Solo Ad Case Study: How to Promote Affiliate Products with Solo Ads

Welcome to my solo ad case study: how to promote affiliate products with solo ads. My name is Chuck Holmes. I’ve been an internet marketer for 10-years now, and I have been doing it successfully for about the past 5-years.

I’ve been using solo ads as one of my primary marketing strategies for about 7-years. Solo ads are one of my favorite marketing strategies, because they are FAST and INEXPENSIVE compared to other marketing strategies you might focus on.

What are Solo Ads?

Here’s my own definition of solo ads.

A solo ad is an email ad. It’s when you purchase clicks from someone who has an email list and then they send out YOUR email to their list on your behalf. Some of the email subscribers open the email, click on the link and visit your website. When purchasing solo ads, you normally buy clicks. For example, you might purchase 100 clicks at 35 cents each for $35.

Solo ads work. That is the bottom line. Even if the concept is new to you, or you don’t understand it, I can promise you that they are worth exploring.

solo ad case study

My Solo Ad Case Study

I’ve decided to do a solo ad case study to document my progress using solo ads. I’m going to purchase 30,000+ clicks via solo ads this year (2019) to promote Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is a training platform that teaches people how to build a successful niche website.

I use the platform myself and love it. I am a VERY happy customer and affiliate. The reason I chose to promote this affiliate program with solo ads is because I knew it would be a good fit. Lots of solo ad sellers specialize in the make money online niche, so this will work great.

I’m also promoting this affiliate program because of the recurring commissions. Whenever I refer someone, I get paid a residual commission each month they keep their membership.

My real goal is to build up my referrals, win the Super Affiliate contest AND show people what is possible when they use solo ads.

My Actual Solo Ad

What you will see below is the ad copy I use for my solo ads. I do change the SUBJECT line and text from time to time, just to do some split testing.

SUBJECT: Build Your Own Money Making Website

Are you looking for a legit way to make money online?

This training platform has helped more than 1 MILLION people create their own money making website. Will you be next?

Take your work experience, passion, or hobbies and convert them into a niche website that makes you money 24/7.

Step-by step training included. Learn how to pick a niche, find the right domain, select the right keywords, write great content, get traffic and monetize your site.

No credit card required. Take a free tour and see for yourself.

This is great for newbies, writers, affiliate marketers and anyone who wants to work from home.

I use this program myself and absolutely love it. I know you will too.

Learn more.

My Goals

My goals are lofty. Keep in mind, I am not a newbie. I am experienced with solo ads. Individual results will vary. The numbers below cover an 11-month period of time from February to December 2019.

  • Budget: $10,000
  • Clicks to Purchase: 30,000+
  • Referrals: 4,000
  • Premium Upgrades: 300

My goal is to break even in 2019 and reinvest at least 75% of my earnings back into buying more solo ads. That way, by the end of 2019, I can have 300+ customers in Wealthy Affiliate, which would provide an approximate $7,000 per month residual commission. I also want to qualify for the free trip to Las Vegas for the Super Affiliates. 

Going forward in 2020, I will reinvest 40 percent of my monthly earnings back into solo ads to continue to grow my income.

Where I Buy My Solo Ads

I buy most of my solo ads on UDIMI or on Facebook. UDIMI is a leading solo ad provider with hundreds of sellers on it. Facebook has many groups with solo ad sellers. All you need to do is search for SOLO AD GROUPS.

On both websites, you can read reviews, ask questions and search for someone who will be a good fit for what you are offering.

My Solo Ad Results

What you will see below are my results for each solo ad I purchase.

Solo Ad # 1:

  • Date Purchased: February 10, 2019
  • Number of Clicks Purchased: 100
  • Cost per Click:$0.30
  • Total Spent: $30
  • Vendor: JJOM
  • Tracking Code: jason

I purchased a solo ad from from Jason, who I found in a Facebook group. I purchased 100 clicks for $30. From that, I got 115 clicks, 27 referrals and 2 paying customers. My cost per click came out to just 26 cents. My cost per lead/referral was $1.11. My opt-in conversion rate was 23.48%. And my cost per sale was $15. Five of these people set up their profile. I am VERY happy with these results.

Solo Ad # 2

  • Date Purchased: February 11, 2019
  • Number of Clicks Purchased: 125
  • Cost per Click:$0.33
  • Total Spent: $41.25
  • Vendor: JJOM
  • Tracking Code: jason2

Because of my personal results from my first solo ad with Jason, I decided to hire him again. I purchased 125 clicks for $41.25. From that, I got 173 clicks and 40 referrals. I did not get any immediate sales. My cost per click came out to just 24 cents. My cost per lead/referral was $1.03. My opt-in conversion rate was 23.12%. Two of these people set up their profile. I believe some of these referrals will upgrade in the months to come. I am happy with these results.

