8 Ways to Increase Affiliate Sales: Tips for Affiliate Marketers

Today, I want to share 8 of my best ways to increase affiliate sales. I have been doing affiliate marketing successfully for nearly 10-years now. Whether you are promoting credit cards, CBD or a high end service, there is a FORMULA for affiliate marketing success.

Even tweaking a few small things you do can result in HUGE improvements and conversions. What you will see below are some of my best tips to increase affiliate sales.

I’ve learned these tips during the past decade, mostly through trial and error. Keep in mind these tips are for affiliate marketers, not affiliate managers (people running the affiliate program).

8 Ways to Increase Affiliate Sales

These tips are listed in no particular order.

# 1 Only Promote Something You Use Yourself

ways to increase affiliate salesThis one should be common sense, but many people, especially new affiliate marketers, really mess this up.

Never promote a product you have not used yourself! Ever. Don’t risk your reputation to make a quick buck.

Buy the product. Use it. Make sure you like it. Make sure it does what it says it will do and provides more VALUE than you paid for.

Since most affiliate products come with a money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose. If the product or service sucks, you can return it and get your money back.

If you use the product first, you will know what makes it great and you will do a much better job PRE-SELLING it to your audience.

# 2 Include Free Bonuses

Everyone loves freebies. If you are promoting someone else’s affiliate products, make sure you include free bonuses if people buy it from you rather than a different affiliate.

You could include a free eBook, report, PLR product, video, boot camp or hundreds of other things. Make sure your free bonuses have a high perceived value and are relevant to the affiliate product you are promoting.

This is a quick way to differentiate yourself from all of the other affiliates promoting the same product. Be sure you let your audience know about the free gifts they will receive if they purchase the affiliate product through your link.

# 3 Provide a Detailed Review

Spend some extra time when you write your review. Include as much interesting information as you can, without giving away all the juicy details. Talk about what the product does, the details, the benefits, etc.

When you write your review, write as if you are TALKING to the person reading your post. Do not come across as the engineer, technician or over analytical type. Be interesting and sound normal.

Talk about WHAT’S IN IT FOR THEM. That’s what people are really interested in. People buy stuff to help them solve a problem. For example, people buy a drill because they want a hole, not because they want a drill. BENEFITS sell, whereas facts put people to sleep. 

If you’re doing a video, spend some extra time and be thorough. Make sure your video is to the point, high quality, and entertaining/educational. This will make a big difference with your conversions.

# 4 Talk About What You Don’t Like About Your Product

Talk about the good and bad things about the product you are promoting. Everyone knows that no product or service is perfect. Discuss the pros and cons. Talk about what you like and don’t like.

This makes you come across as more “real.” If you only focus on the good, your audience might not take you as seriously as they would if you were transparent. People like when you are transparent and you discuss both sides of the coin.

# 5 Send People to a Capture Page First

Never, EVER, EVER send people directly to your affiliate sales page first. Instead, send them to a capture page first, so you can collect their name and email and add them to your email list. Once they “opt-in” to your email list, you can redirect them to your sales page.

You can then have a sales funnel (email auto-responder series) that sends 10-20 follow-up emails about the affiliate product, over the next 2-3 weeks. Realize that most people will not purchase a product the first time they learn about it. That’s why you need a good follow-up system that helps you build up the like, know and trust factor.

# 6 Use Tracking Links

One of the worst things you can do is not track your links. Use a different tracking link for every traffic source that you use. That way you can determine your clicks, conversions and conversion rate from each traffic source. You can figure out what traffic sources convert the best and which ones are a waste of time.

If you don’t track it, you can’t measure it. Most good affiliate programs allow you to create different tracking links, so you can do this on auto-pilot.

# 7 Promote Affiliate Products People WANT TO BUY

I should have listed this as tip # 1. At the end of the day, you need to find an affiliate product that people WANT to buy. There has to be a legitimate demand. You can find a cool product with a cool sales page, but if no one wants to buy the product you are wasting your time.

small tweaks can lead to increased affiliate salesDo some research on the product to see how it is currently selling. Check out how many affiliates there are.

Look at the Alexa rank for the website. Check out similar types of products on Clickbank, Amazon and Share a Sale and see how they are selling.

Do a test. Send 1,000 targeted people to your affiliate link and determine your conversion rate. Do an A/B split test with another similar affiliate product and compare the results. You might have to test out a few different products before you find a winner.

