create new opportunities you never could have dreamed of.

how to get started as an infopreneur

How to Get Started as an Infopreneur

Here is a simple checklist to follow to help you get started as an infopreneur.

# 1 Brainstorm Niches

Your first step is to take a day or two and brainstorm as many possible niches as you can think of. Make a list of your hobbies. Make a list of every job you have ever had. Make a list of things that interest you. Think of all the classes in school that you enjoyed and write them down. Try to come up with at least 10 different potential niches.

# 2 Evaluate Your Competition

Your next step is to evaluate your competition. Take your list of potential niches and start researching your top 3 choices. See who your competitors will be. Check out what they are selling and at what price points.

# 3 Identify a Need

Once you have found a niche that you like, your next step is to identify a need. What topics or issues are they asking for information about? Visit popular forums and look at the questions people are asking. Check out Amazon and look at the titles of the best-selling books in your niche. Study keywords for your niche to see what keywords get a lot of searches.

# 4 Determine Your USP

Your next step is to determine your unique selling proposition. How are you going to be different from everyone else in your niche? What makes you unique? You need to be able to answer this question.

# 5 Pick Your Niche

Your next step is to pick your niche. Pick the one niche you think you will enjoy the most AND offers the most potential. Only you can decide.

# 6 Create Your First Information Product

Once you have chosen your niche, it’s time to create your first information product. Choose the format you want to use and get it done. If you sit down and focus, you should be able to create your first information product in less than a week. For example, you could interview 3-5 successful people in your niche and launch a webinar or DVD with their interviews (make sure you have their permission in writing). The options are endless.

infopreneur success tips

Infopreneur Success Tips

Here are some of my best success tips on how to succeed and make money as an infopreneur.

# 1 Don’t Sell Cheap Products

It’s hard to make money selling $5 and $10 information products. You can trust me on that one. I learned the hard way. Ideally, you want products that sell for $297 to $997. If that is not possible, then at least pick a product that you can earn $50 to $100 profit per sale. You have to have enough markup on each product so you can afford to advertise.

# 2 Over Deliver & Under Promise

Make sure your information product is high quality and provides a good value at the suggested price. You want people to feel like they got a great deal when they purchase your information product, rather than feeling like they got ripped off.

# 3 Focus on SELLING Your Products

This one area is where most people mess up. If you want to succeed as an infopreneur, you must learn and master marketing. You must have a marketing plan to SELL your information products. They will not sell themselves. You could leverage sites like Clickbank, JV Zoo, or Share a Sale to tap into their affiliates. Otherwise, you are on your own.

# 4 Build Your List

Whatever you do, make sure you build up an email list of people in your niche. This is one of your top priorities. As you do this, you will always have a list of hungry buyers for your future information products. I can’t speak for anyone else, but my email list is my most valuable business asset.

# 5 Develop Good Up-sells & Cross-Sells

Find other information products that are affiliate products that you can sell to your list. These can be up-sells or cross-sells. Also, create your information products in multiple formats. For example, you could take your DVD and turn it into an audio CD, a webinar, an eBook, a work book and other formats. And remember this, the real money comes from back-end sales and repeat sales, not one-time sales.

Suggested Resource

“How to write, publish, & sell your own OUTRAGEOUSLY Profitable eBook in as little as 7 days – even if you can’t write, can’t type and failed high school English class!”

write and publish an ebook

Final Thoughts

In review, these are my best tips on how to make money as an infopreneur. I honestly believe that infopreneuring is one of the best businesses you can choose. If you get started, learn the ropes and follow through, the sky is the limit.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, has something they can specialize in. Just look at your past hobbies, jobs and interests and come up with your winning idea.

What are your thoughts about infopreneuring? Have you tried it before? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you.

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54 thoughts on “Make Money as Infopreneur: Success Tips & Ideas

  1. This information about being an infopreneur is awesome. Before the internet, this option wasn’t available for most people, especially for folks outside of the USA. Yes, some people did seminars and sold books and CDs, but the average person couldn’t do that. Now, anyone can create a blog or website about something they are passionate about and at least have a chance to make money online. The internet really has created a level playing field. 