Solo Ad # 3

  • Date Purchased: February 10, 2019
  • Number of Clicks Purchased: 100
  • Cost per Click:$0.43
  • Total Spent: $43
  • Vendor: Damon at UDIMI
  • Tracking Code: udimi1

I purchased a solo ad from from Damon, who I found on UDIMI. I purchased 100 clicks for $43. From that, I got 115 clicks, 20 referrals and zero sales. My cost per click came out to just 37 cents. My cost per lead/referral was $2.15. My opt-in conversion rate was 17.39%. None of these people set up their profile. I wasn’t overly impressed with this solo ad.

Solo Ad # 4

  • Date Purchased: February 23, 2019
  • Number of Clicks Purchased: 125
  • Cost per Click:$0.42
  • Total Spent: $53
  • Vendor: UDIMI
  • Tracking Code: udimi3

I purchased a solo ad from from Jason, who I found on UDIMI. I purchased 125 clicks for $53. From that, I got 140 clicks, 21 referrals and one sale. My cost per click came out to just 38 cents. My cost per lead/referral was $2.52. My opt-in conversion rate was 15%. Of the 21 referrals, 3 people have already set up their profile.

Solo Ad # 5

  • Date Purchased: March 1, 2019
  • Number of Clicks Purchased: 200
  • Cost per Click:$0.35
  • Total Spent: $70
  • Vendor: JJOM
  • Tracking Code: jason3

I’m still working with Jason. He provides good customer service and conversions for me. I purchased 200 clicks for $70.00. From that, I got 250 clicks and 57 referrals. I got one immediate sale. My cost per click came out to just 28 cents. My cost per lead/referral was $1.23. My opt-in conversion rate was 22.8%. This was a great solo ad.

I’ll keep updating this post as I do more solo ads.

how to promote affiliate products with solo ads

Final Thoughts

I hope you have enjoyed my solo ad case study. What are your thoughts? Have you ever used solo ads before? If so, what were your results like? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you.

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93 thoughts on “Solo Ad Case Study: How to Promote Affiliate Products with Solo Ads

  1. I have been looking at buying solo ads for a while now, but have never taken the plunge and bought any because I was scared of losing money. Investing money with a complete stranger and hoping for the best is a bit scary. 

    You are very brave to buy solo ads. Thanks for posting your results. I will be coming back to see how the rest panned out for you. 

    • Glad I could be of help. All advertising comes with a little bit of risk. However, it is also an investment in your business. I lose money on around half of the solo ads I purchase, but the others make up for it. 

      Part of being a business owner is being willing and able to take calculated risks. I figure nothing ventured, nothing gained. As long as I learn from it, it is money well spent in my business. 

      Also, the number one of goal of my solo ads is to build up my email list. For this solo ad case study, my objective is to build up my Wealthy Affiliate referrals. 

      I know that many of them will not upgrade right a way, but eventually some of them will. As I build up THOUSANDS of referrals, I will have a lot of premium upgrades and good cash flow in my business in the months to come. 

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. 

  2. I used solo ads before via Facebook. I’ve had decent results in terms of conversion rate, but I want to go through your site a little more thoroughly. You have a ton of great information here! I am going to bookmark your site and see what additional tips I can learn about solo ads. Thanks for sharing!

    • Glad I could be of help, Dave. Solo ads are such a great way to promote any affiliate product. Very few people use them. What I like best about them is that the results are instant. From the time a solo ad starts, it’s normally done in a few hours. This makes it easy to test what you are doing and find ways to improve. I hope you come back and visit this post each week as I continue to update my stats. Thanks!

  3. I once tried a solo ads for my clickbank product, and I vowed not to use soloads again. I got to know about Udimi after my awful experience though, but I already made my decision about soloads. Your article makes me want to give another trial, and I hope I get a success result like yours.

    • Using solo ads to sell an affiliate product on the front end is a waste of time and money. You need to send them to a capture page first, so you can collect their name and email and then have a good auto-responder to follow up. Always use solo ads to generate leads, not sales. Do that, grow your list, have a good follow-up and you will make money. I hope that helps. Sorry about your bad experience. 

  4. I am so happy that I found your website. I have been thinking of advertising with solo ads for quite some time. And you convinced me to try it. It is unbelievable to know that it is so cost effective for you. I am hoping to use your referral link to sign up with Udimi. I’m glad to hear that you have found success promoting Wealthy Affiliate with solo ads. 

    • SAJ,

      I use solo ads to promote many different things. They are the cheapest and most cost effective thing I have found for online advertising. Plus, they are really fast. Not everyone likes them or uses them and that is fine by me: less competition. 