And remember this. It doesn’t matter how much YOU like the product. It has to be a product LOTS of other people want to buy, if you want to succeed with your affiliate sales.

# 8 Tell People You Are an Affiliate

This tip might sound weird to some people, but let your audience know that you are an affiliate. Tell them you have bought the product, enjoyed it and you are also a happy customer. Tell them that if they buy the product through your link you do earn a commission, but they still pay the same price. I know this sounds weird, but it does work!

Final Thoughts

There you have it folks. These are 8 ways to increase affiliate sales. Whether you are an affiliate marketer, or have your own affiliate program, following these tips will definitely help you increase your affiliate sales.

What are your thoughts? What are your best ways to increase affiliate sales? Leave a comment below and let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you.

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41 thoughts on “8 Ways to Increase Affiliate Sales: Tips for Affiliate Marketers

  1. I’m in the affiliate marketing business and I have been trying so hard for the past few months to get my sales up. I’m glad I found this article because now I’m going to use all of these tips as a guide for increasing my affiliate sales. I think if I follow this, I should be able to do that. Thank you so much for sharing this article.

    • Sujandar,

      You will definitely increase your affiliate sales if you follow the advice outlined in this article. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.


  2. Honesty is always the best policy when generating traffic. I always buy a product before I review it and I write a detailed review after trying it. Good or Bad, one must always buy the product first. With so many false reviews and scams out there you need to separate yourself from the others, and I feel that transparency is key. You listed 8 very specific ways to increase affiliate sales. I agree with all of them.

    • Thanks, Jason. I’m glad you enjoyed these tips.

      I agree with you that honesty is very important when you are promoting affiliate products and trying to make sales. Just keep it real with people. Most people’s B.S. Meter is pretty high and they can detect when someone is just blowing smoke. 


  3. Hi Chuck! Your article on ways to increase affiliate sales is great. I have really learned one or two things from your site. Oftentimes, we promote products we have never used, when negative review are written about such products, our reputation becomes at risk. 

    Promoting products one has used makes lots of sense so that you can write authoritatively about the product. Other tips are equally great especially ‘providing a detailed review’, using tracking links and promoting products that people desire to buy.Thanks for an educative piece.

    • Glad I could be of help, Gracen. When I first started affiliate marketing, I would promote anything. I was just ignorant and didn’t know what I was doing. I was just looking for the quick dollar. Id’ promote any product if I think I could sell it. 

      Over a period of time, I began to question myself. I realized I was being a fool and people could sense it. Once I started following the advice I outlined in this article, I started making a lot more affiliate sales. Hopefully, other people won’t make the same mistakes I did. 

  4. So I see you are using the AWeber for email marketing.  I haven’t done this part of my business, and I keep hearing the money is in the list, and I saw that for another link you did send us to a capture page.  Ok, I’ve seen it enough now to realize I do have to start working a list and I need an email service provider.  It gives 30 days free and is only $19.99 to start, so I think that is what I’m going to do.

    Now, for the freebies, you say eBooks.  Do you use a service for that?  I’m interested in making eBooks, do you just send a PDF file?  Do you give it for free only when they click to buy or when they click for info to capture the email address?

    Thanks for the thought-provoking article, I love coming back to your site to get information.  You are a wealth of it!

    • Yes, to increase my affiliate sales I use Aweber. I try to write up at least 5-10 emails for each affiliate product I promote and schedule the emails to be sent every 3rd day. This keeps me in touch with my prospect, educates them about the product and builds up the like, know and trust factor. I’ve used Aweber for around 10-years now. It is my most important business tool. 

      When it comes to freebies, PDF documents work great. You can write an eBook in MS Word, convert it to PDF and then email it to your customers, AFTER they purchase the affiliate product. Or even better, you can give them one freebie when they optin, and have that freebie promote your affiliate product for you. 

      For instance, if you were selling a weight loss affiliate product, you could create a report like “7 secret ways to lose weight.” In the report, you could share your affiliate link for the product you are promoting. You could give this report as a freebie when they purchase your affiliate product, or when they opt-in. Either way, it’s a win-win.

  5. Great list of tips to help with people’s affiliate marketing efforts. It was simple, thorough and complete and easy to read. From what I’ve seen, one of the most important parts of our posts is how easy it is to go through it. I really agree with your tip that says you must have used the product to be able to give a quality review. I had heard two ways about it but that was not the truth. I agree with you wholeheartedly that it should be something we have used so we can give a quality review and answer questions and issues the reader may have with the product. Great job and great read.