    • I couldn’t agree more. Today, there is NO LEGITIMATE excuse as to why someone could not become an infopreneur. Anyone can start a blog. Anyone can make videos or podcasts. Anyone can write a report or eBook or hire someone to do it for them. Of all of the business models I have done, other than network marketing, infopreneuring is my favorite. 

  2. I’m in the process of becoming an infopreneur myself. I have my own website. It’s still pretty new and isn’t anywhere near what I want it to be, but I am making progress. 

    I see you have been doing this for many years. Do you really believe you can make money in any niche? Or, is it smarter to pick popular niches like weight loss, make money online, internet marketing, work from home, etc.?

    • I believe you can make money in any niche. I do believe some niches are “easier” to make money in than others though. Just make sure your niche has enough hungry buyers and you can find enough affiliate products for your niche to offer them. That is what I would suggest. 

  3. Nice review there on how to make money as infopreneur. I must commend you for a job well done for taking your time to explain everything about infopreneuring in great detail. 

    Many times I have see people infopreneuring online and they later give up on it due to the fact that they produce low quality content and they seem to be after the money, rather than creating REAL VALUE.

    One thing I think is very important in order to become a successful infopreneur is to pick a niche you understand and like and then focus on creating EPIC, high quality content. 

    • Yes, many people start infopreneuring because they think it will be fast and easy money. It never works out that way. You must always take your eyes off yourself and focus on helping your customers and prospects solve their problems. If you can do that, you will make money.

  4. Thanks for this great post, Chuck.

    I consider myself an infopreneur because I own my website. I get to write about a niche I absolutely love. I get to teach people and help people. Plus, I get to make money doing this. It’s like the best of both worlds. 

    I think infopreneuring is a great career for anyone who likes to write or teach. 

    • Definitely. As a blogger or website owner, you are definitely an infopreneur. It’s awesome that you get to do something that you love. Here’s to your success. 

  5. Hello, I really appreciate your time and effort on writing about making money as an infopreneur.

    From your post it’s obvious that this is a very lucrative gig and it’s perfect for entrepreneurs who are looking for a way to build residual income. I currently have a blog that I make money from, and each month my income grows higher and higher. It still boggles my mind that I can make income just by simply writing about things on the internet.

    There’s a lot of great tips in your post. I’ve always wanted to create a product like an ebook, it just sounds like such a big project though and I haven’t figured everything out yet. Also I love the tip about how you should sell more expensive products, you only need a few sales to make a full time income at $1000 per sale. Great article, thanks.

    • Glad to be of help. Focusing on big ticket items is much more profitable than Adsense ads or low cost affiliate programs. I only wish I would have started promoting big ticket items sooner. 

  6. These are some great tips on how to make money as an infopreneur. 

    I like the ideas of YouTube and creating physical products that you can sell. Even though a lot of people are set on digital products, I still see the value of creating something your client can actually hold and touch. Plus, some CD and DVD courses sell for BIG BUCKS. 

    Any other tips or suggestions you can think of?

    • I would just say take your time and pick a niche you understand and are passionate about. Most people jump into the make money online niche, which is a huge mistake, because the average person knows nothing about it. However, had they picked a niche about something they have experience with, I know they could have succeeded as an infopreneur. 

  7. I a really happy to be an infopreneur! I’ve only been involved in website creation and gotten my sales solely by calls I receive from my services page that I created but man, I never knew that there are just so many ways on how we can earn money online! 

    Writing an eBook is my next goal. Have you ever thought of becoming a book writer yourself?

    • Yes, I’ve written and published about 20 books now. There are so many different ways to make money as an infopreneur. The sky is the limit. You just have to think outside of the box and pursue something you are passionate about. 

  8. I must admit that I have not heard of the term “infopreneur” before until I stumbled upon this great review. It’s really neat that there are thousands of niches to choose from. All we need to do is find a niche we are passionate about.

    What piqued my interest most is creating DVDs and audio CDs. This is what I am in the process of doing right now.

    • Glad to help. Good luck making your CDs and DVDs.

  9. Wow! This is such an intriguing and exasperating piece.

    I like this piece because of its in depth analysis and well stated features. It really gives you all the ins and outs of being an infopreneur. Anyone could read this article and then have a basic understanding of infopreneuring.