  5. Thanks for this great study on solo ads. I’ve never done them personally and also heard mixed reactions of people using them.

    However, in your case I’ll be eager to see how they do later this year.

    Do you think solo ads are better than Bing ads or Facebook ads?

    • I think solo ads are much better and much cheaper than PPC ads like Bing, Google and Facebook, but that is just my opinion. I also know that Facebook and Google hate the home business industry, especially MLM, and it’s almost impossible to get approved on those platforms. Out of the PPC networks, my favorite is BING.

      Solo ads are much easier and much cheaper. You just work out a deal with the vendor, pick how many clicks you want, send them your ad, and that’s it. Check back often. I’ll update this post about once per week. 

  6. Hi Chuck,

    This is the first time I have ever heard the word: solo ad. I spent so much money on Facebook Ad and never earned a cent. Had I know about solo ads before, I would have tried them instead. 

    Will I need an email list to buy Solo Ads? Thanks for your informative post.


    • If you’re buying solo ads, you’re going to want to use a capture page and have some type of email follow up, ideally your own autoresponder. In this solo ad case study, I’m doing it Wealthy Affiliate. With that platform, I can private message all of my leads so it is still effective. 

  7. Hi Chuck,

    I have been building my business now for around 7-months and it would be great to use solo ads to get more leads and sales. I have bookmarked your site so I know what to do moving forward with this.

    This post was so informative and helpful to business builders like myself and others. Thanks for sharing. I know you’re going to do well with it. 


    • Yes, Vicki. This will be a fun solo ad case study to do. I’ll run a few ads each week, keep testing my results, find ways to improve and then roll it out on a grand scale. 

  8. Don’t buy solo ads on FIVERR. That is a waste of time and money. I personally recommend you find someone in one of the Facebook groups. Ask for their testimonials and reviews. See what other people are saying about them. Start out with a small batch of 100 clicks and test your results. Try out a few different vendors and keep track of your stats. Solo ads do work, but there is a learning curve you must go through. The whole purpose of using solo ads is to build your list. 

    • That is great advice. I couldn’t say it better myself. Thanks for the comment. 

  9. Thanks Chuck, for the great post on Solo ads!

    I thought I knew what solo ads were all about but you definitely opened up my mind on the subject. While I have  known other marketers who have used solo ads, I admit to not having much interest in It.  After reading your article however, it seems to make perfect sense to use email  with solo ads to an audience that’s already interested in your topic. 

    I think your solo ad case study is a brilliant idea to show the affectivness in using solo ads and I certainly look forward to watching your results develop over the coming year.  Your listed numbers for success seem doable with enough traffic.

    Thanks again for sharing your experience using solo ads and for letting us ride along with your case study!

    • Glad you liked the post, Timo. It’s going to be a fun ride. I already have a bunch of solo ads lined up. 

  10. You have great information here about solo ads. I have never tried them myself before. It does seem a little bit risky to spend money and not know if you are going to make sales. Once I finish the training here at Wealthy Affiliate, I will do some more research on solo ads to see if they might be a good fit for me. Thanks for the article. 

    • By all means, do your due diligence. Solo ads might not be a great fit for every niche, but if you specialize in affiliate marketing, weight loss, make money online or MLM, they are great. 

  11. Wow, this is something I want to try. Solo ads sound amazing. What’s great is it doesn’t cost a lot of money to test it out. For $30 to $50, you can get 100 to 150 clicks and see what happens. I’m going to check out UDIMI and also search some Facebook groups to see what I can find out. 

    • Woot woot. You will make a few mistakes when you first start out using solo ads, but don’t give up. I know you can do it. It just takes some trial and error and split testing. 

  12. Solo ads are actually a simple way to promote your business.

    I have friends using this for their niche and they are doing so well generating lots of leads and sales. I personally have not tried it yet myself, but will do so later this month.

    I’m going to start with UDIMI. I’ll buy a couple of different solo ads and see how they produce. Any tips you can suggest, Chuck?

    • My best tips are to:

      1. Start small

      2. Track your results

      3. Split test

      4. Try out a few vendors

      5. Always send people to a capture page first

      6. Don’t just try it once or twice and quit, give yourself at least 6-months, or 100 solo ads

      I hope that helps. 

  13. Solo ads are definitely a good way to get fast traffic. I for one appreciate your sharing the year-long case study you are publishing for readers, as I am also interested in using them. I have tried them only one time so far and did have referrals but as with some of your results, did not get sign-ups.

    I have a number of products that are dealing with making money online, plus I also would like to promote Wealthy Affiliate and Builderall using Solo Ads. I will look at Udimi to see who the best providers are and at what cost. What parameters are you using for selecting the sellers of the solo ads?

