Here are a few of my favorite online resources. These are “tools” you can use to get more traffic, leads and sales, so you can work smart and save time. Keep in mind I only recommend things I use myself.

My Network Marketing Company

I’m currently the top recruiter and distributor in my network marketing company. What makes things unique is that I build my MLM team just like I promote affiliate products online. No meetings. No chasing friends and family. I recruit and retail exclusively through my websites. I even give every team member 200 free leads every month. This is a great way to earn a LEVERAGED, RESIDUAL income. Learn more about my network marketing company.

My Auto-Responder

Every business owners needs an auto-responder. This is nothing more than a software program that manages your leads for you and sends out emails on your behalf. This saves you time and money. Your auto-responder manages your list. The MONEY IS IN THE LIST. This is EASILY my # 1 business tool. Learn more about my favorite auto-responder.

My Marketing System

This service lets you create amazing capture pages and funnels. There is also a great community, lots of training and plenty of resources to build an online business. I build ALL of my capture pages using this service. I am a very satisfied customer and affiliate. Learn more about my marketing system.

Learn How to Make Money Online

Without a doubt, this is the resource I recommend to everyone who want to build their own website. If you want access to an amazing community, along with step by step instructions, and hand-holding on how to build a successful website, this is your one stop resource. I created this website using this platform. Learn how to build your own website today.

Email 80,000 Prospects per Day

This is one of my secret lead sources. This is a safelist, a membership site that allows members to email opportunities to each other. With a Gold membership (about $50 per year) you can email 80,000 prospects per day. I generate a tons of leads using this service. Learn more about my favorite safelist.

Get Paid to Shop

Everyone shops online. Why not get paid to do it? This service pays you REAL CASH back when you shop at your favorite stores online, plus you earn money when you refer others to do the same. Earn money to shop at Amazon, Wal-Mart, eBay and thousands of other popular stores. It’s free to join and free to use. Learn how to get paid to shop.

Best Solo Ads

If you are looking for a quick, and fairly inexpensive way to build your email list fast, and get more leads, you should definitely consider solo ads. A solo ad is when someone with a large email list sends your email to their list for you. You pay them a fee for doing so. Because they have an email list that likes them, knows them and trusts them, this method is normally very effective for generating leads. I get all of my solo ads from one single source. There are nearly 1,000 vendors to choose within this source. I think of it as a solo ad agency, where you can shop around, price shop, and find a vendor that is a good fit for your offer. If you’d like to learn more about it, check out this link.

Powerleg Prospects

My only regret with this program is not learning about it sooner. It helps you build your list quickly. You are part of a powerleg. Within 2 days of joining, there were more than 600 people in my power leg, and I was still a free member. These are people you can contact about your business, capture page or affiliate offer. There are free and paid options. Take a free tour and see for yourself. I see this as becoming one of my best lead sources and income streams in the months to come. Take a free tour.

Promote Your Website & Get Paid

This is a great service to get tons of leads and promote any website online. There are free and paid options. You can earn credits for reading emails. You can send solo ads to more than 35,000 members. You can promote banner ads and links. You can even build a website here. Plus, you can have a second income stream while you promote your business at the same time. Take a free tour here.