    I once sold eBooks on Amazon Kindle, but that didn’t really work out well. Now, I just focus on writing articles for my blog. 

    • I’m glad you enjoyed my post. I personally prefer blogging over writing eBooks. 

  10. I’m not really familiar with this aspect of making money online. I’ve seen lots of sites that offer all kinds of information, but I’ve never thought of doing it myself. Maybe I should. 

    My question to you is this:  what kind of info would a person with a food/recipe blog put out? A cookbook? This is a subject worth looking into. 


    • You could put out your own cook book, sell coaching on how to cook, create a how to cook on a budget course, or hundreds of other things.

  11. Infopreneurship really sounds like an amazing money making venture. I have heard about writing and selling eBooks, audios, online courses, but no one has called it an infopreneur.

    That said, I think I am interested, 100 percent. But, I think I can only handle making an eBook for now. I already have a blog I run, but if I publish an eBook I can sell it on my blog.

    • Yes, I suggest you repurpose some of your blog comment into eBooks and then sell it on your website. That is infopreneuring in its simplest form. 

  12. Infopreneuring sounds really interesting. I’m familiar with the concept, but had never heard of the term before. Out of all of these ideas, I like blogging the best because it is inexpensive and easy to get started. I think you could make money doing any of these things. You just need to pick the venue that works best for you. 

    • Definitely. Different strokes for different folks. Pick what makes sense to you and run with it. 

  13. Another great article from you! Thanks so much.This has given me so many ideas of more things I can do to continue building my brand and developing my website, and of course, my income. I love the idea of publishing workbooks, and adding a course to Udemy. I didn’t actually realize that anyone can submit a course for sale through Udemy. That’s great to know!

    • Yes, publishing workbooks and courses are a great way to make money as an infopreneur. 

  14. Thanks for such a brilliant post. I’m a newbie in affiliate marketing aiming to learn and make more money online. Your article gave me great insights about infopreneuring, I will start searching for the best niche and build up my website in order to reach more traffic to sell my product. Thanks for the great review. 

    • I’m glad you enjoyed my article. Infopreneuring is definitely exciting and can be very, very profitable. 

  15. This is my first time hearing the word infopreneur. The internet really has created a level playing field for anyone, from any country, to make money online. Out of all of these ideas, I like blogging the best because its easy to do and affordable to do. As long as you can pick the right niche, put in the work, and stay the course I believe ANYONE can make money as an infopreneur. 

    • I agree with you. I love blogging too, for the same reasons you mentioned. 

  16. Dear Charles,

    Thanks for the in-depth and detailed post. Being a full-time blogger I got loads of valuable information from your post.

    Recently I finished writing my eBook and I got great motivation when I read the success of your eBook ($30,000). Going forward, the online course is the one I am going to focus on. Thanks a lot for the helpful insights!

    When I started it nearly took two months to choose my niche, but the niche examples you have provided and your advice on how to pick a niche is amazing. For sure this post is going to save people time and effort. The success tips you have provided are an eye-opener for me, mainly selling our own products is a great way to go.

    Much Success!


    • Glad you enjoyed my article. That is just one of my eBooks. I have at least 20, but that was my best one. It took me some work to create on the front end, but it has paid off well. It continues to sell. The only difference is I finally converted it into a real book, published on Amazon. 

  17. I want to sell information products like ebooks, online courses, videos, podcasts, etc. but I am not interested in creating them. I just don’t have the drive of creating them as I am a little lazy over product creation. What I want is, promote existing digital products created by others, and earn a commission if I make a sale. A lot of people call this interest of mine “affiliate marketing” and they call me an “affiliate marketer”. Can I be called an “infopreneur”?

    • What you do is affiliate marketing, but if you are writing content to promote those affiliate products, you could call yourself an infopreneur. I’ve created around 30 products. I don’t make products any more. It’s just too much work. I’d rather promote other people’s stuff and make money from that, just like you do. 

  18. Thank you for these great tips on how to make money as an infopreneur! In our country, the Philippines, DVDs and CDs are not popular. People like everything digital, so they can download it instantly and bring it with them. I also like your idea of creating a blog or YouTube channel about a specific niche. 

    • Give the people what they want. If they want digital products, that’s what you should give them. 