    Are you getting extra clicks with each purchase? The one time I did use them the seller offered a 10%  bonus on the number of clicks. The total I paid was $50 for 100 clicks and received 120 clicks. I got 15 referrals but no upgrades to premium (this was for Wealthy Affiliate).

    The last questions I have are regarding the email and other copy. Did the seller make any changes to the email? Also, did the seller look at your opt-in page to offer suggestions (mine did)? I will be checking back to see how you are doing, it seems you have clear goals and a plan.

    I wish you the best of luck for hitting that 300 premium members too! Good post, I have bookmarked and will be back! 

    • Thanks for the comment. Solo ads are hit or miss, but I believe they are the most affordable and effective paid advertising. I do PPC as well, but I normally pay about 2.5x more per click than I do with solo ads. 

      I ask the solo ad providers not to change my ad. I am happy with what I have. I’ve also found that only about 3 in 10 solo ads do very well, but even with those numbers you can still be profitable. 

  14. I’m new to Wealthy Affiliate and solo ads, but I love how you share your wisdom with the rest of us. I can see why you have been successful online. I’m going to follow your solo ad case study to see how it goes in the weeks and months to come. There’s no doubt in my mind you will hit your goals for the year. Thanks.

    • Thanks for the kind words. I wish you all the best with solo ads and your new business. 

  15. Wow, what an amazing article about solo ads! I was always concerned about using solo ads because I was always afraid of losing money by not having any conversions. But from your solo ad case study, I think I should try it as well. Before buying a solo ad, I want to know which is the best country to target for good conversion. Any suggestions?

    • The country you choose should be dictated by the market you are trying to reach and the product you are trying to sell. It will vary from person to person. 

  16. I am actually very interested in learning more about this.

    I understand ads are extremely important to get the reach you need to make sales/referrals. I used to run a business on Facebook and would boost my posts for $5.00 or more depending on what it was. I really didn’t know what I was doing and in doing so, didn’t really see any sales, just more people coming to my page (more likes on my posts).

    When I get both of my websites going strong and feel like I can really support my beliefs with Wealthy Affiliate, I will surely be trying this out. My budget is no where near 10,000, but you have to start somewhere.

    Thanks for much for writing this up– I appreciate it greatly!


    • You don’t need a big budget to succeed with solo ads. Just get started, start small, test everything you do, and then scale what works. That is the key to success. The bottom line is that every online and offline business should be doing some type of advertising and marketing. You have to get your name out there. Solo ads are a great way to do that. 

  17. I have not yet used solo ads, but I will be in the near future. I have done Facebook ads, not solo adds though. It looks like this is something worthwhile and I am going to try it.

    I want to make sure I understand, this is an email campaign using someone else’s email list? I don’t have much of a list myself just yet.

    Thanks for your case studies to show how this works.

    • Yes, a solo ad is when you have someone with their own email list send out your ad to their list. You just send them the subject line and email and then they email it to their own list. Some of their subscribers open the email, click on the link, and visit your affiliate site. It’s that simple. It does work. I’ve been doing it for years. You do want to start small and test, and make sure you buy from a reputable seller though. 

  18. Dear Chuck,

    Thank you very much for the Solo Ad Case Study. I have been thinking about how to use solo ads to promote affiliate products for a while now. But I don’t know how to proceed.

    Your article gives us straight forward guidance from start to end. I guess it is not appropriate if I use your template to promote Wealthy Affiliate for myself? 

    I am going to look for an affiliate program similar to Wealthy Affiliate and use everything you described in this post to promote the program. Is this okay with you?



    • I have no problem with you using my solo ad copy. There are literally tens of thousands of people selling solo ads. There is plenty of room to go around for all of us. Thanks for asking though. 

      Your key to success is to make sure the email list you have your ad sent to is similar to the product you are promoting. For example, you wouldn’t want to promote Wealthy Affiliate to a bunch of farmers, but it would make sense to send a solo ad promoting it to people interested in making money online. I hope that makes sense. 

      • Based on your experience, Solo ads is best for building list. I don’t have list now. I would like to promote CBD. So I need to create a CBD list and create a landing page foe CBD. Then do ads and let customers sign up?

  19. I’m new to affiliate marketing and Wealthy Affiliate. I just got my premium membership. I have never heard of Solo Ads before, but now I know it has something to do with sending people emails. Just to clarify, Chuck, you find someone who rents out their email list and they send YOUR email to their list for a fee? Is that correct? Do they just give you a copy of the emails of everyone on their list?