  6. Great post. I found it really easy to read which means it was clear and easy to apply the tips you recommend. I read through them to find things that I would find helpful and you did clarify one thing for me and that is that you should own or have used the product before writing a review. 

    I am guessing it was someone just trying to write a slipshod review when they said to write a review and didn’t make it clear that you should have used the product. I agree totally with you in regards to having used it so we know where our readers are coming from and what issues they may encounter.

    • Yes, quite perhaps the best way to increase affiliate sales is to promote products you use and love yourself. Do that and you really can’t go wrong. Thanks for the comment. 

  7. Most people reading this are just starting out and cannot afford a tracking system or know how to write follow-up emails for that matter. Do you have any suggestions for tracking systems or anyone that will be able to write the follow-up emails? Just some questions someone starting out might have, maybe you’d be able to create another post on that.

    Thanks Jason

    • Most affiliate programs provide free tracking software, just like Wealthy Affiliate does, so you can see which traffic sources convert the best. When it comes to the email software, your auto-responder, I would argue that people can’t afford NOT to use one. Not building your own email list will be the most costly mistake you can make in the online world. 

      You can hire someone on Upwork or FIVERR to write your emails for you. It might cost you $100 to have them all written, but it will be money well spent, because it will definitely help you increase affiliate sales. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. 

  8. Hello. Thanks for sharing all these different ways to increase affiliate sales. I really like the idea of promoting products you use yourself, using tracking software, and sending people to a capture page first. I never thought of doing that myself. 

    I’m going to apply all of these lessons on my own website. 

    • Glad I could help, Mel. Follow these tips on different ways to increase affiliate sales and I know you will make money! If it worked for me it can work for you. 

  9. I’m just starting out as an affiliate marketer, so these 8 ways to increase affiliate sales are very helpful! I definitely need to work on capturing emails and creating a sales funnel. You really do need to keep yourself in the forefront of people’s minds and emails would be a great way to do so. Though I’m really still trying to increase traffic to my site first! Thank you for the tips.

    • Starting your own email list today will be the quickest and best thing you can do to start increasing traffic to your site. I’m glad you enjoyed my 8 ways to increase affiliate sales. To your success. 


  10. This is another awesome post for affiliate marketers. If we promote affiliate products we use, we can be transparent and build up trust with our audience. If that trust is broken, the customer is gone. 

    Also, I agree about the capture page. Sending people to a capture page first, so you can build your list, just makes sense.


    • Akshay,

      I’m glad you enjoyed my 8 ways to increase affiliate sales. You definitely want to be transparent, open and honest with your audience. Like you said, trust is vital. Also, promoting a capture page first is the only way to go as I see it. Thanks for the comment. 


  11. Big thumbs up Chuck! You have really shed more light to the affiliate marketing world and I couldn’t agree more with all the tips you have mentioned above. I think most beginners make the mistake of promoting products that they have never tried out themselves. Promoting products you use yourself is one of the best ways to increase affiliate sales, because you understand and believe in the product. Thanks for writing this post. 

    • Thanks, Clement. Yes, it just makes sense to only promote products you use yourself. It would be like owning a Ford dealership and driving a Chevy. People would wonder what is wrong with you. 

  12. Great article. It’s packed with valuable information and I can definitely agree that you should promote only products that you use yourself. Bonuses are a great way to get someone interested in what you have to say. Tracking links are a great way of knowing what works and what doesn’t. It’s always a good idea to know where your efforts are being most rewarded.

    • Glad to be of help. Yes, only promoting things you use yourself is a smart move. Many affiliate marketers promote things they’ve never tried themselves. I find that a bit crazy, especially if your reputation is important to you. 

      Your points about tracking links and offering bonuses to buy from your affiliate link are also spot on. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. 

  13. I promote lots of different cell phones and accessories on my website. There is just no way I can order every product first and test it out. What do you suggest I do, Chuck? I don’t want to mislead my viewers in any way.  Any suggestions would be appreciated. 

    • If you are writing a review about a product you have not tried yourself, you should disclose that. If you are just linking to a cell phone case or something like that, it’s not that big of a deal. I believe all review style posts should have a disclosure. 

  14. Some of the 8 ways to increase affiliate sales that you note in this post are not among the tools in my affiliate marketing strategy. Having read them though they all make sense.

    Buying and using the products myself and sending people to a capture page first are two that I would like to use and will try them out in the near future.

