The Fastest Way to Make $500 Online

So, what is the fastest way to make $500 online? I’m going to assume you are reading this post because you want the answer to that question. After spending more than 10-years making money online, I can objectively answer that question for you.

I’ve tried many different ways to make money online. Some of these methods include:

  1. Day Trading
  2. Blogging
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. Freelancing
  5. MLM
  6. Crypto-Currency
  7. Business Coaching

Some methods were a huge success while others were a huge failure. Knowing what I know now, this is what I would suggest you do, if you want to make $500 online fast.

fastest way to make $500 online

The Fastest Way to Make $500 Online

I believe that selling stuff on eBay is the fastest way to make $500 online. That’s right. Good ole’ eBay! I’ve been selling on eBay for more than 15-years now and it is a great way to make money online fast.

My wife and I currently have 5,000 items for sale on eBay and it is our largest income stream (eBay user ID: chuckholmes301).

There are other online business models with more potential than eBay, but they take MUCH longer, especially if you’ve never made money online before, or don’t know what you are doing. eBay is something ANYONE can do!

What is eBay?

eBay is an online auction service. They allow ordinary people in many different countries to list their goods for sale via an online bidding auction or at a fixed price. Basically, you write a description, a catchy title and upload a few photos and your item is listed for sale for a set period.

If someone wins your auction or buys it at your Buy it Now Price, the buyer pays for your item and then you ship it to them. eBay charges about 12% of the sale, on average, for each item you sell (that includes PayPal fees).

It’s a pretty simple process with a short learning curve. There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube about how to set up an eBay account and how to make a successful eBay listing. If this business model interests you, that is where I would start: YouTube.

Reasons to Sell on eBay

There is one primary reason you should consider this business model if you are looking for the fastest way to make $500 online. eBay has buyers. They have traffic. MILLIONS of people visit their website every single day looking for things to buy.

That traffic is VERY valuable to both you and eBay. There is no way an ordinary person could set up their own e-commerce website and even get 1% of the buyers that eBay has without spending millions of dollars. Yes, you pay a fee for having access to eBay’s traffic, but it is worth it.

All you have to do is focus on listing your product for sale and then eBay does the marketing and selling for you.

What Should You Do?

I believe most people could make $500 on eBay in 7-days or less. What I suggest you do first is look around your house for unwanted items. Grab an empty box and fill it with items you haven’t touched or used in the past year. Try to come up with at least 20 to 30 items you can sell.

Put them all in the box. After you have walked through your house, research each item under COMPLETED LISTINGS on eBay to see what price it actually sells for. This will help you price your item correctly.

Set aside a few hours and list all of your items on the weekend, or in the evening after work. Put the items on a 7-day auction. Make sure you have lots of good photos and a good description and there is no doubt in my mind you can make at least $500 online within the next week.

By the time you sell 20 to 30 items on eBay, you will have a solid understanding about what works. You will learn the ins and outs of listing stuff for sale on eBay, and know if it is something you want to continue doing in the months to come.

anyone can make money online with ebay

Honorable Mention

I figured I would include an honorable mention list covering additional ways to make $500 online quickly.

# 1 Freelancing – Doing freelance work is a great way to make money online fast. You could visit websites like or and post your services for sale. You could offer things such as photography, virtual assistant, blog editor, SEO, email marketing, article writer, or whatever else you are good at. You could sell your services by the hour or by the project, and make money fast. Many people do this as a side gig or for a full-time living.

# 2 Sell Stuff on Craigslist – Other than eBay, this would be my # 1 suggestion. You could take the same items that you boxed up that were sitting around your house and sell them on Craigslist. You would simply take a photo, create a posting, write a good description and just start selling stuff. Best of all, you would get CASH for your items. Like eBay, Craigslist gets a TON of traffic every single day. Just be careful you don’t get scammed from unscrupulous buyers.

Final Thoughts

In review, I believe eBay is the fastest way to make $500 online. What are your thoughts? What do you believe is the fastest way to make $500 online? Leave a comment below and let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you. To your success!

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22 thoughts on “The Fastest Way to Make $500 Online

  1. I’m really interested in knowing how the eBay sales program works. I have heard a lot about eBay, pretty much everybody has; however, I never knew you could sell on eBay from other countries. It’s a great opportunity to get rid of unwanted items, and get good money for it. 

    How would I ship my products to eBay when I’m making a sale? Would it amount to extra cost for me?

    • I’m not sure where you live, but eBay has a global shipping program to ship to other countries. My wife and I did that for a while. Now, we only ship to the USA. I would check out the eBay policies and see how it works for your respective country. 