    • A solo ad seller sells clicks. People buy a set amount of clicks. After making the purchase, they email the seller with the email they want sent out. The seller then takes that email, uploads it into their autoresponder and sends out a broadcast message to their entire email list. That is how it works. 

  20. Hi Chuck

    It seems to me that I should wait before trying solo ads. I have only been in the affiliate marketing game for a short time. You say you have been an affiliate for over 7 years. When did you make your first sale? Are you still with Wealthy Affiliate? I would like to see more of what they have to offer. You have given me a lot to think about. Thank you.


    • Hi Kari,

      When I first started affiliate marketing online many years ago, it was all trial and error. It took me about a year to make my first sale. That day was HISTORICAL. I earned like $37.50 or so on a sale and I was HOOKED. I currently use Wealthy Affiliate for this website, plus I have two other large websites. Keep in mind I have been doing this more than 10-years. You will go through a learning curve and make a lost of mistakes, but if you follow the training Wealthy Affiliate provides, I know you can succeed. I only wish I would have found it sooner. 


  21. I have been building my website about 6 months and focusing on generic traffic, but the going is slow.  I’m keeping the faith, and I’m enjoying what I’m doing, but it sure would be nice to step it up a little, and it sounds like these solo ads might just be what the doctor ordered indeed.  I can’t thank you enough for bringing this to my attention.  I’m super excited.

    I also sent away for the at home business opportunity and filled out my information, so I’m psyched to see what that’s all about as well.  I just quit my full-time job, so I’m looking to supplement my income with something until this affiliate marketing business brings me what I’m looking for.

    Thanks for everything.  I’m looking forward to trying this out.

    • I wouldn’t recommend solo ads for promoting a website. Only use them if you are promoting a capture page and some type of affiliate offer. Just sending people to a page on your blog will be a complete waste of money. Just wanted you to know. Thanks for stopping by. 

  22. This is cool to know about. I do have a few questions though:

    1. How do you find a reputable solo ad seller so you don’t get scammed?

    2. How quickly can you start generating leads?

    3. Why is it so expensive per click?

    I’d love to know your thoughts on these questions about solo ads, Chuck. 

    • I’ve been scammed a few times buying solo ads myself. It’s part of the risk. I recommend you start out on an exchange, like UDIMI, where everything is run through a third party. Each seller on that website has a feedback score. 

      With solo ads, you can start generating leads within a few minutes after your ad goes out. It’s awesome. It’s one of the fastest ways to get leads. 

      Most solo ads are 40 to 50 cents or more per click. Is this expensive? To some people, yes. But here is the truth. Getting traffic online costs money. It’s the # 1 skill of an internet marketer. Even if you don’t use solo ads, you are going to spend at least that much per click from any quality traffic source. Traffic is expensive. 

      And, you get what you pay for!

  23. Once again, a great article with so much valuable information on how to succeed online. I have never tried solo ads before, but I am very intrigued by it after reading your review. I am interested in following up to see your results. I have a little more ground work to do before I start with solo ads, but it sure is a great way to get some increased traffic to your site. Thank you for the information.

    • Glad I could be of help. Keep in mind solo ads are best used to build your email list, not to just send traffic to a regular website. You can send people to your website after they visit your capture page, type in their email and become a lead. That is where a good auto-responder becomes handy.

  24. I’ve never heard of solo ads before, but with your analysis, I think it’s something worth trying. I’d like to know how it works for you. Also, I need to know if I’m the one that will run the solo ads myself or if I’ll just need to pay the guy and sit back to watch the results. Can you explain it a little bit more in detail please?

    • Solo ads are definitely worth trying. When it comes to solo ads, you search for the vendor. Once you find a vendor, you pay them and send them your ad that you want sent out. They in return send the ad to their list as a solo ad. Some of the subscribers open the email and click on your link. You get charged for each click. There is nothing more for you to do, other than test the results, and buy additional solo ads. I hope that explains everything for you. 

  25. Hey Chuck, your website content is awesome. It demonstrates your extensive online experience.

    I didn’t know much about solo ads, and of course, never tried them before. After reading your insightful solo ad case study, I have a much better understanding. 

    Thanks for sharing this information. Looking forward to more such articles, bookmarked your site.

    • Glad I could be of help. You should study solo ads online. Just go to YouTube. There are tons of tutorials. 

  26. Hey Chuck,

    I’ve heard of solo ads a few years back, but I’ve never used them. I suppose that you have to find people in your niche to place solo ads. For example, I couldn’t use your mailing list to send a solo ad, because my niche (consuming and producing ebooks) is different than yours and I wouldn’t have the referrals I want. Secondly, I guess you should have a good product or service to promote. I am sure that putting a solo ad for a Kindle ereader wouldn’t be a wise choice, would it?