    Including a freebie has been difficult as I haven’t found anything yet to include.

    I use all of the other techniques and have found varying degrees of success. Detailed reviews are by far the best so far.

    Thanks for the great tips.


    • Glad I could be of help. 

      You can visit the different PLR websites and buy an eBook that you could give away as a freebie. Using the products yourself is very important, especially if you are writing a review about something. I think it’s almost unethical to write a review about something you have never tried, especially if you don’t disclose that to your readers. Just my two cents. 

  15. These are 8 wonderful tips. I’m new to affiliate marketing so there is so much to learn. I’m thinking about getting the book that you suggest on step #6 as I do need to learn more about SEO. I do agree that it is best to buy the product yourself and make a product review. But there is no way I can buy all my electric pressure cookers as they are pricey. Maybe I can in the future when I make a decent income, but as a beginner, I’ll have to start based on other people’s reviews and what I read. 

    • That is one strategy. Good luck with your new website. 

  16. Thanks for these 8 ways to increase my affiliate sales, they are all helpful and sound advice. Based on your almost 10 years of experience, these tips stand out as essential when it comes to succeeding at affiliate marketing. When I reflect on my own experience after 4 years of being in the business, they all make perfect sense.

    I have seen the goat rope circle of affiliate marketers in the internet marketing (IM) niche violate one or more of these tips and truthfully they have lost their reputation with many other marketers in that niche, and I am one that ignores that whole crowd.

    The same can be said for any niche I am sure, there are people that are just in it for the money. They do not care about their reputation whatsoever. They also promote the crap programs that are scamming would-be online marketers out there and that is bad for the industry in general.

    The two main points and threads that stand out in all of your points to me are practicing transparency and integrity. If you practice both, this will shine through and over time people will trust you and want to buy from you because they know what you are promoting works and you use it yourself.

    Thanks for these helpful tips, they encapsulate very closely my own ideas about the business, and I know they work. Others reading this will be well-advised to practice these daily in their business too for long-term success. Good post!  

    • Thanks for the comment. Great write up. These tips will definitely help you increase your affiliate sales. 

  17. Hey, these are some great tips on different ways to increase affiliate sales! Thanks for sharing. 

    I definitely agree with all of them. I also try to make sure that I use everything that I promote, and that I’m also willing to point out the flaws in something, even if I’m selling. 

    People may be hesitant to trust a review that seems too much like a gushing, glowing report. When they know you’re an affiliate there’s often a suspicion that you’re endorsing a product to get a commission, not because you’ve actually tested it and loved it.

    Sincerity is a key in this business. 

    • Good points. Sadly, most affiliates have not tested the products they are reviewing, nor do they disclose that in the review, which I believe is unethical. 

  18. Your thoughts on email marketing are spot on. This is something I have not done yet myself. It’s amazing that you get most of your sales through email marketing. I need to start building my own list and sending out frequent emails. I’m starting to get some good traffic to my website, so building a list makes sense. Thanks for sharing. 

    • Yes, email marketing is quite perhaps the best way to increase affiliate sales. Thanks for the comment. 

  19. Your posts really challenge my understanding of affiliate and online marketing.

    I like the capture page idea as well as the “tracking links” item. These just make sense, but I expect most people, including myself, mess this up.

    What are your thoughts on supplemental information…i.e. topics that may not have high search numbers, but are helpful to your audience, especially if they don’t know that they don’t know it. 🙂


    • Anything that is helpful to your audience is a good thing.

  20. I agree with you. Being transparent and realistic is a great idea in an online business. I think it makes for better content and sometimes you can actually feel the realism through the page. You pointed out sharing the benefits with your site visitors, the good and the bad. 

    That is crucial. Now they know that you are trying to be helpful and not just make a quick sale. I know when I see reviews and I see the good and the bad I feel good about it. Because I know that I will not be blindsided by that issue at least. 

    Is it true that you can get a tax write off for products that you reviewed? Not that you are a tax professional. But, I wanted to get into buying products and reviewing them myself. 

    • I would see it as a business education expense if you are buying a product strictly to review it. That being said, talk with your local CPA and they can give you a better answer.

  21. These are some great tips on ways to increase affiliate sales. I really like your idea of including free gifts when someone makes a purchase. Adding on a free eBook or coaching consultation or free information product just makes sense. It doesn’t cost you anything extra and it can help get people “off the fence” and ready to buy from you, rather than another affiliate. 

    • Glad I could be of help. Thanks for the comment. 

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