  19. You really just get straight to the point and I admire that. I literally found myself wanting to know more just by how you word your content. I had recently heard of infopreneurs. My cousin Karen does this and she gave me a bit of insight on it so I decided to go and research it myself. What threw me off a bit was when she told me this isn’t a walk in the park and that I would really have to put work into it if I’m serious about it. I want to make as much money on the internet as possible. Everything you wrote was written so clearly that I honestly might consider being an infopreneur. 

    • No matter what business model you choose, there will be a learning curve. Most new businesses don’t make a penny of profit their first year in business. Why? Because it takes time to get established, get your name out there, and master a few basic skills. Just have patience, put int he work and stay the course and everything will work itself out. That applies to infopreneuring or anything else for that matter. 

  20. Infopreneuring sounds amazing. It’s similar to what I am doing here at Wealthy Affiliate. I picked a niche, created a website and started promoting different affiliate products that are relevant to my niche. I think I am going to take it one step further in the months to come, and start creating my own information products, because the profit margins are much higher. 

    • If you have your own website, I think it’s a smart move to create your own information products to sell. 

  21. Thank you for the thorough information and useful ideas of making money as an infopreneur. Up till now I haven’t been familiar with this term. This way of making money online can be really promising. I used to be a teacher and there seems to be many similarities between the two, so your tips and ideas are highly appreciated. 

    Since I started to find good solutions to make money online, I’ve had problems with generating traffic so few people know about my offers. Do you think that without an email list it’s impossible to be successful in online world?

    • I personally believe developing your own email list is the most important thing you can do if you are trying to make money online. 

  22. This is an unique and informative article I must say. I really hadn’t heard the term “Infopreneur” before. But, after reading your article it makes a lot of sense to me. 

    I think it’s a great way to make money online. Moreover I like writing blogs. So, I liked your idea of creating a website where I can showcase my work. 

    I appreciate that you have given a really helpful list of the niches that can people choose to focus on. I will be looking forward to reading your future articles. 

    • Glad I could be of help. If you enjoy writing, infopreneuring is one of the best business models you can focus on. 

  23. Thanks for the niches and ways to make money as an infopreneur. I think that the most interesting way to make money as an infopreneur is through creating courses, as they are easy to do and you can even make money from just one course. Which of these methods have you tried and did any of them work for you?

    • I have made money from all of these methods except seminars and online courses. I’ve done the best by selling my own information products. 

  24. This is a great article. You’ve really opened my eyes to all of the different ways you can make money as an infopreneur. Initially, I thought writing my own book would be the best way to go, but books only sell for like $10 to $20 each. You could take the same content and create a DVD course or online course and sell it for 10 to 20 times that price. To me, that just makes more sense. 

    • Yes, writing a book would be the last thing I recommend. Putting that same information in other types of formats will make you a LOT more money!

  25. Another great post. And I 100% agree with people needing to build their list in their niche. Even a small email list can do wonders! I’ve always heard that seminars can result in major profits and webinars too.

    Do you have any suggestions on what platform to use for webinars? What are your thoughts about leveraging podcasts as an infopreneur?

    • I do lots of podcasting to promote my materials. I use ZOOM for my online meetings and webinars. 

  26. I always thought that affiliate marketing and infopreneuring were the same thing. Thank you for sharing the tips and the niche idea on creating the course. How long did it take you to build and package? How do do measure the price point? Did you compare it with your competitor? I am thinking that I can start with an eBook first and see how it goes. Will follow your suggestions and give this a try.

    • When I set prices, it’s all based on the value I think it is worth and the testing. You have to test out different prices in the marketplace to see what converts the best. Typically, the higher the price, the better it is perceived by others. Most of my information products take 2-7 days to create.

  27. So much value here, I recently joined the blogging world and I have thought of eventually creating products to sell, but this is my first time coming across the word infopreneur, enlightening read.

    It is outstanding how many ways are there to make money and add value as an infopreneur.

    Like I said I want to go down this road, but I have always thought it wise to blog for some years, get enough experience and success from that, then create a product in the blogging niche, what do you think about that strategy? 

    • That strategy would work. If you blog for a few years and really refine your skills, and build up a following at the same time, you will definitely have an advantage when you are ready to launch your own products. 

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