    • Yes, your solo ad must match the email list it is getting sent to. Sending a solo ad about steak to a bunch of vegetarians would be a complete waste of time, money and resources. I also only recommend solo ads to build a list, not sell a product. If you’re just sending people to a sales page, you are missing the picture. Send people to a capture page first, and then redirect them to your sales page. And, have a good email follow-up system that stays in touch with your new subscribers and promotes the product or service you are selling. I hope that helps. 

  27. I’ve tried solo ads in the past, but never gotten good results. What I learned from the experience is to never send people directly to your affiliate sales page first. Always send people to a capture page first so you can build your list. Once they are on your email list, you can promote whatever you want to. 

    • I’m glad you learned that lesson. Sending people a capture page first, from your solo ad, is the only way to do it. 

  28. Hi Chuck, I want to thank you for sharing this eye-opening information. I am still busy building out my website and have yet to consider using email lists and solo ads. But it definitely seems like it’s worth looking into. Did you start out using solo ads as well as promoting affiliate products on your website?

    Thank you also for providing links to help us learn more about it!



    • Glad I could be of help. I would not use solo ads to simply promote a regular website. Only use solo ads to send traffic to a capture page so you can build your list. If you do anything else, it will be a waste of time and money.

  29. I’ve been hearing about solo ads for the past few years, but never really tried them myself. They do sound interesting, but they also sound VERY expensive. Most newbies can’t afford to spend hundreds, or thousands of dollars, on advertising each month. That’s why most people start blogs and websites. It’s more affordable. As my traffic and affiliate sales grow, I will definitely explore solo ads. Thanks for sharing. 

    • Yes, solo ads are expensive. But if you can do them at break even, or make a small profit with them, it’s definitely worth doing. I always tell people to look at the return on investment, not the cost. If you could make $2 for every $1 you spent on solo ads, why wouldn’t you do it?

  30. Hi Chuck,

    It’s great that you do a case study on solo ads so that we have an informed decision about whether to invest in solo ads or not. I’ve had many internet marketers tell me solo ads are expensive and risky. Well, l see you have had plenty of success of using solo ads. l think l should give it a try.

    Anyhow, we were not taught about solo ads in Wealthy Affiliate and l see some members have great success over Bing Ads. What do you think?

    Thank you and I’ll be back for more updates.

    • Both Bing PPC and solo ads work. However, you can succeed or fail with both strategies. Both require a learning curve, discipline and a solid marketing budget. Most people will not invest the time and money it takes to get really good at it. 

  31. Hi Chuck, thanks for the informative post on solo ads, you really have the process nailed down.

    About 6 years ago, I built my own solo ads business and had lists of 1,000’s of subscribers that I built up. It did rather well, but where I had an issue was when I started to do “click swaps” with other providers. Basically, you send for them, in exchange they send for you and you mutually build your lists.

    I found my lists grew but got diluted with inferior emails and eventually I couldn’t offer my customers the quality click-throughs they had come to expect, so I closed it down (I was ready for a change anyway).

    My story backs up what you say. Do your due diligence, try to find quality suppliers with a track record and monitor your results closely.

    You’re also 100% right – capture the email address every time and follow up with a well thought out autoresponder series.

    Good luck, I’ll be following your results…

    • Thanks for sharing your story. It’s cool to hear your perspective. I agree with you that many lists are diluted. You really do need to test out different vendors and see what works best for you. To your success. 

  32. I have heard about solo ads before, but I have never tested them before. This is the most comprehensive case study I have ever read on solo ads. This is the type of information some professional bloggers would love to hide from public knowledge. I’m so happy I found your blog.

    I think its time to purchase my solo ads in order to enhance my online business. Thanks for sharing

    • Glad I could be of help. I believe there is plenty of abundance to go around. Sharing is a great way to give back to all the people who have taught me the ropes. 

      You should definitely consider using solo ads to promote different affiliate products and to build your email list. It is quite perhaps the fastest, easiest paid advertising strategy I can think of. 

  33. I like the way you conduct your case study. It’s just so practical and detailed, everyone can understand.

    About the solo ads case study, I think it’s a fair price you are paying per click. Is there a way for you to pick a region of interest for your clicks?

     Could there be a possibility where the same list is given to two people marketing the same product?

    • Great questions.

      Most solo ad sellers will let you pick where you want the clicks from. They use tracking software that identifies the IP address of each user, so it’s really easy to see. T1 clicks are the most expensive. These are countries such as the USA, Canada, Australia and England. 

      However, you could target countries in Africa, Europe or wherever you want to. 