  2. I have to agree with you. Ebay has been the fastest way for me to make money online in my personal experience, and I also do Freelance work as an Interpreter. I’ve done MLM and affiliate marketing, but when I needed to make some quick cash I looked around for stuff I didn’t want and sold it. Thanks for the post!

    • Awesome. Nothing like getting some quick cash from eBay. 

  3. Hi! I appreciate your experience. More than 10 years making money online have given you plenty of insight to this question.

    I have been reading about drop-shipping, affiliate marketing and crypto trading. But as you have stated, they all require time.

    eBay is something for everybody. You mentioned that the learning curve is covered quickly. And eBay has a lot of traffic, that building it by ourselves would cost a ton of money and time. So, having it all set with eBay, it’s super easy to make $500 USD with them in no time.

    • Yes, there are many ways to make $500 online, but I totally believe eBay is the fastest and easiest. 

  4. Thanks for this info, Chuck. 

    I never would have considered eBay as the fastest way to make $500 online, but after reading your article, I can see why you feel that way. I’ve been doing blogging for a while, but it took me a LONG time to make any money at all. I think I’m going to spend a few hours per week selling stuff on eBay to give me some extra income while I keep building my blog. 

    • Nothing wrong with doing that. Let eBay be your today money and your blog can be your tomorrow money. 

  5. When I first saw the question, without reading your post, I said to myself: “it must be day trading.” I have been involved in day trading before, and understand both the pros and cons. I never thought of eBay that much. It’s great to know that millions of people visit eBay daily. 

    Some years back, I wanted to get myself a gas cylinder, and I headed to eBay. I saw quite a lot of used cylinders there, but I didn’t buy any. 

    Based on everything you said in this post, I would have to agree with you that eBay probably is the fastest way to make $500 online. 

    • Thanks for the comment. Day trading is definitely something that interests me. If you don’t know what you are doing, you can lose your money fast. That being said, I do have several friends who have made a lot of money from day trading. It just requires a steep learning curve to figure everything out. eBay is much quicker, for the average person. Just my two cents. 

  6. Chuck, you hit the nail on the head in this article. While many marketers promise “fast and easy money online” I would have to agree with you that the fastest way to make $500 online is to use eBay. All of the other techniques require a marketing budget or some type of specialized knowledge. Anyone can sell on eBay, even someone with very little computer knowledge. 

    • Definitely. That is what I love most about eBay. It is fast and easy to learn and get started. Yes, it still requires a short learning curve, but it’s something anyone can do. 

  7. I never really thought of eBay as an online business before. I’ve sold a few of my son’s old Playstation games, and several other items, but never really gone above that. 

    How does this sort of thing work from a fees point of view? Do you have to pay more if you are a full-time seller on eBay or is it the opposite….in that they charge less?

    A very interesting way to earn online! 

    • On average, I pay out about 12 to 15 percent in fees each month on my sales, when you include the PayPal fees. Some people argue that is expensive. I think it’s the best deal ever, because if you were going to build your own ecommerce website with the same amount of buyers and traffic and eBay, it would cost you hundreds of millions of dollars. 

  8. Your article on the fastest way to make $500 online brought an idea to me. I was recently browsing eBay for some things to buy. After searching the website, I discovered a large amount of things I currently sell offline that I could list for sale on eBay. I’m going to give it a try and see how it goes. Thanks for sharing. 

    • We all have stuff we could sell on eBay and make some quick cash. If everyone just went through their house, they could easily find 20-30 items they don’t use anymore that might sell well online. 

  9. I agree that eBay is a good way to make money online fast. However, it’s probably best suited for people who have a large amount of stuff that they don’t use anymore and is in good enough condition to be sold. I’ve tried selling on eBay in the past, and had trouble finding things that I could sell at a good profit. I still like to buy things on eBay.

    • You would be surprised how many things you have at your home that you haven’t used in a long time and could be sold for a nice profit. 

  10. eBay is definitely not the first thing that came to mind for me. I figured you would say something like YouTube or affiliate marketing. eBay definitely works. All the points you made resonate with me. I like that you could start out by selling your own things, and then look for other places to find items to sell. Great article. 

    • Affiliate marketing and YouTube are both great ways to make money online, but they take more time and patience than selling on eBay. Just my two cents. 

  11. This is very interesting, Chuck. I’ve used eBay before, but never sold anything on the site. I like your points about the fact that eBay has a ton of traffic and customers, and that is what you are paying for with your  eBay fees. I also like that it comes with a short learning curve compared to other ways of making money online. 

    • Yes, I still believe eBay is the fastest way to make $500 online. I still believe it’s something anyone can do. I’ve helped a lot of people start their own business with eBay. All of them made money!

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