      Yes, one seller could sell a solo ad to two people promoting the same product. I don’t think it would really matter though. As you can see in the case study, I sent my solo ad to the same vendor THREE times and got great conversions all three times. Why? Because most vendors add 100 to 500 new subscribers daily, so there are always new people seeing your email.

      My philosophy is that if I find a seller I trust, I will leverage his list until it STOPS working for me. I’ve had some vendors I have bought from 20 or 30 times over the period of 3 to 6 months.

      Just my two cents. 

  34. Great post and wonderful details sharing your solo ad case study. This post is so enlightening. I’ve never done a solo ad before. The way you explain it and break it down makes it quite simple to understand. I really like how your cost per lead is so cheap with solo ads. I’ve tried some other advertising strategies in the past, but I didn’t get results anywhere near as good as you are getting with solo ads. Thanks for teaching me a new marketing strategy. 

    • I’m glad I could be of help. Keep in mind, I have been doing online marketing for a long time. I’ve made more mistakes than most. But, with each failure I learned something new and kept pressing forward. Solo ads are awesome, but please realize will go through a learning curve when using them. That is how we learn, by making mistakes. 

  35. Chuck, 

    This info is so interesting. I’ve never used solo ads before. Instead, I was more focused on PPC, but that got expensive really quickly. It’s cool that you share your stats. What I find most amazing is how low your cost per lead is. Generating USA leads in the make money online niche for $1 to $2 each is downright amazing. Keep up the good work. I look forward to seeing more of your results in the months to come with your solo ad case study.


    • Thanks, Lok. It’s going to be really interesting once I’ve received 2k to 3k clicks over a group of 20 to 30 solo ads. That will really show me what my cost per lead and cost per sale are going to cost me. From there, I will be able to decide to scale my business with solo ads, or experiment with a different marketing strategy.

  36. I like to read articles from an experienced blogger or affiliate marketer like you, because most of the things you will say are based on what you have personally experienced. Plus, you have a wide range of knowledge about it

    I must say you really have a clear strategy on how to promote your product, which is Wealthy Affiliate, through solo ads. I have really learned a lot from you and I will start using solo ads to promote my own affiliate marketing business. 

    • Glad I could be of help. Yes, solo ads are one thing I have spent tens of thousands of dollars and thousands of hours doing. I started out clueless, but like anything else in life, once you do something long enough you get good at it. 

  37. I have not seen or heard of solo ads before, but came across your site, as I am always looking for good ways to advertise my products and site. The reason that this does appeal to me is the ROI.  

    I have been finding Facebook extremely expensive of late with upwards of $30 – $40 per lead in some cases and traditional forms of advertising just don’t work in this space.  

    That is of course when they approve the ad – they are always changing the rules).  I like the idea of the use of email lists to promote this type of thing as the benefits of a good email list are priceless, so I guess we are just making a targeted purchase of an email list here.

    I guess the one question that comes to mind is if you have a decent list yourself, is this still a viable option as it gives you access to others that you would not have had in the first place?


    • Yes, Facebook ads are quite expensive. Plus, they are always changing their rules AND they hate the home business industry. With solo ads, I normally generate leads for no more than $1 to $2 per lead, which is a lot cheaper than what you have experienced with Facebook Sponsored Ads. 

      You should also have your own email list that you communicate with frequently. You can use solo ads to grow your own email list and then communicate more frequently with your subscribers, as it grows, to make more affiliate sales. That would be a smart strategy.

  38. Wow! I was so amazed with your solo ads results shown on this post. I’ve been looking for ways to promote my affiliate marketing business. Solo ads will be put into consideration to reach a bigger audience to promote my different affiliate products. Thanks for this post. I would love to know more from you about solo ads.

    • Thanks for stopping by. Keep coming back to this post sharing my solo ad case study. Over the next few months, it’s really going to get interesting, once I’ve done 50 to 100 different solo ads. I look forward to sharing my results with you. 

  39. Well, I am just starting out so I have never used solo ads. I have also read mixed reviews about solo ads, but none of those reviews had a case study like you do. So, I think I would follow up on your progress and if it is really working for you then I might consider trying to get my fingers dirty with solo ads. I know it might take me a little time to get your type of result but then, you’ve paid your dues, 5 years ain’t 5 days. 

    • Good points. With any type of online marketing, you have to pay your dues and learn. Most people are so cheap, they aren’t willing to invest and try different things. Or, they fear failing so badly that they never even try. The only way to learn is to fail. Try out a few solo ads, keep track of your results and keep experimenting. Or, choose a different marketing strategy, but take the same approach: start small and test. 

  40. Thank you for sharing your results with Solo Ads. 

    I’ve never considered solo ads before because I thought it might not be be a great idea for me to be spending money during the early stages of my affiliate marketing business. But your Solo Ad Case Study is very interesting, and I think $40 to $50 dollars for over a hundred clicks is quite reasonable.Your conversion rate of 15-20 percent isn’t that bad either. 

    I will check out UDMI and try using solo ads to promote my affiliate products, particularly Wealthy Affiliate. By the way, I am confident that your referrals will upgrade soon because of how great the courses and training are at Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Glad I could be of help. If you’re going to use solo ads, make sure you are sending them to some type of capture page first, not just your website. Also, I don’t look at it as spending money. I look at it as investing money. Even if a few of your ads are flops, you will learn a lot of good to know stuff that will make you successful with future solo ads. 

  41. I have always wondered about email marketing. Thank you for the intro into how it works what to expect. 

    Your solo ad case study is quite interesting. I like how you share your stats with each vendor, talking about what worked and what didn’t. This helps give people realistic expectations when buying solo ads. 

    I also like that you shared your plan, your goals and an example solo ad that you would be using.

    What are some other ways to advertise? I’m going to be keeping up with you on your study. I’m looking forward to learning from your results. 

    Reading your article has been a learning experience. Thank you for the information, 

    • Solo ads are definitely my favorite way to advertise. Other methods include:


      Social Media

      Banner Ads

      Ezine Ads


      Pay per View



      Sponsored Posts

      And Much More!

      You just need to get creative, think outside the box, and be willing to try different things.

  42. I would love to try using solo ads to promote my website and affiliate offers. I have heard about it from a friend, and have also read about it online, but the fear of losing my hard earned money stopped me from ever trying it. Many people have been victim of scammers online and I don’t wanna be a victim. But reading about your experience with solo ads I think I will give it a trial on your site. Thanks for sharing this article. 

    • When you own  business, don’t be scared to invest money and potentially lose it. That comes with being an entrepreneur. The key is to take calculated risks. Start out small with your solo ads. Test your results. Experiment a little bit. You might find out they are exactly what you are looking for. Or, you might find out there are better options for your niche. You will never know until you try. 

  43. Hey Chuck,

    I’ve really enjoyed reading this article as you’ve provided us with lots of valuable information on promoting affiliate products with solo ads. I didn’t even know what a solo ad was before I read this post. However, after reading it, I’ve gained lot of new information. I don’t want to spend as much money as you did on ads, but what’s the minimum amount that I can start with?

    • The minimum you will want to spend with solo ads is at least $100. You need to do a large enough run of clicks to give yourself an accurate assessment about whether your ad is good or not. 

  44. This is very interesting. I need to learn more about solo ads. I never even knew you could do this. 

    I do have a few questions for you, Chuck.

    1. Is this available for every niche?

    2. Should the typical blogger use solo ads or are they really just for affiliate marketers?

    3. What are two or three of your best tips concerning solo ads?

    I look forward to your response. 

    • Thanks for the comment. Here are the answers to your questions.

      1. Is this available for every niche?

      I’m pretty sure solo ads are available for just about every niche. If you do a search online for “your niche + solo ads” or “your niche + ezine” I am 100% sure you will come up with something. If that doesn’t produce any results, you can look for popular websites in your niche and ask them if they offer a solo ad.

      2. Should the typical blogger use solo ads or are they really just for affiliate marketers?

      I would not recommend solo ads just to promote a blog. What you want to do is send people to a capture page and then redirect them to your blog or affiliate offer. That way you can build up your email list, which should be your top priority. 

      3. What are two or three of your best tips concerning solo ads?

      Start small and test. Test, test, test! If you have $100 to burn, start with $20 or $30. Keep track of your cost per lead, cost per sale and ROI. That way you can figure out what works and what doesn’t work. I’d also say don’t give up because your first few ads aren’t profitable. It takes time to learn the ropes. 

      I hope that answers all of your questions. 

  45. I’ve heard of solo ads for a long time, but never tried them out. I do a lot of affiliate marketing by promoting CLICKBANK products on my website, but I love the idea of being able to send a lot of targeted traffic to a capture page, and then my affiliate offer, very quickly. I am going to test out Udimi. Thanks for sharing that solo ad source with us. I appreciate it. 

    • Nothing wrong with promoting affiliate programs on your website. I do that too. It’s just the SLOW route. Like you, I love being able to send out an ad and within a few hours generate HUNDREDS of subscribers and several new sales. 

  46. Solo ads never would have even crossed my mind as a way to promote a business online. As you said, it is better for some niches than others. 

    What could someone do if they could not find a solo ad list provider for their chosen niche? What would you recommend to them? I think that is going to be my problem. My niche is too small. 

    • For someone in that category, I would recommend doing pay per click on Bing, Facebook or Google. 

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